"Young at Heart"

                                                   by Pastor Jess Foglesong

I drove to the City of Napa this afternoon for my usual 2:00 PM singing “gig” at an Assisted Living community … and as I walked through the outdoor patio area I was greeted by one of the Senior residents, “hi Jess, beautiful, sunny day, isn’t it?” And I responded with a likewise acknowledgement.

It was a gorgeous , sunny, bright day -- which always reminds me of the true “Light” of God … shining on His children, His people, His likeness. This elderly man (George) was drawn to the sunshine, and the sunrays of the day. Knowing certainly that any day now, his true Father, his maker would be calling. And as I acknowledged his greeting, I was uplifted by his expression of peace and serenity -- and his love of life.

All of us will face the golden years; and of course it would be more comforting to be prepared -- mentally -- for those (so call) final days of our lives. Whether we like it or not -- they will come.

During my performance, I came to a song that I enjoy singing -- a song called “Young at Heart” … the lyrics go something like this: “Fairy tales can come true, it can happen to you, if you’re young at heart” … and so forth. No doubt, we age, physically, day after day, and like clock-work, the years go by … and before you know it you’re middle age, and beyond. We try to slow the process down, but it’s impossible -- and we know it!

The only way we can combat this never-ending wave of time is to mentally stay alert -- and be“young at heart.” It is a God given absolute! The devil has caused all of us NOT to have everlasting Life (of course -- as believers, we will, through the return of The Christ). But for now, our bodies, although young and resilient when we start off; after years, and years of (for many of us) self abuse: over eating, over medication, over indulging of various liquids and toxins, lack of proper recreation and exercise and so much more … physically, end up losing the battle. It's inevitable; eventually death is at our door -- the influence of Satan (Sin), condeming all of us.

Our alternative? While we are on this earth? Stay “young at heart” … as the song says, “don’t you know that it’s worth, every treasure on earth, to be young at heart” …. “and if you should survive, to a hundred and five, think of all you’ll derive, out of being alive … here is the best part … you have a head start … If you are among the very Young at Heart.”

Although death is a sure thing … God provides us with a way to fulfill, and extend our lives -- in an inspirational, uplifting way: through our “hearts” … our enthusiasm, tenacity, exuberance, positiveness , Love of Life. It’s a tool that is guaranteed to work. Try it!

We thank you Father for your absolute interest in maintaining our world and our existence as members and children of your family.  Although we have fallen (thanks to Satan), we thank you for your patience in redeeming us by interceding into our lives, through your Son -- Jesus, The Christ.  Your Kingdom is within our midst, and we thank you for accepting us with open arms.  Amen!