(Picture from book by Joseph Capano)

What is being Touched By God?

By Pastor Jess Foglesong

How many of us have been “touched by God?” Well, I am guessing, that many of you have already -- and not realizing it. And so, what is -- being touched by God? Is it an emotional, spiritual experience? Is it a vision? How about an event: perhaps a close call with death; or even an epiphany (an awakening of sort).

Well, very true … there are many people who do experience such events in their lives that count as being touched by God.

But really, it’s not always the unusual event that is considered being touched; actually it is the normal everyday things that will touch you -- whether you know it or not. It’s waking up in the morning and greeting the day with exuberance and enthusiasm -- and delight. Knowing that all you see before you is a gift! Provided for you by a loving and generous Father, who has carefully managed this world with you in mind.

We are touched by the beautiful sunrise, each morning. The crisp feeling of the breeze that bathe your face as you head off to your daily duties. As you gaze at the terrain: the trees, the sky, the mountains, the vegetation, the waterways, and so much more. You are in awe of the wonders of man’s creations: buildings, vehicles, bridges, ships, and many more. You are touched by the variety of faces; of smiles, and laughter, and expressions, and business … everywhere. You are astonished by the complexity of life. So much to absorb, in just what you see in a day. But all of it is only possible because we are connected to someone who cares for us; who created all of what we see before our eyes. And if we simply realize this --- that is when we actually start believing that we are “touched by God.”

Being ‘touched by God’ therefore is a “realization.” Not an event or an epiphany (for example what Paul experienced). It is a realization that without God’s presence: His creative hands; His provision; His promise; His love … all of what we see and enjoy is null and void.

We are touched by His presence daily … and without Him -- we might as well be living on Mars … void of any kind of life!

God’s presence assures and guarantees a second by second continuum. Without His touch; His power; His awesomeness: His light … our balloon would simply deflate! Another analogy would be Superman: one of my favorite movie super heroes. I recall in a scene when Superman flies in to visit Lois Lane; they are outdoors on her terrace when she ask him how does it feel to fly without wings … and he says well, why don’t we find out. And he takes her hand, and off they go … higher and higher, over the city lights and up above the clouds. And while they are hovering high above the earth (close to heaven), Lois -- still holding on to Superman’s hand -- moves, little by little, away from him, with her arms apart -- flying! Until finally they are only touching each other by their finger tips. Then in an “instant” … there is a miniscule separation, and … HELP ME!!!!!!!! I’M FALLING!!!

It was Superman’s presence; His power, that kept her from crashing to the ground. And of course before she hit the ground, he sweeps her back up into his arms and safety.

I submit that without God’s presence, the same would happen to mankind. That is, He is in constant contact with us. And if for any reason we lose touch (contact) with Him -- we fall! Which is what happened to the Arch Angel: Lucifer. He fell (or was banished) to Earth, where He is today.

God is our Superman! He is our Super Hero! We too fell -- at one time -- but He chose to gather us back up, into His arms … to be totally in touch with us. And today, we enjoy His unmistakable presence: His mark; His signature; His spirit; His footprint is everywhere!

Now -- do you feel touched by God?