Happy Mother’s Day - God?

by Pastor Jess Foglesong


The Woman, the Mother, the bride, the feminine side of theology is a very large part of who we are as human beings. We were created by God -- our Father.  But does God have a “wife?” Does God have a female counter part? The answer to both questions is -- no.

God himself is both masculine and feminine. He is our Father and -- yes -- our Mother! Therefore we could say: Happy Mother’s Day -- God!

And I express this, not because I am a minister and bias to everything about God, but because it is a fact that our God is so intertwined with all of His creations, that His character demands that He plays both parents, in the larger universal scheme of things. He is our ultimate Mother who -- like our earthly mom -- loves us, cares for us, guides us … He does so much for us; just like mothers all over the world. In fact -- He is the perfect Mother!  Heaven forbid … I hope God understands what I am trying to expound.  And of course He does …

In the grand view of things, we are children, dependent on our celestial parents -- that is -- God.  He is our true duo parent. He has promised to provide us with everything needed to exist. Just like our own mom has through all of our lives as children and adults. God’s presence is constant: watching over us, feeding us, teaching us, guiding us, healing us … His "mothering" is encompassing and complete. Illustrated by the way all animals treat and care for their off-spring: birds, bears, cats, horses, dogs, sheep, cows … all have the instinctual knowledge (the nefesh) instilled by the Creator to be the best mother and care-giver. We as human parents are no different. We also have been instilled with the same desire to nourish and care, and comfort (the nashama). All coming from our All-Supreme care-giver in the sky; in heaven.

Our God … Our Father … Our Mother … is truly -- worth honoring !

Happy Mother’s Day to all you Moms … and of course to the highest of Moms: our Creator!