The Earth -- Created by God for Humans

By Pastor Jess Foglesong


… “You alone are the Lord; You have made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their host, The Earth and everything on it, The Seas and all that is in them. And You preserve them all. The host of heaven worships You.” Nehemiah 9:6 

One wonders … what would have happened if the world was just slightly different? If the universe was changed in the slightest way? Scientist say: no human life could exist! Now, do you really believe that? My gosh, there must be some variability to our planet, to our universe, to our existence. Surely if things were off just a bit, life would still go on? (1) What if the distance between the earth and the sun were a bit closer or even farther? Surely it would not effect us that much -- would it? Well it turns out that yes it would -- life would cease to exist. Have we found life on Venus, or Mars? None what so ever. (2) If the magnetic forces were stronger or weaker would we be able to survive? Not at all -- these forces protect us from the very harsh radiations from the sun. (3) Do we have to revolve every 24 hours, day to day? Certainly, otherwise only half the earth would receive the life giving light of the sun, and the other half would be in constant darkness and a non-livable environment without vegetation. (4) Why does our planet have to be “tilted” on it’s own axis? Surely it would be much better if it were perpendicular? No, no! If our earth were not tilted at 23 degrees, we would not have the seasonal variations that produces abundance of crops to feed our planet’s huge population. (5) Why do we have to have a Moon? What really is its purpose? The Moon produces the tides that continually replenish the oceans with oxygen allowing the fish to breathe. (6) Does the earth have to be so large,? Can’t it be smaller so we could get around it faster? Not really … If the earth were much smaller, the lessened gravity would make it incapable of holding the atmosphere that is essential for breathing. (7) Why is it so hard for us to fly out of and back into our atmosphere? Can’t it be a bit thinner? Not so … if our atmosphere is much thinner it would not provide enough protection from 25,000 meteors that burn up over the earth every day. Also, it would be incapable of retaining the higher temperatures in order for human and animal life to exist. (8) On the other hand, why couldn’t our planet be twice as large? We would have more space to live on, and grow more food? Not a good idea … if our planet were twice as large, the effect of the increased gravity would make everything on the planet 8 times heavier. This increased weight would destroy many forms of animal and human life.

So you see -- our planet (Earth) was created specifically for us to exist. The smallest change in any of the circumstances of the natural world (says Scientist and Professor Robert Jastrow) such as the relative strength of the forces of nature, or the properties of the elementary particles, would have led to a universe in which there would be no life and no man. A decrease of a few percent here or there along the way -- and there would only be “stuff”-- dirt, debris … things we’ve only found in other planets, of our own Solar System. Exception: here on our planet earth: life abounds!

The ultimate conclusion of many scientist is that: it seems like we have caught the eye of a very special, powerful, intelligence, that has purposely constructed our Universe / Solar System and especially our Earth within very “narrow” scientific parameters to allow human life to flourish.

And heaven knows there are much, much more evidence of who this All-Powerful, Being is … Whether scientist think of Him as merely a force in nature of supreme intelligence … we can only hope that through continuous gathering of information … that all will come to the understanding and knowledge that there is an Ultimate Creator of all of this: The Universe, The Solar System and the planet we live on: our Earth. We thank you -- our God, our Creator -- for preparing a very special place for us to exist, and live … we know that we live within a very fine line of existence; that without your constant “Presence” ; your continual light -- life would be impossible.