Do You Believe in Aliens from Outer Space?

By Rev. Jess Foglesong


Do you really believe in Aliens from outer space? Actually I have always been intrigued by the mysterious stories of alien abduction, and sightings of flying saucers. One of my favorite childhood movies was, “The Day The Earth Stood Still.” A chilling movie of a spacecraft suddenly landing in the middle of a city baseball field. Emerging from the craft was a man (looking human) and a very tall Robot. It was a friendly encounter (at first), until one of our guys got trigger happy and fired a shot, and wounded the man. Of course all hell broke loose, when the very tall Robot used his piercing, searing ray eye gun and melted several of the police cars and military vehicles.

The story eventually unfolds into quite a memorable and learning experience for the human race. The visitors came in peace. But due to our inability to comprehend good from evil, there was an immediate misunderstanding. All in all though, the story turned out okay with a great ending; as the world did come to a stand still. And through trials and tribulations, and acceptance; things turned out alright.

Now of course that was just a movie; such event has never happened. At least, as far as we know. But how many of you think that there most likely, and probably are other forms of life way out there among the stars and galaxies? It is a logical conclusion. How could we be so egotistical as to believe that we are the only “lucky” intelligent beings in the Universe. That God created the entire universe -- just for us!

There are hundreds and even thousands of reports yearly of sightings, that go back many years. It’s no small matter. Astronauts, fighter Jet and airline pilots (credible people) have reported sightings. But because none have been verified and proven … it is still not taken seriously.

And so we, presently (for the record), are still waiting -- for that first alien encounter from out of space. Think they will ever come?

As I mentioned earlier: I am an enthusiast of alien movies (really enjoy them), but that’s where I stop. As a revealer of God’s character, I suggest to you that it is not in His plan and purpose to allow other beings to approach this planet. Not saying that there aren’t others out there -- there well may be; but God has a plan for us, and He will follow through. That is, to redeem us from total “castaway” status -- alienation.

Yes!  “We” are the aliens. Alienated from the Father -- from our Creator. And whether we understand it or not, we are His children: Lost, Separated, due to original Sin. And we needed to be washed and cleansed: which we have been, through the Lamb of God: His Son: The Christ, Jesus.

So, if I may: we are in a holding pattern. Kept apart from all other forms of intelligent life. They will not be coming for us -- even if just to visit! The only one that will be coming (second coming) will be (the ultimate alien) The Christ. And He will be appearing in Glory, from the Clouds. And believe me: that will be when: The Day The Earth Will Stand Still!

Most of the human race are so involved with our selves that we have forgotten the real message (of the Gospel): That we have a true Creator; who made us in His image; and wishes us to come home to His land; to live comfortably and safely; with honor and dignity; where love is the norm; where all are accepted; where your ‘free will’ will be honored.

You will then be among fellow human beings of God, within the ‘same’ sphere; able to communicate directly with Angels and other creatures of God throughout the realm of a new universe. Like the prodigal son (in the bible): we will be greeted with open arms by the Father and all that dwells within His Kingdom.

So, what we really need to understand; before we look out into the vastness of space and wonder who are out there, is to look beyond all of that. Look beyond time and space: look at your Father; look at God. He is constantly looking at you. Communicating with you, through signs and illustrations (everywhere). We need to stop and “open” our eyes … and accept His gift of life. He has a plan for you (and all of humanity); and has implemented it. And whether we like it or not: we will have to make a choice to accept: Life or death. There’s no two ways. Life (come home), or death (be separated -- alienated).

Yes we are the aliens of the universe. We just don’t realize it! Come on: take His gift!

You won’t regret it!