"To Freedom and Justice"

By Pastor Jess Foglesong


On this 4th of July Holiday weekend we celebrate the Declaration of Independence of our Country. The year: 1776. We wanted to break away from the rule of the British Empire. The Order was signed 234 years ago. We wished to be Free to determine our own future. But, it wasn’t as easy as that. Although the founding fathers establish this Declaration, the British had other plans.

They continued to make their presence known by attacking us from all sides. Under the command of General George Washington, our Continental Army had their hands full. Winning and losing battles through years and years of War with the British. At one point we lost the Capital City of Philadelphia (writers of the Constitution had to flee nearly 100 miles, out of harms way). Then in 1812 the British (still pursuing victory in recapturing the colonies), literally burned the City of Washington D.C. down to the ground. Freedom, and true independence was not easy. It took many, many years of war with the British (many sacrifices by men and women), before our country was finally free of British rule. Freedom and Independence is not an over night affair. It takes dedication and the will to be free.

“Freedom” is instilled in us by our Creator -- as written in the Declaration of Independence preamble: All men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. Inspiring words written by Thomas Jefferson.

Our Creator assures that all of humanity has this right, this “Free Will” to pursue happiness, free of strife and turmoil. He promises and guarantees everlasting life in His Kingdom of Heaven. It is not news to the ‘believer” … no, it has always been the “Good News.”  But it takes “faith” in this belief that drives us. Freedom and Liberty is something that is instilled, endowed in our lives from birth. We pursue it naturally, and cherish it to the death.

Our founding fathers understood the deep meaning of liberty, that it is part of who we are; part of a nation; part of one nation under God. Although it took nearly 50 years to finally acquire our true independence and freedom; it was certainly worth the effort, the sacrifices, the pursuit, and determination.

We are a blessed people … unlike any in the world. In just a few short years, we have fought for our freedom and independence; through justice and honor (all part of the Character of God -- instilled in us), and two centuries later we are strong and viable; leader of the free world; promoting others to join us in pursuing the right to be happy and to be free.

Let us not forget -- years after our founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence -- that we are still in the battle to stay free as a Democratic Republic, Nation of People … where it is truly a Nation Governed by the People … through our elected representatives in Congress.

God has also ensured that our “freedom” is guaranteed by giving us Representation as well: In His one and only Son: Jesus, The Christ.

On earth we are endowed by our Creator to pursue Freedom and Justice. And in Heaven it is the normal, promised to us -- through our faith and belief in God -- our true Founding Father!