The Lamb of God

By Pastor Jess Foglesong


One day many years ago on my day off from work I decided to take a drive, and found myself stopping at an animal auction (bidding) station. I had driven by it many times after work and had always wondered what went on there. On that day, they were auctioning off Lamb.

When I got there they had just unloaded a truck full of young lamb; they had simply pushed them off the truck and two of the lamb were probably too weak for the trip and became injured and died. Their carcasses lay on the ground to the rear of the truck.

I gazed at those two poor, unfortunate innocent little lamb and thought, “my God, what a cruel way to die” … they didn’t have a chance in the world to grow up to be adult sheep and enjoy running and frolicking through the fields and meadowland. I felt this deep pain and sorrow. Those thoughts have stayed with me all these years.

And as I think of a lamb I think of how cute and cuddly they are. I think of how innocent and free they are; although, how helpless, they can be. And at the same time how energetic and vibrant they are -- full of spirit and enthusiasm.

And I have always wondered “why” do we humans eat lamb; it has become a favorite for many throughout the world.

Perhaps we favor lamb because of the Old Testament Nation of Israelite sacrificial Lamb. That is: by law … if someone committed a sin, it could be forgiven through the offering and the pouring out of blood of an “unblemished” lamb -- a“sacrificial” lamb. Also, ancient Jewish Temple sacrifices in which a lamb was slain during Passover. The blood was sprinkled along the door -- and the whole lamb was eaten.

In the New Testament Jesus becomes the true Innocent Lamb and takes on the role as a “Sacrificial Lamb” (unblemished) to atone the Sins of man. He became the Lamb of God.

Till this day I will not eat lamb. Thoughts of slaughtering such young beautiful, innocent little animals make me wonder -- why?

The true Sacrificial Lamb has been offered (in Jesus, The Christ). It is finished! No more sacrifices are needed. The bounty, the price has been paid. Humanity has been redeemed; but more importantly: the Name and Character of His Father (our Father) has been vindicated. The Verdict is in: Satan has been found Guilty; and God (through His Son The Christ) is cleared of all charges (instigated by the devil).

So we (as human beings) do not need to perform this ritual any more … perhaps we can spare the lamb? What do you think? Just my opinion!