The Christ -- God’s Savior, All of our Savior

by Pastor Jess Foglesong


God is always with us! If He wasn’t, we would not be here now; we would not exist … it is just that simple! We should not lose the fact that we are totally attached or tied to our Creator. He chose to salvage us from total annihilation -- due to Sin. He brought us back from death, recreating us, and implementing a plan of salvation through a future representative.

Adam was the first. He placed him in a garden with a new nature and gave him the rules. But Adam (along with Eve), failed; and God was forced to look further into the future.

And I believe most you know the rest of the story, and who finally became our true representative -- God’s Christ: His Son: Jesus.

Now did I just say God’s Christ? Yes, Jesus was (IS) God’s Christ! His disclosure, His tool, His right hand man, His rep, His Vice President, His Secretary of State, His Savior.

Yes, I said His Savior.

I want to emphasize one thing: that the focus all along has not been us … it has been God.

God and His Government has been accused of breaking His own law by one of His creations: Lucifer (Aka: Satan).

God needed someone to prove Him innocent. Someone to represent Him in a Universal court of Law. In a sense -- someone to represent Him (a super lawyer).

There had been turmoil in the Spiritual world; God’s government was compromised and He needed to act fast. He gave a group of created beings (humans) a second chance to live -- within His Kingdom. And because God’s government is also based on love and grace, He chose to redeem and salvage mankind anyway. His love is pure, but not at the cost of justice. There had to be a Christ, a savior -- a savior of God’s government. And by saving His government he saved humanity as well.

So yes, Jesus -- The Christ -- is our savior; but most of all he took part in an experiment -- conducted by His Father (God) -- that was totally successful; that saved all of us … including the entire universe. The Will of the Father was implemented -- under very harsh, difficult conditions -- and success was the final outcome.

We are the by-product of God’s grace and love; as well as justice and truth. He chose to create us, because He wanted to; He lost us (due to Sin) … caused by Satan; He chose to redeem us (through His Son: Jesus, The Christ); and now we have been freed by the vice of the prince of darkness (Satan). Our ransom has been paid in full. Fulfilling God’s laws of righteousness and justice. The verdict is in: God (and His government) has been vindicated. Thanks to a sacrificial lamb -- The Christ!

We are enormously grateful; and will never forget. God and His wisdom has solved an immense problem. Through Himself becoming a man and interceding into the human stream, and emerging triumphant. And all there is now is to await the final order: the harvesting of true believers; the maturing and ripening of the grapes; the bringing in of His New Kingdom -- a New Jerusalem!