Easter Sunday!

Jesus -- The Christ: The Disclosure of God

By Pastor Jess Foglesong


Easter Sunday! What does it mean to all of us? Is it a day we should celebrate?  In my mind -- it is the most important day in Human History. Do we as human beings understand that we are here because another being so much more greater, placed us here? Are we so self-centered as to think we merely evolved by chance?

Easter Sunday! Again, what does it mean to all of us!

Who was this wonderful man called Jesus? Over 2,000 years ago He accomplished something no one else had ever done. He literally died on a Cross and then came back from death. How did He accomplish this impossible task?

Was He in on it all alone or did He have an accomplice? Was the Easter Story a culmination of centuries of careful divine direction by a Supreme Being? Was Jesus an extension, an instrument of someone Greater? Was he a way to disclose his heavenly Father's true character, His wishes and desires, as an all encompassing Creator?  A force, a being that we have come to know as -- God?

Easter Sunday! As a man, as a human being, I ask these questions. I think it is ultimately important that we understand how enormous this day is.   Easter ... I believe is the most important day in human history!

There is a world out there that is literally unseen. It is a world teeming with beings coming and going. It is a world that operates in perfect ‘harmony.’ It functions with a type of “nature” unattainable to us. As a matter of fact it is a “sphere” -- a realm --inconceivable to our own.

We are the ultimate castaways: misfits, rebels, contaminated, outcast, lost. In the Old Testament we were the “lepers” who were forced to live outside of the main camp. In the New Testament we were portrayed as the lost prodigal son who was eventually accepted (with open arms) back by his father -- who yearned for his return.

And that’s the whole point of it. The Creator, as we know as “God” desires that we return back into the main camp, into his loving care -- into his sphere or realm. He had originally created us as perfect human beings to live in harmony with each other and all of his creations. But something happened that condemned all of us -- instantly.  And what was this that threw us into a tailspin, beyond the boundaries of the living?

You guessed it! SIN. Brought on by an Angel named Lucifer, an Arch Angel, who God chose as chief steward, and therefore representing our domain and world -- Earth … and the surrounding universe.

Angels are special beings, no doubt much higher than humans, within the spiritual realm. They are able to communicate with God directly. Some of them are assigned to certain task such as stewards of a colony of humans (which includes all physical matter within the universe) and are designated “Arch Angels.” These higher ranking angels report directly to the great council of heavenly angels which God is the (so call) “Chair Being” or Chair Person in charge (an illustration here on earth: is a corporate CEO or President). And of course God counts on these meetings to keep track of all His creations and domains throughout all the “worlds” and beyond.

One might say that angels are the life line between the “Life Giver” and all that He has created. Like millions of nerve fibers connecting our brain to all other parts of our body -- messengers. No message, no function, no life! God is the Life Giver! He projects Himself into the darkness (or Chaos) to bring forth Light. He is an active being, constantly interacting and projecting; expiring and inspiring -- breathing life; constantly pushing away the darkness, the chaos.

Well, The Arch Angel Lucifer one day decided that he wanted to play God (or -- be God) and had convinced many of his fellow angels to follow him. He surely didn’t dare show his face at the Council Table. He simply ignored God. And God had ask the members of the Heavenly Council, what’s going on with Lucifer? They related that they had heard from the grapevine that he was ‘setting up shop’ of his own -- to challenge the authority of God Himself.

Now due to the fact that this colony of humans were under the stewardship of Lucifer, and actually represented them at the Council Table, it follows that every condemnation imparted to him, was also bestowed upon them.  Lucifer’s “SIN” (disobedience) became “SIN” for all humans. Which is why it is written, ”you are born a sinner.” … “they know not what they do.”

Life simply ceased on earth. “The earth was without form and void, with darkness over the face of the abyss, and a mighty wind swept over the surface of the water” (Genesis 2). Humans disappeared from the surface of the earth. Darkness had set in. Lucifer really had done it this time. He was a steward of an empty world void of all life.

