Inspiration and Divine Truths of the Gospel

by Pastor Jess  Foglesong 

Time is not the issue in God's realm ................... you and I have already arrived in heaven; He has already greeted us through His Son, The Christ Jesus! Although we must have patience, in waiting for that moment in time; and it is in our extreme interest to ensure that we stay on the path to glory! Amen!
Jesus preached for the poor not because they were monetarily poor, but because they were spiritually poor; they could have been "rich" ... but indeed poor at heart, spiritually, needing to discern the truth, the true character of his Father.... The killing of the innocent was and still is today never right in God's eyes .... just as it is not morally right to flail in homosexuality. Jesus's message was--and is today--that if you have dwelled in these activities that you can come to him; accept his gift of everlasting life -- through his sacrifice in your name; you and all who come to him have been freed from the slavery of sin, brought upon by evil (Satan). Jesus is: all that you are: a sinner, a murderer, a homosexual, a liar .... and much more! He covers whom and what you are ..... take his gift, and move on to a higher level -- guaranteed and promised for all!
"Many books can inform you ...... the Bible can transform you" ............Trust me ...... it does exactly that! Christ's witnesses were His apostles; if anything read their words! They received--directly from the holy spirit--the knowledge and truth of God's plan and character, through the mediatory leadership of The Christ, Jesus!
No doubt God created pre-human beings nearly 200,000 years ago as part of the process of introducing mankind to planet earth........ but it was not until very recent (just a few thousand years) before He infused in humans, the "Nashama" (He...brew: the human soul) giving them the moral choice; the freewill, to live a life with choices; to choose one God or false gods. God also gave them the ability to realize that they were created by someone or something greater then themselves.

We all play the odds daily ......... we enjoy life, and try to be the best we can; but also know that The Shark always lurks nearby devouring many at his leisure ...... every morning, as we start the day we are thankful, and no matter what, eagerly ready to take up the challenges ...... in a dynamic world!


Look for him ....... His spirit is nearby, take His hand! YOU, WE all .... are the Apostle Peter!(So Peter went over the side of the boat and walked on the water toward Jesus. But when he saw the strong wind and the waves, he was terrified and began to sink. “Save me, Lord!” he shouted. Jesus immediately reached out and grabbed him. “You have so little faith,” Jesus said. “Why did you doubt me?”
When they climbed back into the boat, the wind stopped. Then the disciples worshiped him. “You really are the Son of God!” they exclaimed. Matthew 14:22-33)


