The Wisdom in Life: The formation of a fetus into a human being!

by Rev. Jess Foglesong 

Proverbs 8: 22--31: The Lord created me the beginning of his works, before all else that he made, long ago. Alone I was fashioned in times long past, at the beginning, long before earth itself. When there was yet no ocean I was born, no springs brimming with water. Before the mountains were settled in their place, long before the hills I was born, when as yet he had made neither land nor lake nor the first clod of earth. When he set the heavens in place I was there, when he girdled the ocean with the horizon, when he fixed the canopy of clouds overhead and set the springs of ocean firm in their place, when he prescribed its limits for the sea and knit together earth's foundations. Then I was at his side each day, his darling and delight, playing in his presence continually, playing on the earth, when he had finished it, while my delight was in mankind.

Wisdom is the "information" that God has placed in the creation process. The universe -- the entire universe -- was the size of the pupil of your eye. All of the "information” needed to form the vast cosmic stellar universe was confined within that tiny pupil ball of energy. God's wisdom was seated there with all of the information needed to form "Life!. Then God gave the 'Word' and "boom" it exploded systematically into the dynamic universe that we see today -- including the earth, the sun, you and all you feel and see around you.

Wisdom is the essence of all creation. It is hidden in the tiniest, the smallest of God's kingdom; within the atom and it's quantum world that whirls and permeates around us -- ubiquitously within life itself.

Wisdom and making of a human

At birth a female has 2 million pre-eggs that lie dormant in her ovarian wings. All of the "information" needed to form a human being is there -- guaranteed by God's wisdom. Just as he was there -- lying dormant -- before the "Bang" that formed the universe

So information in forming a human being, in the same manner, waits for that moment, then on queue, implement its process of making a baby.

Two million eggs, surprisingly, many are not viable and by puberty only about 4 hundred thousand remain. At each ovulation, many eggs rupture, and only one egg matures. Because of the disintegration of the egg supply, by the time a woman reaches her fifties, not enough are available to keep up with her monthly cycle.

At ovulation, a follicle in the wall of one of the two ovaries burst open and a mature egg is released. The previously dormant egg divides yielding two cells each having 23 pairs of chromosomes. But here's the kicker: only "one" cell will go on to be a baby. The other cell will "starve" and disintegrate and if the egg is fertilized, the excess supply of intracellular material will benefit in the process of formation of the embryo and fetus in development.

In the development of the universe after the original Big Bang, as the mass of energy expanded -- like the bursting of ovulating eggs -- stars are similarly born (formed) out of nebula clouds spread throughout the growing universe. Many (like the eggs) do not survive and after bursting out of the clouds disintegrate as "stardust," which adds in the

overall formation and proliferation of planets and "Life" itself.

Wisdom has programmed the making of stars; and in the making of a human being -- in a very identical manner.

The human egg now is swept into the woman's fallopian tube and will be available for fertilization by a male sperm for only 10 to 15 hours. Then it will not accept any sperm, and will itself disintegrate as part of the monthly cycle. The male sperm (a wonder within itself), after bring ejaculated into the woman's uterus has only 48 hours before it too, is not viable. So it immediately (with its whipping tail action) knows the correct fallopian tube to enter and swim against all odds toward the developing egg.

Approximately 3 hundred million sperm enter the vagina, and they die in droves as they – like eager salmon fighting the currents going up river – traverse the chemically hostile environment of the fallopian tube. But by the time they reach the target, only a few hundred remain. Wisdom allows only “One” sperm to enter the egg wall. And even after that single head of the sperm that is within the outer shell of the egg waits, it is not allowed to enter the egg wall until a special “chemical key” ( a specially shaped protein) on the sperm’s head matches the chemical “lock” that assures no other species has invaded the sanctification of a human being. No foreigners are allowed! Only if there is a “match” will the doors open to begin the process of fertilization, and a new potential life to go forward.

The door is closed to all other sperm trying to bang their way in …. Wisdom only allows “One” to enter into the sanctity of God’s creative realm. Oneness: illustrates that there is only “One” God; as well as “One” Christ! And they both equal One!

The ballet of blending both sperm and egg together in joining their respective chromosomes, beginning the building of human being. First of all through the next few weeks in the formation of an embryo.

By the time the egg reaches the uterus, it’s day four. The miniscule embryo, now takes shape through distinct steps in development. All following the directions placed within its DNA and molecular blueprint by the wisdom of the Creator.

