"Why Are We Alone?"

                                    by Pastor Jess Foglesong  

Touched By God Church is an Online Ministry, and I want to say greetings to all of you … on this tiny little ball we call Earth, just floating on a sea of darkness, within a colony of other group of planets circling a much larger fireball called the Sun. And as we pull back a little more we see that we are amongst a sea of other “fireballs” called Stars (millions of them) that actually are, as well, circling a very bright core of a spherical galaxy called the “Milky Way.” Which in turn is neighbored by a band of similar looking -- Cluster of Galaxies … all floating effortlessly in a sea of blackness … which stretches out as far as the eye can see -- or should I say a telescope can see.

The Universe is a vast, thing of beauty -- created by our God. It is there because God wanted it and Willed it to be … through His Word. We will most likely never ever approach the point of discovering it’s full magnificence and mystery. We are just a tiny fraction of it’s immenseness.

I am very content to be just a humble human being on this lonely ’piece of rock’ dangling precariously within an awesome universe. And yet I wonder … are we really all … alone? And if we are alone … why are we alone?

Scientist have peered through the universe with the most powerful telescopes and have found nothing. They have even sent messages -- via very advanced radio telescopes -- to the far reaches of the distant galaxies, and have (so far) made zero contact. There have been absolutely no messages from any where in the deepness of “space.”  There are approximately 100 billion stars in the Milky Way Galaxy (our's) -- in cluding our sun. And beyond, there are nearly 100 billion galaxies in the known universe -- yet, no sign of any intelligent life!

Is the answer to this question related to many of the stories and lessons of the Old Testament? Perhaps.

We know that the Bible is based on the Salvation and Restoration of a lost humanity -- due to original Sin. And this original Sin seems to be the key to why we have been placed apart, separated, and even labeled as “castaways.” Original Sin -- may it be from the Arch Angel Lucifer (for his disobedience toward God); leading to the earthly committed Sin of Adam and Eve.

God is a righteous God … demanding full obedience from all of His creations. He placed Adam in an environment of perfection, with a “nature” that was pure, not knowing the perils of evil … until Satan intervened and influenced that nature -- creating the “fall.” The Garden of Eden -- a place of safety, a place of harmony, of light, of equality, of goodness -- was lost.

And we ask why are we -- seemingly -- all alone in this vast Universe? Well perhaps we are not alone; perhaps we have been “blinded.” Because of Sin … perhaps we have been set “outside” of the “ camp.” As were the “outcast” (lepers, and downtrodden) of Old Testament history.

Well, there is “Good News” !!! We have been uplifted and redeemed -- and most importantly: Restored to perfection. But not, certainly, within ourselves but from the One they call: Jesus The Christ! God’s incarnate; Our Representative and Bail Bondsman; God’s ‘Ace in the hole’ … without God’s Plan of Salvation and Restoration, we would continue to be left out “in the rain.” In God’s eyes we are perfect , but only perfect through the perfection of One … and this is through Grace and Forgiveness -- of our Creator.

And so … when I do look into the heavens, at the vastness of stars and wonder why this … and why that? I think of God’s Gift of Life; of His continuous Presence; of His everlasting Light -- always Shining down toward this lonely little Gem of a planet called … earth! A very special place ... alone in the universe!  God does bless All of You!