Pastor/Rev. Jess has an important new book for you entitled:

God is Our Father in Heaven!

This Book is dedicated to God, our Father in Heaven, who sacrificed His Son, The Christ Jesus, to redeem a lost human race! God sent His Son to earth as an extension of Himself in heaven, to be an embryo, a fetus and a Christ-child, to become the chosen Messiah … as written in Isaiah. His Son came as a disclosure of the true character of God, the supreme ruler of the universe. And he came to free human kind from the diabolical grip of slavery brought upon all by the prince of darkness: Lucifer (Satan). Death could not hold The Christ, as He rose in victory! He indeed became the reflection of his Father in heaven, radiating and projecting His loving, benevolent, gentle manner for all to see.


 The book is available at and (Paperback and Kindle form) 



 This interesting book is easy to read; uncomplicated, informative and down to earth. It answers many questions that constantly linger in all of our minds.

Thank you, and God be with you .........