The cluster of eggs (called the morula) has transformed itself from a ball of over 60 cells into a sphere shaped ball filled with fluid and called a “blastotcyst” and is ready to attach itself to the wall of the uterus, where it will mesh with the mother’s arterial system to form a placenta. This wall or separation is essential for the developing embryo, as it is an entity foreign or hostile to the mother’s immune system and would seek to destroy it if not for the mediatory function of the placenta.

This transitional organ is a divine illustration of the mediatory work of the Christ (Jesus): without his sacrifice as the mediator for all of mankind, God (like the mother’s immune system) would destroy a tainted human race. But because of God’s grace He came to earth as the redeemer (mediator) and salvaged the entire human race.

The placenta, an amazing organ, is a product of both the fetus and mother, and has a heck of a task of isolating the fetus from the mother. Very cleverly, wisdom has allowed it to protect the intruder (the fetus), to perform its minute by minute, day to day regulatory processes such as: the transfer of nutrients and oxygen, while expelling fetal wastes out to the mother’s circulatory system … and so much more.

As was The Christ, after being born as a human child, was a product of the Father and the human race … and in turn was able to be a barrier between the pure righteousness of God’s Light. He became our redeemer and our representative -- our mediator (even, our placenta).

And as the days go by, into the second week, the intricate ballet of forming the fetus goes full speed ahead. By the third week structures that will be the heart and nervous system emerge. Then the heart starts beating. By week five the key organs are in place: liver, pancreas, thyroid. The eyes dot the side of the head. It is still in the embryo stage, quite tiny (about the size of the “the” in this sentence).

At the sixth week, it has developed exponentially: The eyes are clearly visible; the brain begins to enlarge (it will continue to grow even after birth to approximately, age 25). Arms and legs are visible, although sporting webbed hands and feet like ducks; later as programmed by wisdom, will lose this aberration favoring normal human appendages.

Actually at this stage the embryo looks more like a fish than a human: the eyes on the side of the head, and webbed like appendages, etc. A reminder that all of earthly life emerged out of the sea. The earth was inundated with water during its formation; signally the beginning, in the formation of living one celled life …. and the beginning of the “life” progression.

Birth is the culmination of wisdom’s finest work

At the end of nine months of fetal development, it is near time for the birth process to start. The fetal placenta, sensing that the time for birthing has arrived, stops producing a hormone that for nine months kept the uterine muscles relaxed. In the absence of this chemical inhibition, they begin the contractions of labor.

As we mentioned before that the fetal placenta is (in the larger view) an illustration of humanity’s own so call, placenta (Jesus, The Christ): our “wall” between God and us. We wonder when the final days will arrive before his second coming. The bible states that there will be signs … and then the birth pangs will start. The contractions will begin for a new birth into the Kingdom of Heaven.

As the actual birth begins, the umbilical arteries (the cord), for nine long months, the fetal life-line, clamp shut while the umbilical vein (amazingly) “waits” to shut just long enough for the fetal blood that happened to be in the placenta at this moment to be returned to the fetus. All of this happens in an instant. Again, God’s wisdom had programmed this at the beginning; all part of the instructions given by the ‘Word’ of the Creator.

When The Christ arrives -- it will be in an instant! All believers will be taken (or whisked out ) into His waiting hands, as a Doctor waits to cradle the newborn.

Several things has to happen just before the baby is born, and if it doesn’t take place, the infant is in peril: Blood flow is rerouted to pass through vessels of the lungs and intestines as the lungs prepare to breathe in air and the stomach prepares to digest food -- hopefully the well-balanced nutrients of mother’s milk. A hole between the two sides of the heart that allowed the fetal flow pattern closes as the direction of the flow of blood through the heart – reverses.

This is our metamorphosis! We’ve change from a fish-like organism immersed in a sack full of liquid with eyes on the side of our heads, a snout-like nose, with webbed hands and feet, a one chambered heart, and become a full fledged human in just nine months. Have you ever observed a butterfly transform from one stage to another through its metamorphosis? Amazing!

It was all programmed into one cell just nine months earlier! Such an expression of eloquence commanded from a single molecule. In life, “oneness” is what we represent. At the onset of fertilization, within a single cell contained all the potential that you were ever (physically) to become. Within every cell of your body retains that “wisdom.”

With precision a new born (a human being) has been created, and slips through the narrow canal into the bright light of a new world. The fetus becomes a baby, born of a man and woman!

As human beings will be born again. We too will slip through the gossamer tunnel of cheering angels, welcoming us to a stairway to heaven; to meet our leader, our friend, our redeemer. The promise that God had made with Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and all that believe in Him will have been fulfilled.

God's “wisdom” was there all the time … and is there today, supervising and directing the entire process of “Life.” The ultimate “Gift” from God