But God did not give up on us. He could have. He gave us a second chance. He said, “Let there be light, and there was light, and it was good” (Genesis 3 & 4. God entered into the darkness (chaos) and the darkness was pushed aside and there was “light.” God understood that it was the mistake (the disobedience) of another that caused the separation of life to death. He devised a plan that would bring us, His beloved, created human beings back to the living, and into the “main camp” -- back into God’s sphere.

It was a long process (in earth time), re-creating and re-fashioning a world where imperfect humans could survive until such a day a new steward and a new representative could finally immerge to take His seat at the Heavenly Council Table.

The process of producing a human being through millions of years (earth time) was to say the least quite a fete. But finally humans did begin to rule the earth approximately 40,000 years ago (Homo Sapian - one that is wise). Soon modern man emerged and the first attempt as steward of the earth was Adam (placed in a Garden of Eden). But because he became “tainted” (through lies and deception by Lucifer, who became Satan), he himself could not represent humanity in the presence of God -- he failed. The only way, and God knew it, was to interject or extend part of Himself, at the proper time, into the human stream.

God chose a small group of people in the middle east (led by Abraham) and said, “I will make you into a great nation.” Through which God promised a place of peace for all. And many generations passed until one day God sent another Arch Angel named “Gabriel” to announce to Mary and Joseph of a Son to be born and to name Him “Jesus” (meaning Saviour).

Jesus grew up as a young Jewish boy studying books of the Old Testament. He became well versed in the duties and laws of his people. By the time he had reached his thirtieth year God had announced to him what needed to be done. Jesus became an extension or the “disclosure” of God Himself, performing many miracles and announcing that the new Kingdom was at hand, and was within their midst.

Finally after 3 1/2 years of teaching and of redefining the purpose of humanity as The Christ -- Jesus was rejected by His own people and sentenced to die on a cross. Gods plan of redemption was finally (after millions of earth time years) coming to a culmination. On Friday morning, He was made to carry his own cross to Golgotha where He was crucified.

At noon the skies darkened, the sun and light had disappeared and Jesus’ body hung on the cross, abandoned.  Darkness had re-entered the world. The light had receded for 3 hours. It was a recapitulation of the primal chaos: “In the beginning,” … “as the land became formless and empty, and darkness was over the surface” And from this chaos and darkness the Spirit of God hovered over the land, and projected His light. And after 3 hours the light had re-appeared. God’s re-creating power had re-entered in preparation for Jesus’ resurrection.

All along of course Lucifer had anticipated a ‘Saviour’ and was very hard at work deceiving the people. His domain would certainly come to an end if Jesus succeeded. No more would he be ruler of the earth and it’s surrounding universe. A change of ownership would certainly take place. So, when he saw that Jesus was on the verge of death, he was pleased and wanted to celebrate.

Then the moment came when he heard Jesus cry out, “Oh my God, why hast Thou forsaken me.” He knew that he had beaten God! Time to really celebrate!

Jesus was hastily taken down and placed in a tomb (a cave). And on the third day (Sunday) the tomb was found opened -- Jesus had disappeared and then reappeared later to the disciples.

Lucifer -- now Satan --was in shock! He knew what had taken place. He couldn’t believe it. Jesus had risen from death. It was a stunning blow! He had lost his domain. Humanity was now under the ownership and care of GOD. Through expiation by His Son -- Jesus The Christ. Who now is the total fulfillment of the Promise of Salvation. He is the new Steward and Representative -- paying the ransom, for all of (lost) humanity. We had been bought and paid for (an Illustration of Old Testament Israel … freed by the actions of Moses -- an earlier type of the true Saviour).

God has allowed Satan to stay on during the interim of time until the return of The Christ to instigate the full transition of believers and establish the full Kingdom of God. During this interim period Satan will have a opportunity to sway us one way or another: to accept God’s gift of continuous relationship with Him -- the source of life; OR to disbelieve everything about God; to trust only in oneself.

And so, Why is Easter the most important day in history? Well think about! Do you think a benevolent God would leave us to fend for ourselves? No, He cares for all of His creations. His government is based on “Love.” Jesus (The Christ) is the full disclosure of God’s undying devotion to life and love -- emphasizing to all, of the importance of respect for one another.

Easter … is the most important day in human history!