 Didn't you know that God is the ultimate Politician? He is the POTU & heaven!!! President of the Universe & heaven .... His VP (and chief defender) is The Christ; His cabinet are angels and His congress is the Holy Spirit! We the people of... earth are whom He cherishes and will defend to the end! And The devil is the prosecutor ......... fortunately, as we know ... lost his case at the cross! And now is strictly all "politics" until he is sentenced ... soon! Rev-Jess
 The Apostles were given the knowledge and truth ...... they received inspiriation and instructions directly from the holy spirit as to the status of the world. And it has not changed ................ everything you see, is temporary! Like... living in a rented house! Someone else (The Christ) has paid and purchased a new home for you and is preparing it for your move-in day ---- soon! Oh, you don't need to take anything ..... it will be fully furnished! God bless you!  (Pastor-Jess)
God's character is reflected in whatever we do ...... Doctors illustrate God's healing wisdom, and re-creative powers. And when a doctor chooses to take a living, innocent human being, whether he knows it or not ... violates the calling and the oath of honor to heal and to be the best he can to extend human life as part of the moral law of God!!! Unfortunately ..... evil is at large and does influence our behavior as well! (Pastor-Jess)
The Devil thinks he has control over death; actually he lost control at the cross! We live in Christ ... who died in our place; we died with him at the cross, and rose with him on the third day! We (like Christ) cannot die twice, but will live on, no matter what the devil has in store for us! But inorder to be included in God's plan and life everlasting .... one (you) must accept his gift of "life" ... it is free; accept it and "sin" no more ... receive the holy spirit when you do! Life is precious! (Pastor-Jess)
The true meaning of marriage is to be "One" with God; as illustrated here on earth as being "one" in man and woman. Like electrons in nature: the positive and the negative are in hamony working together bringing energy, light and life; on the other hand two negatives or two positives do not produce anything, lifeless, darkness, void and disarray ............ as in man and man or woman and woman. This is God's view ..... how He see us! (Pastor-Jess)
Idolizing the environment ...... worhsipping everything "green" is arrogance, in the refusal to accept the natural "gifts" provided directly from The Creator (God) ..... such as Oil, Coal, Natural Gas and many other products..... instead relying on alternative "green" energy ..... which in the long run -- is futile and foolish! .... and a slap to the face of God!!!
You can be religious and not be spiritual ..... but you can certainly not be a Chaplain and not be spiritual! You are allegiant ...... to a spiritual God, and therefore receive instructions from the spirit --- who is Holy! (Pastor-Jess)
This nation has gotten so subjective, focusing on a spot .... that it has lost its way, its soul ............. lead by the mainstream media (including Fox), that everything else was put on the sideburner (just as the Creator of this universe has been); the nation has tunnel visioned themslves into a mockery of fools; relinquishing wisdom and justice ...... for burying their heads in the sand, choosing to scream "mommy, mommy, I wet my pants" syndrome. We as a nation need to refocus and do what is right, repair our country .... ask for God's help! Turn back to Him ...... the only way healing will begin! (Pastor-Jess)
My allegiance is to the presence of our Father in heaven! There is nothing on earth that is not related in some way to the character, the purposes, and the gospel of God through His son, The Christ, Jesus of Nazareth! There is no discussion... or subject matter that would be outside of the realm of God's character (reflected in the Ten Commandments), that is not related to how He operates and illustrates, in dealing with human beings on earth. All of life: in nature, and in our everyday activities ... reflect to how He illustrates to the fall of mankind ... out of righteousness; then became reborn, through a saviour in the payment of a ransom with his blood .... and now ... on the road (back) to recovery and total righteousness ... in the Face of God!!! (Pastor-Jess)
The chains have been broken at the cross ...... we were slaves; now we have a choice: to stay a slave of Satan or a free (reborn) child and in kinship of The Christ, Jesus with The Father!!! (Pastor-Jess)
God has blessed America! We've come a long ways ....... but the forces of evil has for years begun the encroachment to where we are today. And God sees the trend of His already defeated nemeses, determined to make a last ditch effort to ...take as many as it can to the abyss; therefore God is in the process of inspiring his children to turn back to Him ... in fighting for Liberty and Freedom ... in keeping America a beacon for all! (Pastor-Jess)
If one discerns scriptures correctly ..... they will be giving up there oath of spiritual loyalty. Another words ....... they (and all Christian ministers) are held to a "higher" standard ... in understanding the knowledge and truth of the... Gospel. He would be advocating the continuation of an uncovered sin! Christ can only die and be risen once to cover our sins ..... we do not have a second chance! The military Chaplains need to resign, rather than succumb to ...... the diabolical demands of evil!!!!! (Pastor-Jess)
In my recent book I wrote: Our life is complex. Full of problems and intricacies: including the situation of homosexuality. It has been a characteristic of mankind from the beginning. It is not the norm in human behavior. It is an anomaly of nature. It is part of the many Sins of a fragmented and flawed mankind. You will not find it in the (lower) animal kingdom. It will not be part of the realm of Heaven -- the New Jerusalem (Isaiah 65:17). God allows it to dwell here on earth, because He respects man’s ‘freewill’ and choices.

God has solved the problem of mankind’s inequities (Isaiah 59:2,9,14, 20), in the name of the Christ, Jesus -- Son of God. God had to find a way to wash away all of our sins through the process of a sacrificial lamb. The Christ is God’s love and grace in full color. God has taken the time to come to earth, to be with us, to be like us, and to die like us, in order to fulfill the law: of Justice and Righteousness. He is saying that your immorality, your sin is covered by The Christ’s sacrifice, that he died as a ransom of Satan’s accusations, and was risen to be our mediator in the sight of God. Christ died once for our sins; there will not be a second death to keep covering our sins …. Therefore he ask you to turn from your ways (whether it is homosexuality or any other) and sin NO more!
And so, I do hope we understand God’s position; God’s character. He is the Creator and Ruler of the Universe. He is our maker! He exist in the Positive, we exist in the negative. He is Supreme and is fully in Charge of all. We should never forget that. His grace and love assures that we have a place in His house, in His Kingdom. The day will come when His government -- based on love -- will be ushered in. Are you ready? No matter what your orientation. It's time to turn around and come to Him … Believe in Him … have faith in Him. (Pastor-Jess)
Evil is embedded in human society and cultures ensuring that many will abuse and enslave animals, rather than respect them as precious creatures of God; in a tainted, fragmented world, we can only hope for the best .... until we--including animals-- are reined in to a New Kingdom ... free of strife and despair! (Pastor-Jess)
Satan accused Him of being arbitrary in allowing us (mankind) to live ....... and took Him to celestial court; God needed a good lawyer; and found him in Christ, Jesus ..... who pleaded his case .... and won! It was settled at the "cross" ......... the verdict was reached: God was vindicated ....... Satan was found Guilty! And now is waiting for his sentence: which will be eternal damnation in the fiery abyss. Never to be seen again! God chose "life" for human kind .... God made a covenant --- He keeps His promise!  (Pastor-Jess)