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Subject:  Live (videos) Biblical lessons and spiritual messages with Pastor Jess!!


Great, inspiring eye-opening lessons and messages about the Character of God; and amazing theological studies centering on God, His Son, The Christ, Jesus ... the Gospel and Biblical History.

Lessons and messages: On Videos below (They are in order: from Lesson one ... and on, although you certainly can watch them in any order you choose depending on your theological, spiritual and biblical interest)





Lesson 1:  Introduction into understanding the Character of God!


Lesson 2: The Awesome amazing Intelligence that Created the Universe!


Lesson 3. God: Spiritual, Divine, Energy ... Light!


Lesson 4:   God's Plan Shaping up Exponentially!

Lesson 5:  Planet Earth was Shaping up for human occupation!

 Lesson 6. God's Covenant with Abraham



Lesson 7: Egypt: Symbol of Evil!!


Lesson 8: God's Divine solution: A Redeemer !


Lesson 9: God became a Redeemer in Jesus Christ!!

Lesson 10: Christ came to Disclose and Vindcate The Father in Heaven! 


Lesson 11: Jesus was Killed as the Innocent Lamb! 

Lesson 12: The Killing of The Innocent! 

 Lesson 13: Have you been touched by God?

Lesson 14:  Easter ... the most important event in human history

Lesson 15:  God Placed Information and Instructions in Our DNA!

Lesson 16:  His Wisdom is Embedded in Every Molecule and Atom!


Lesson 17:  Jesus, The Christ is Our Mediator; Our Redeemer!

Lesson 18:  Heaven's Court System Reflects on Our Own!  Part one

Lesseon 18A: Heaven's Court System Reflects on Our Own! Part two


Lesson 19:  God's True Character is Illustrated Everywhere!

Lesson 20: Like Salmon, Whales and Birds: We are Migrating Home Too!

Lesson 21:  God has a Difficult Problem!

Lesson 22:  Fossil Fuel: Oil -- is a Gift From God!

Lesson 23:  The Ten Commandments actually describes God's Character!


Lesson  24:  God's Presence Ensures an Automatic World!

Lesson 25:  Earth is Very, Very Special!

Lesson 26:  The Last Temptation of Christ!

Lesson 27 In The Beginning:  Bang! 

Lesson 28:  God's Mighty Hand!

Lesson 29:  Trees -- Reveal The Hidden Face of God!

Lesson 30:  Oil is one of God's most Important Gift and Provision!


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Thank you!