“God is in Charge!”

By Rev. Jess Foglesong

Yes! God has given the human race "freewill" .......... the right to choose a path: whether right or wrong!  In a way, it has become a problem -- through history -- as it is today!  Sometimes humans are so arrogant as to think that we have the last word on what happens to this planet. That we are the ultimate Steward of this world. That we must keep it free of toxins and every environmental disturbances known. That we must make use of environmentally clean elements, such as: wind power, solar energy, battery operated machinery and bio-friendly fuel. Anything but utilizing Mother Earth’s seemingly, damaging energy -- such as, Oil, Coal or Nuclear.  Many of us are under the impression that we are the “savior” of our planet; that we must reject the dreaded thing: Fossil Fuel!

Fossil Fuel -- that thing that lies deep within our earth that sometimes ‘seep’ to the surface creating havoc. Fossil fuel is “Crude Oil” (dinosaur remains) created (through millions of years) specifically for our use, by Our Creator! It is part of His provision; His plan of Salvation; His Gift; His Grace: His Love ... read in Deuteronomy 32:13 "He made him (speaking of Joseph) ride on the high places of the earth, that he might eat the increase of the fields; and he made him to suck honey out of the rocks, and oil out of the flinty rock".  He expects us to utilize it in our day to day affairs: for Energy, for warmth, for fuel, for industrialization -- for all of our needs. Joseph is expanded to become the entire children of God, in need.  And provision is granted. Also in Job 29:6 ... "When I washed my steps with butter, and the rock poured me out rivers of oil" ... Again, it is there for us to use.

God understands that we may accidentally, from time to time, spill the substance into our environment, but He has provided for such events, with an “automatic” cleaning process: He has, as part of replenishing the earth, installed a reclaiming, recycling system. He understands that animals may perish but that too is part of the cycle of life: things die and things are replenished and restored.

As I mentioned earlier: Fossil Fuel (Oil) is so abundant within the earth’s crust that it seeps to the surface -- everywhere. Statistics has established that of all the Oil that is found freely in the environment, 92% comes from Nature's seepage. On the other hand 6% comes from human use and discard from industrialization; and least of all: only 1% comes from spillage from Oil Drilling Rigs from off shore sites.

So who is to blame for most of the environmental contamination and disturbances? God! Nature!

Well, as it is, many people do not take God seriously anyhow, so blaming Him would be foolish. People simply don’t want to listen to the facts. And they certainly don’t want to admit that they are under the direction and command of a Creator! No -- people want to, instead, be God. By demanding that they are the only ones that can keep our earth, our environment, safe and clean, by denying any access to what our Creator has “provided” -- the sole Energy from within our earth! The Crude! Fossil Energy!

It is like “Mother’s Milk” … that swells the breasts with richness and nourishment, providing life giving food for the newborn infant. Likewise: Mother Earth has given birth to us and providing us with the “Milk of Life”: liquid crude … bursting and seeping from the hallows of her veins. The infant seeks the milk; as well, we must seek the Crude! Like Mother’s Milk … it demands to be taken out! And accessible!

And so it is my opinion that we take a look at who we really are! Are we playing God? Should we instead, let God take care of our planet? Rather, live our lives as if we are “renting,” and not owning? Knowing that the landlord will someday come and say: “I am sorry but I am going to bulldoze this entire property and rebuild the land. You will have to leave …” This earth, this planet was created by God … and it is maintained and managed by God … He is the true Steward of this world. He is “In Control!” Let’s not fool our selves. God does not take -- others -- pretending who He really is -- very well! … that’s why He proclaims: There is no other God, I AM the I AM! And I Will Be, and Always Will Be … It is my Will! That’s how we got into trouble in the first place! So let’s live our lives as we should: sharing all that has been provided: an abundance of food; of air (oxygen); of water; of fire; of light (and warmth); and of Raw Energy (Crude, Coal and Nuclear, from within). Let’s utilize it!

We are so involved in ourselves that we forget that we are here on earth because we were placed here by an All Sufficient Power; a Spirit, a Wisdom, a Mind that encompasses the entire universe -- that encompasses all elements of earth; that encompasses every molecule and atom within you. 

God is in the drivers seat.  And let's not lose tract of that ...... Put Him First!

We thank you God for all that you have “provided” -- just for us!