Our Court System is a Reflection of Heaven's System

by Pastor Jess Foglesong



God presents us with a powerful illustration in the court systems. It is what it is because of how God communicates with the human race. He cannot talk to us face to face, as a classroom instructor or teacher would. He actually relates to us by illustrating His character and purposes through daily activities, and in nature.

What happens when someone commits a crime and is apprehended.? They go to jail, then will have a hearing; face a judge, who will schedule a court date, sometime in the future. Meanwhile, either the defendant stays in jail, or is given a right for bail; which if he pays, would be freed, but must (should) seek a lawyer, to prepare for the court trial, by jury or by a Judge. Either way: he is given the right to defend himself.

Now, what does the court system has to do with God?

God created humankind in His image, and reflecting His ways and character. The court system is an Illustration of the battle of wills between God and the usurper; the accuser: Satan (an Arch Angel of God's government: Lucifer!

In the larger scheme of things -- the cosmic, heavenly perspective -- God is the Supreme being in charge. He is the CEO, the Ruler, the King, the Father, the Judge -- the Creator.

In this scenario God plays multiple parts. He is the Judge, the defendant, and in a way, the Lawyer (in Christ, Jesus). The accuser, Lucifer (Satan) has accused God of being arbitrary in allowing a lost -- sinful -- human race the right to life. They had lost their membership in God's heavenly kingdom due to the sinful actions of Lucifer, who had usurped God's authority as ruler of the universe, and the entire Kingdom, by wanting to be God himself.

By influencing one third of all angels to go to his side. He simply ignored God, and setup shop on his own, announcing that he was taking over, stating that God was wishy-washy, not suited to be in charge and ruler of the Kingdom.

Here on earth we face daily criminal activities, such as: robbery, murder, rape, and other felonies; and when caught, all falling under strict laws of the land, instilled in us by the Creator -- as part of His character.

The court system illustrates God's character and His heavenly court: The Courtroom: God's heavenly courtroom and angels. The Judge: God. The Jury: 12 members: representing the 12 tribes of Isreal (meaning all of the chosen people or believers – the 144,000). The defendant or plantiff: God. The accuser: Satan. The defense Lawyer: The Christ, Jesus. The Gallery of Spectators: The public (all of God's creations). The witnesses: Those elected to testify for or against the plaintiff. When the verdict is decided by the jury; the Judge reads it and states whether the defendant is guilty or exonerated. In this heavenly case: God is vindicated, but at the same time: the accuser – the usurper – is found guilty. And is sentenced to a fiery death, but confined on earth, for a time, until he is executed -- at the second coming of the Christ!

God's laws of the universe (or heaven) is written in the Ten Commandments, that all in his sphere -- His Kingdom -- must adhere to. Breaking one or any part of the commandments would bring separation or banishment from the Kingdom!

Lucifer was a usurper of such crime and was found guilty, and in turn, banned from heaven, to planet earth. But because he was also an arch-angel in charge of the domain of earth and all creatures dwelling on it, they too became tarnished with the same "sin." It became the "fall" of mankind. Angels and human beings fell out of relationship with the Life-giver; with the Creator -- God!

Earth became void of all life ... it became a wasteland ... but God hovered over the waters (Genesis 1).

Before the Fall

Before the Fall, God chose to create the human race simply because He desired a relationship with them. He missed them! (as we here on earth – miss our parents). He placed them on planet earth, and directed his Arch-Angel, Lucifer, to watch over them, support them and report back to the heavenly council table of angels in God's government.

But when Lucifer decided to run things his way -- it all ended! All that was done, in creating a race that followed the laws and rules of God's government, was lost. The human race under the representation of the angel Lucifer, had fallen with him. Lucifer was banished to the surface of planet earth. But he found that he was in charge of an "empty" planet.

God had a decision to make! Should He simple let His beloved human beings fade off into oblivion or allow them to return back into the "main camp." Back into relationship with the Father; the Creator.

God decided to re-create, refashion the earth and re-instate the human race. All the while the usurper -- Satan -- sat back and watched.

The Story of Salvation begins


The story of salvation begins here: all written in the Bible: the Jewish Torah and the Old Testament.

But Satan protested! He accused God of giving humanity a free ride: His affidavit read, "The human race committed a great sin and broke the laws that you (God) set-up! And now you are allowing them back into the Kingdom -- into relationship with you. you are breaking your own Laws, and therefore should not be trusted! You are arbitrary, wishy-washy, favoring, and should not be the Supreme-ruler of heaven."

Satan had a point! God's nature prevents him from breaking His own Laws. But Satan was sure that He did. And thought, "Aha, I've got him!"

So Satan called for a trial. A heavenly court trial. God became the defendant, and Satan, accuser. But because God is the ruler, He himself, is also the Judge. The Jury are all of His creations: His entire righteous Kingdom of angels. They will also sit in the cosmic gallery as spectators and observers.

Here on earth, our court system is an illustration -- a reflection -- of the ultimate courtroom in heaven.

When we find ourselves accused of a crime that we know we did not commit. We obviously would want to defend ourselves. Therefore we would find a good lawyer.

God -- with His boundless wisdom -- decides to fix the problem in the only way He knows: take up the job himself. By coming to earth in His Son -- as the Christ, Jesus.

He understands that there is no one on earth that can follow every commandment of His Laws. The job would have to be done by himself. So he would come to earth immaculately, as an embryo, a fetus, then an infant.

He came to earth and grew up and lived with the human race, and was perfect in the eyes of his Father, as the servant (described by Isaiah); He would be all that the Nation of Israel could not be: the redeemer of a lost race (due to sin).

And so, the heavenly trial begins:

The Christ testifies and pleads his case for his Father. He states that the Father is true to His name; faithful to His promise; not arbitrary; the Keeper of Justice; Promoter of fairness and freedom of choices. That he is a God of life, of honor, of wisdom, of love.

The Christ discloses His Father's true character: as the All-Supreme ruler of the universe and all that dwell in His Kingdom.

He demonstrates that anyone or group who commits or is involved in a sinful act, could not part take as members of His Kingdom (which is pure, divine and totally righteous). He demonstrates this by being the Christ of God: by living on earth as a man (a God-man); and performing the many rituals called for as a sinless servant of God and His Kingdom.

By becoming the sacrificial lamb, as written in the Torah. By sacrificing himself: being arrested, beaten, nailed to a cross (made of a tree), pierced by a spear, left to die; by defeating death, and by rising again (in life), as the New Adam, the New Representative, Mediator (just as all previous types of mediators) of the human race. And by doing so: defeating the accuser, and taking back -- as the new steward -- of the domain of earth, and all that dwell on it.

Human beings have been freed, and will be allowed back into God's Kingdom. God, the Father, has been vindicated, and continues to be Supreme-ruler of His Kingdom.

The accuser has been found guilty as usurper and as the deceiver. And is serving a temporary interim time here on earth for sentencing. He is free to influence all of mankind, who decide to listen to his lies and deception.

The verdict by the jury of the heavenly court, after all the evidence and testimony presented was reached: Guilty!

The Jury has been dismissed, the courtroom has been cleared. The defendant has been acquitted. The accuser has been confined to his cell -- but not completely censored. His will still has power in shadowing and influencing mankind. But only for a short time.

Then he will be cast into the searing fire -- never to be seen or heard again!

Case closed!