Angels, Angels!


By Pastor Jess Foglesong


Who are Angels?  We are told that God created angels to help manage His Kingdom … and everything surrounding it.  Angels were created as a way to relate His information and messages throughout His Kingdom, in relationship with human beings. Whether you know it or not: “time” is not a factor in God’s world.  Angels, humans and animal creatures were created simultaneously.  And all existed in full harmony.  All three levels (or spheres) interacted harmoniously as one –in  God’s Kingdom. 


Even after the fall of man, God’s angels were still the main lifeline and guardians of the lower echelon: humans. They are … the Father’s right hand helpers, and are relied upon for many, many duties.


Angels are able to infiltrate between levels of creation, and have the God given power to interact with human beings, as written in the Old Testament when angels came to Abraham and said that his wife Sarah would have a baby boy, even though she was past child bearing age.  Also to Joseph and Mary, announcing that a savior would be born through the spirit of God. 


Angels have dropped into the human stream throughout history.  I suggest to you that angels are a huge part of our “everyday” lives.  The problem is … we can’t see them!  We are forbidden to view them, unless it is for a special purpose; in which they reveal their form to us.


One must remember:  humanity is a fallen group of people.  Fallen due to original Sin, brought on by Lucifer, an Arch-Angel of God; a trusted, created being, who was given the role of steward of planet earth, as well as the surrounding universe.   Lucifer (who became Satan) rebelled against God (wanting to be like God); caused himself and all that dwell under his stewardship to be separated (divorced) from the Father.


And when Satan lost his heavenly title (arch-angel), he was banished to earth, along with one third of all the angels.  They became ‘fallen angels’  … receiving a new title:  demons. 


These demons – along with Satan -- are able to influence humanity; almost exclusively in negative ways – always against God and His purposes. 


Hence, there is a battle going on, spiritually.  And we are the pawns.  The (un-fallen) good angels, through orders from God are here on earth to guard us from evil; but because we are a fallen bunch and have ‘Sinned,’ God sees us as “tainted,” needing to be cleansed and salvaged, and made spotless again.  And that is where the Christ, Jesus enters into the picture.  Let it be known to you that a new steward has been proclaimed and crowned at the Cross in the name of the Son of God, The Anointed One, The Christ, Jesus. He will come again to implement a new Kingdom of human beings who have been reclaimed from Satan’s grasp.  Most know that story, therefore I won’t elaborate.


As I stated, angels are all around – and likewise are demons.  But thank heavens, there are more angels (messengers) …reporting to God, ensuring that we exist in a somewhat stable and harmonious world.


God’s power (His light), His Spirit is comprehensive, working throughout the planet, keeping it in good working order.

An illustration of this picture would be to look at your own body:  the  brain (symbolizing the God head); the body is the vessel ( symbolizing the universe, the earth); the body functions - working flawlessly (as does the earth and the universe); the interactions throughout, millions of messages or impulses sent out from the brain (angels coming and going, messengers - relentlessly).  All held together by God’s “Presence” – without Him, all is cancelled, chaos.


Our body is the temple of the spirit.  It is holy, created by God.  He has allowed us to utilize it as a temporary vessel until the coming of the New Kingdom.  We do not own our bodies.  God keeps an array of angels to watch over us.  Just as He watches over this planet, its physical functions and properties.  He is the true keeper of this planet, and the only one that can save it (or destroy it) -- certainly not mankind.


We are still living outside of God's main camp; although we are at the door, ready to enter.  And because we have been bought and paid for; reborn through the sacrificial death of the Lamb of God (The Christ); we are guaranteed everlasting life, and granted the right to come through the door to live within the main tent -- the Big Top.  All we need to do is make a choice whether to accept His gift or not. 


We, in the interim, before the transformation are constantly influenced by Satan and his fallen angels; but inherently, good angels, as well, also surround us.  And one way to keep good angels around you is to have a good outlook of life; being positive; believing in the Father, putting Him first in your heart and mind.  Once you look away and start believing only in your self, you invite the unwanted; the deceivers; the demonic forces.


I know it’s hard to fathom (for some of you) the notion that angels are around (perhaps sitting next you at this moment). They are an immense influence in our everyday lives … in order to counteract the deceivers. They have been with us since the beginning; and will be with us through eternity.  They may be that person you bumped into today; or the reason why you stopped and changed direction yesterday; or why you decided to help someone in a difficult situation.  It is a mystery!  That adjacent, parallel spiritual world is teeming with action – coming and going.  If you think it is busy on this side of the curtain?  If you could only see on the other side: God’s world and realm is ultra busy and extremely full of activity. 


One day in the near or distant future, it will be time for us to take that step over the threshold … into the amazingly beautiful world of Angels.  How comforting … How reassuring … How trusting and loving.  It is what the Kingdom of God is …


It is your choice.  Let’s join the arena of Angels!  When the new Kingdom comes!