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Pastor Jess (live videos) Biblical, spiritual lessons and messages (page 2)


Lesson 31: Independence Day!  Our Freedom and Justice come from God!
Lesson 32:  Earth and You belong to God!
Lesson 33:  God Illustrates by Grand Design!
Lesson 34:  Being Positive: God's Healing Wisdom!

Lesson 35: Why does God allow Earthquakes, Tornadoes, and Hurricanes?

Lesson 36: Does God involve Himself in Our Politics?

Lesson 37: Infidelity: A Falling Away from God!

Lesson 38: Alcoholism and Drug use: Is it Evil in God's Eyes?

Lesson 39: Does God Tolerate Homosexuality on Earth and in Heaven?

Lesson 40: Who are Angels?

Lesson 41: The Sabbath: A Time for Rest, in God; In Christ!


Lesson 42: God Abhors Abortion! (Part 1)


Lesson 43: God Abhors Abortion! (Part 2)

Lesson 44: Have WE fogotten God ... and Jesus?


Lesson 45: What Happens to US after Death!


Lesson 46: Have We become The Aliens?

Lesson 47: Life is Precious, but No Guarantees, Except through Christ!

Lesson 48: Where is your Allegiance?

Lesson 49: Staying "Young at heart" ... in God!

Lesson 50: God's Wisdom and the miraculous making of a Human Being!

Lesson 51: Thanks for God's persistence ... the Universe saw us coming!

Lesson 52: God Formed you and me in His Image!

Lesson 53: Are You Mature Grapes ... Ready to be Picked?

Lesson 54: Are We alone in the Universe due to sin?

Lesson # 55: Are you ready for the Harvest? God's final Word!

Lesson # 56: Gifts and Thanksgiving is instilled by God!

Lesson # 57: A Day in Infamy! God woke U.S. Up!

Lesson # 58: God is Our Father and Mother -- in Heaven!

Lesson # 59: Our True Father, is in Heaven!

Lesson # 60:  All Believers (you and me), are made New in The Christ, Jesus!



Lesson 61:  Man of Lawlessness ... The Events prior to Christ's Second Coming!


Lesson 62:  God's Anger at Unnatural, Sinful Behavior!

Lesson 63:  The Resurrection of The Dead (and the living) you and me!

Lesson 64:  What will Happen to People who Died?

Lesson 65:  Spiritual Blessings From God!




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