“God's Wisdom  is Everywhere!”

By Pastor Jess Foglesong


We find our God wherever you look! You may be hiking along a mountain ridge; or perhaps driving along a very busy freeway -- anywhere … He is there -- like a movie camera following your every step. And this camera is on automatic setting … God does not rest; He does not put the camera down … no, He constantly has His eyes on you … as a matter of fact: He has His eyes on you; at the same time He has His eyes on every human being on this planet. He sees all of us! He is Omnipresent! He is an active , dynamic Being; very involved and concerned as to our well-being; our situation; our problems, as well as our security and fate.

Our Creator is on top of it all … at every moment of the time. He was there at the beginning (at the Bang: at the Point of Expansion of our Universe). He was there ensuring that the proper course of events (through the millennia) occur; that life eventually emerge to what it is today.

Wisdom: The Lord created me the beginning of his works, before all else that he made, long ago. Alone I was fashioned in times long past, at the beginning, long before earth itself. When there was yet no ocean I was born, no springs brimming with water. Before the mountains were settled in their place, long before t.........he hills I was born, when as yet he had made neither land nor lake nor the first clod of earth. When he set the heavens in place I was there, when he girdled the ocean with the horizon, whe he fixed the canopy of clouds overhead and set the springs of ocean firm in their place, when he prescribed its limits for the sea and knit together earth's foundations. Then I was at his side each day, his darling and delight, playing in his presence continually, playing on the earth, when he had finished it, while my delight was in mankind. Proverbs 8: 22--31

His "Wisdom" is in every molecule and atom; within every animate and inanimate object in the universe.  His intructions are imbeded in the smallest particles of life -- His face is hidden within the ever-so-present quantum world around us ... assuring that all life is stable; constantly warding off chaos.

We are not seeing the events of today as something that just “happened” … not at all. God was there at every step of the way: guiding, leading, instigating, directing, re-directing, instructing every aspect of our environment; our lives; our experiences; our ups and downs; our relationships; our outcomes. He is here “with us” today ……. He is here with us, just as He was “with” Noah, Abraham, Isaac Jacob, Moses, Joseph, King David, King Soloman -- and of course (His Son) Jesus: who became The Christ.

He was with them -- to ensure that one day in the future His one and only begotten son would lead the world of believers to His New Kingdom.

And He is ’With You’ … today … no matter what the circumstance. He will stand by you! He will stand by all of us. It is His promise: that He will stand by all of humanity -- no questions asked. He is “with us” … and not because we are a special bunch, but because we have been redeemed by one who is special … so special that he is now seated at His right side … the right side of an All-Sufficient God. A God who is loving, who is caring, who is benevolent, who is honorable, who is trust-worthy, who is righteous and divine, yet gracious and forgiving.

This ministry is all about revealing and disclosing our Creator, our God -- our one and only God! There is no other!