What Happens (Instantly) After Death?

by Pastor Jess Foglesong 

We wonder about the afterlife? What does happen the instant we passed on -- the instant we die? The answer to that question is: nobody knows. We can only surmise; guess, that (if we believe) yes we do go to heaven. But what really does happen … the instant we succumb?

I suggest that when each of us die, and if we are believers (in God), we are taken instantly to the meeting place (gathering place) of all who had previously died; where all are presented to the Son of God (the “Light” of God) who will then guide and lead us to His New Kingdom. Within death, this happens instantly! Time stops! You go straight ahead!

Although from the living’s point of view, human life ends; gone into a deep sleep or “waiting period”… or sort of (bear like)“hibernation.” For example: my mother passed on in 2001. As I sit here today, her soul or spirit is in a deep hibernation sleep; waiting for the arrival of the Lamb (God’s Son), our representative -- just as we also wait. And we do not know when that moment will happen. It may be the next minute or perhaps a thousand years from now. The important thing to know is that we here on earth experience every moment of time. But the deceased (believer), moves on -- ahead of us! An illustration would be: a person standing on the sidewalk watching a parade of the deceased going by. The person that died first is at the head of the group. And as we wait for our own time to expire, then we enter the parade, into timeless death, and move on to the Wedding Party. Even though my mother had passed away many years ago, she actually went ahead of us, and literally has entered God’s Kingdom; regardless of our grief and fading memory of her.

God’s world is timeless. Therefore, as I mentioned previously, after death we cease to be constrained by time; we simply appear (called, instantly) to the gathering place; to His Light. That is if you are a believer and ready… a choice only you can make.

Now what happens to the non-believer? Again, I suggest to you that the non-believer also goes into this deep sleep -- hibernation. But instead of proceeding to the gathering place of all believers, he or she is not called to “party” … but continue to “sleep” … forever and ever. Throughout his or her life here on earth, God had presented the opportunity to choose: to believe or not to believe. And the answer was consistently that they believed in the self. Which to God is divorcing or separating one’s self from Him; or symbolically, meaning that you have placed yourself into the abyss, or what the bible calls: “Hell.”

So being separated from God is symbolically what “hell” represents. And that is not where we want to be -- right? It is just so that the universe, with all of its components, is being managed by the one and awesome Force: our Father and Creator: God! Many have forgotten this very important piece of information. He has instilled in all of us the Moral Law: The Law of right or wrong; to believe in a Creator; an all powerful Life Giver; a Provider and Caregiver; a force for Truth , Justice, and Righteousness; and above all: a government based on Love and Goodness.

Why would anyone not want to believe in a being ; a force such as our God of the Universe. Why not put yourself on the list; for the gathering of the Wedding Celebration of the Lamb of God and His Bride (humanity). You have “nothing” to lose, but all to gain! It is a constant message; illustrated in all of nature, and human experiences. Open your eyes and smell the roses! His “calling” is starring you right in the eyes.

Let it be known to you that death is not the end! But actually, the beginning! The beginning of a new and fulfilling life -- free of vices and despair. A life that takes us into a higher level; within the same “sphere” of God. Which guarantees an eternal relationship with Him. Yes, there is Life after death!