There’s no Guarantee in this Temporary World,

 but there is a Guarantor to the next!


By Pastor Jess Foglesong


Recently a young man passed away of inoperable cancer. He would have been 33 years old this year.  He was a young man full of life and enthusiasm.  He had a zeal that I had not seen in most people.  His distinctive smile stood out amongst all he came in contact with … radiating outwardly, as if he wanted it to be the norm, as far as he could see. 


He loved his wife more than anything else in the world.  They were as one – cemented together from the day they met.  They were a team, enjoying the mechanics of daily living, through and through, with grace and love, in perfect harmony.  Like most couples in love, nothing seemingly could break up such cohesiveness and devotion.


But yet, something did step in … spiritually, we view this anomaly as the dark side, or evil; that has plague human beings since the “Fall.” It can take something as beautiful as their love and devotion, and rip it to shreds.  It is the antithesis of everlasting life; of goodness; of heaven; of being in relationship with the life giver.


We view this tragedy daily, throughout the world.  Strife, disparity, grief, and death are all part of what we are, of who we are. And even though many seek total peace and tranquility, it is only temporary and short lived.  There is no guarantee that our lives will be illness free, never threatened by death..  We can only try to stay as healthy as possible, and, frankly -- hope and wish for the best. 


That’s why when people say: live life to the fullest, experience everyday as your last, has a certain truth.  Life here on earth is not a given.  It is as unpredicatble as lightening.  We live in a temporary setting; a standby world; a preliminary abode; a rented home.


This previously, vivacious boy left this world at a very young age – too young.  He and his wife had so much more to accomplish; so much more to do.  His loved ones and friends think it is just not fair that he had to acquire such a terrible – rare – disease.  We ask:  Why him? 


And I’m sure he, himself wondered: why me … as well.  Out of the millions of human beings in this “God forsaken” world – why me! 


Well, that is the mystery, and the problem!  We don’t know when and who is going to be next.  It is like taking a flight to anywhere.  According to statistics, flying is the safest way to travel; certainly safer than driving.  But there is always that one tiniest percentage of “bad luck.”  We occasionally hear about violent, terrible plane crashes where many are killed.  Tragic, horrible --  no doubt.


We take that same risk daily.  Evil -- death, the darkness, chaos --  lurk at every corner.  But only the shear presence of the Father, our Creator, keeps this world from spinning completely out of control.  He holds our lives together, nearly in complete harmony, every second, every minute, every hour of the day.  He is something – The One -- we can always be sure of.  He gives us a guarantee of life, free of disparity, strife -- and certainly – death: spiritual death. 


Why go through life not knowing if our lives could end in the next moment.  Why not go through life knowing that no matter what … life is assured and guaranteed.  A promise given to us by the God of all.  A covenant given to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and Moses that those who accept His gift of life will live forever – through a deliverer, a representative, a guarantor: The Christ, Jesus: Son of God.


What a relief if all knew this true fact; the true “Gospel” … To put all of our faith and trust in a worthy loving God of the universe.  Put your hands in his palms; let His strong shoulders carry you all the way home.  Do not be afraid of the impending darkness and evil that impedes this temporary world.  God’s presence is an immense deterrent to their vile intentions and actions.  Let God’s angels hover close and near to you, and those you love.  Ward off the darkness by understanding that you are a child – an offspring – of God (Yahweh, Jehovah).  That you have attired yourself with a breastplate of armor that – no matter what – will shield you with the presence of His righteousness and power.  That you have overcome the dreads of gloom, doom, and disparity.  That you have adopted a spiritual purpose; a spiritual outlook; a spiritual connection.


Why be shackled by this temporary life’s constraints and restraints.  Look at life on a much broader scale.  View life as being connected to God’s promise and plan.  Life as being precious, meaningful, fulfilling … and eternal.  That we are travelers (like the Israelites, in the wilderness) moving, progressively toward a higher level of existence – with our Creator, our loving Father.  Open your eyes; take the blinders off; accept His free gift of eternal life.