Did God leave Instructions in our DNA?

by Pastor Jess Foglesong 

     God is an entity that encompasses the entire universe; matter and non-matter that fills the vacuum of space; every particle of every object -- including people. But how does He disperse the instructions, the directions to build such wondrous creatures and objects. How does He form the intricacies of the human body; the marvelous shapes of nature. It is pure amazement that our world is full of brilliant wonders.

     And the marvelous magic about this phenomenon is that the same laws that govern the billions and billions of stars and galaxies, that extend throughout the universe, also governs the tiny world of the cell, as well as the basic function of the atom and electrons that encircle it. God has created the universe basically with identical systems. So chemicals react the same way here on earth as it would at the far side of the universe. The integrity of all of His creations made according to His character and will.

     Let’s take a look at life’s DNA. It is found in all living cells of nature. It is shaped like a ladder with connecting rungs, except that it is twisted in a circular shape -- as a double helix. And within the rungs are “codes” put there by the Creator that determines the nature of the specie, whether it is a cow, a rose or a human being. These codes are called DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid).

     The DNA is found in the nucleus of the cell, surrounding the nucleolus. They are bunched together like telephone wires tucked within a container. Like strands of colorful wire, intricately coiled, circularly tied together to fill the space allowed . All protected by the cell wall, allowing nothing to enter unless it has the correct code. And if it does the door opens and a messenger delivers a request sent by the brain concerning another part of the body. All systems operating in an orderly manner, like clock work, automatically. With precision the body works at very high rates of speed nonstop, 24 hours a day.

     God’s government works very similarly in a world that we never see and experience. The unseen world of heaven is active and busy: angels coming and going like busy bees; all reporting to the CEO; the Supreme Ruler; the All-Powerful -- OZ! (just kidding!) Life is based on His Character, and is an image of life in His government.

     Our bodies (as well as all of His creations) are put together intricately and complexly according to His will and word -- and His Character. God is not a human being … but human beings are like God. We have a physical body that is finite and will only last a few years -- averaging 80 to 100 years. There was a time when mankind had a life span of nearly one thousand years. But with all that time, it seems that human beings got themselves into situations that went against the wishes and character of their creator. Therefore, He cut their life span by 90 % -- to where it is today. Not enough time to get ourselves into real trouble.

     Our lives, our day to day activities reflect His character; all built into our character -- through instructions, based in our DNA. Whether we know it or not, He is within all of us. His “light” -- His Wisdom -- beams from within every atom, via particles called Quarks and Neutrinos, which dart in and out of the atom, as they travel through space undetected. Seemingly carrying instructions from a central headquarters -- I suggest that they are a tools from God’s Headquarters -- Heaven.

       DNA is found in every living thing. And is chalked full of information of the miracles of nature. Just like our computers which operate on an exact system using codes based on a binary system that looks like this: 0101010 etc. Our body’s DNA operates similarly! Except that God uses four (quad) base nucleotide molecules. It is the genetic alphabet of life: A, G, C, and T: adenine, guanine, cytosine, and thymine. All codes are based on just these molecules -- arranged in a number of combinations -- creating all of the species of life in the universe.

     I will not get into the complexities of the DNA system, as that is not my purpose of writing this book. My aim is to show you that there is an automatic system created by God and placed within life’s systems. And God is there observing every operation, as He is observing each and every one of us, by stationing Himself in every atom of our cells, within every animate and inanimate object on earth. He is everywhere! Ubiquitous to the utmost!

     Life is amazingly complex, and we only scratched the surface in this chapter. Illustrations of God’s Character and His purposes are everywhere. Many of the articles in this book reflect His presence. Seek and you will find … His face (although hidden) is right in front of you. You may be blind of Him, but simply open your eyes, your mind, and behold you will see His illustrations, His signs, His face, His image -- everywhere!