God is keeping an Eye on Us!

By Pastor Jess Foglesong


Do you think God is involved with world politics? Do you think He has a hand in guiding the outcome of a Presidential race; whether it is here in the USA, or any country? Does God really care how we govern our individual countries? Is He at all -- involved?

How are we to know what He thinks! Well, we don’t. What we do know, is what we have studied and read about in human history -- and especially, what we have read in the Bible. And of course, we will never, ever totally comprehend who He totally is and thinks about.

God’s character is constant. He sees everything all at once. He is omnipresent; He is everywhere at the same time. Therefore He has to deal with the “whole” --  as well as with one eye on the subjective.

So why would he want to focus on how we (humans) run our government? Well, I do believe that he does -- and is -- watching us at this moment. He has an eye on us, as illustrated by the eye of a fly: within the eye of a fly are thousands of little eyes that peer and gaze nearly 360 degrees (that’s why it’s very difficult to catch or swat the little buggers). God is keeping “an eye” on us … it is in His interest to watch and be involved in what we are up to; and has been from the beginning of (our) time. No doubt He has interceded at various moments to lead us in this or that direction -- mainly (in history) to ensure a redeemer (Jesus, The Christ).

But since that time (and by the way … a successful series of events), we are now within the interval of time, after the redemption; and before the restoration of the New Kingdom.

And so all that is happening to us now is merely leading up to the moment -- of His returning. And although in human terms: every day and every event is important, and seem totally relevant and meaningful … to God: it is a time of harvest; a time of maturing; a time of weeding out the good and the bad. It is a time for helping us make a decision to believe in the good -- in the Father; or (simply speaking) believe in only one’s self … and certainly, the devil will help you in that category.

The Character of God is unchanging. It is solid. It is ever steady. God is not emotional. He is not arbitrary, or unfair. He is who He is … and there is no other like Him.

Evil cannot exist in His presence! Although He works within the backdrop of evil … He constantly pushes and wards off the forces of evil; the darkness; chaos. And you can be sure that He is there, very close by, sheltering us from such intrusion.

And so … in such a tumultuous political year as we (here in America) are experiencing, some of us are intuitively recognizing that there seem to be forces out there that are pulling and pushing us in this and that direction. And we wonder if such unknown forces are coming from the good or the bad.

All we know is how we feel … and many of us are feeling and sensing an all out gravitation: The forces of good and evil are working full time … leading us down toward its preferred pathway. And I know that a multitude of us are praying that we are mature and sensible enough to know the difference between evil and goodness

We pray that God (our Father in heaven) keeps that one ‘eye’ on us, and hopefully finds it in His heart and reasoning to steer us toward Him -- toward the Light, toward the good … as we head into this election and a transition of a new era for America.

In God We Trust!