God’s Name has been Suppressed and Ridiculed!

By Pastor Jess Foglesong



God has always been (patiently) in the background, watching the human race; allowing our “free will” to govern in whatever direction we choose. For those who believe and include His “Name” in their everyday lives … He is grateful and appreciative. And of course for those who suppress His “Name” preferring to instead promote the self, declaring that He is not relevant; well, He tolerates those actions. And through His grace has implemented a solution: in the name of His Son: The Christ, Jesus.

During the final days of the last U.S. election I kept hearing many say, “ if you want to get anywhere in politics … don’t mention the word God.” And of course that really took me back. How obvious can that be! I had always thought that Satan was working in a slow and subtle manner. Evidently not ….. The scene has been down right treachery, and certainly abhorrent.

Our founding fathers -- during the forming of this great country -- put God’s name first, above all. Written and stating that without his presence -- all was not possible.

And, as I have written and stated in many of my articles: absolutely true: without God there is NO life! Without His maintenance and provisions, none of this would be possible!

We -- as His created human beings -- are far from perfect. Although we have been created in His image, we are -- due to Sin -- tainted goods. We are like filthy rags -- in His presence. We are only made new again by the sacrificial “blood” of the lamb. No ways around it! Through study and illustrations, God has revealed this to us. His character is known, mainly through the teachings and disclosure of His one and only Son.

God’s government is based on “Love and Justice.” Without these characteristics, there is only chaos and doom. He is steadfast in maintaining the equilibrium. His character assures us that all of His creations have “free will."  And that is to choose His government of life and total provision. To choose goodness over sadness. To choose respect and dignity over deceit and adulterous ways.

He has set guidelines for all of us to utilize and follow in the Ten Commandments. They are written in the “negative” … as God see’s us in the negative. Thou shalt not do this and that …. Really means “I Am” and I stand for all of these (see my article on “What the Ten Commandments Really Mean”). He wants us to follow His example. He knows we have been tarnished and could not implement every law in our daily living. Through His grace and understanding, He allowed Himself to come to earth, to be a human being, to experience all that we endure; then to conquer evil as a perfect subject. God expects us to be perfect, but understands that, as we are, that cannot be; devised a plan to make us perfect -- under the representative leadership of The Christ.

Through the past few years and months, I have noticed that as a country, we have become more indignant and insulting to His “Name.” We have suppressed and ridiculed His name. We have fallen into the clutches of the evil one. He has polluted all aspects of our Creator. He has tainted His ‘Name” so much that if one mentions His name during a political campaign -- he is touted by all sides of the spectrum.

This has happened many times in history. Satan has been subtly working against the tide for centuries; mocking God’s ways and purposes at every corner. And yes, it seems to be intensifying.

But no matter how bad and intense things become, God is always In Control. And whether one (Satan) likes it or not; His (God) Kingdom of free beings will come forth. The good news is that Satan doesn’t stand a chance. He may be manipulating all of us now -- during this interim time -- but the day will come when all will be lifted, up and away (those who choose their destiny), into a new and perfect world (Sphere).

So why not mention God’s name, in our everyday lives and actions. Let’s stop suppressing and ridiculing -- God!