Choose God!

By Rev. Jess Foglesong

The universe is immensely vast and endless; one wonders how can there not be other intelligent life out there. Common sense suggest that amongst the billions of stars, there should be at least a hand full of “blue” planets just like ours? That no doubt, God has scattered many, many more, out there, just like us. What do you think?

Look at our planet. For thousands of years, the eastern hemisphere did not know the western hemisphere existed. No one dared to venture too far beyond the horizon, fearing the end of world -- falling over the edge. Until explores like Christopher Columbus, Magellan, and Leaf Erickson, had the audacity to travel the long distances, risking all the dangers of the unknown. But through their tenacity and adventurous spirit, they succeeded in discovering a new land; and with this strange geography: human beings: the Indians.

God created this wonderful, beautiful world and instilled in all, the will to seek and explore. And this desire to explore continues to fill the souls of many. Scientist eagerly search the heavens and the universe for signs of “life.” They argue that it is improbable that we are the only living beings, out of the vastness of space.

But so far … it looks like we are unique. No sign of life yet ... our “blue” planet is quite special. It is nearly perfect; perfectly balanced; and seemingly in perfect harmony.

Now many wonder how in the heck is this possible? What is keeping this balance -- in balance. It basically goes against the laws of physics and nature. They are perplexed as to why “chaos” has not consumed this perfect balance. They understand that given time, matter will eventually fall into disunity and disorder. But our universe, our solar system, and namely our earth has defied those theories; instead, we live in, basically, near perfect harmony with nature.. Like a well tuned engine, or a well calibrated watch.

Do you think God has anything to do with it? Yup! I happen to think so!  Without the intelligence of the watchmaker or the mechanic, the pieces eventually would fall apart; deteriorate, collapse.

And too, our earth would fall apart; deteriorate, collapse, disintegrate … all within a chaotic universe as well.

We are bound to our Creator. He is our life giver; our energy; our engine; our generator; our spark … It would be foolish not to think so! It would be arrogant to think otherwise! To think such thoughts would fall into the world of the original “fallen” angel: Satan (Lucifer), who still lurks and malingers through the souls of our lives, constantly trying to win us over to his side, persuading us (as he did with Adam and Eve) to see things his way: believe in oneself (only); that God is too arbitrary and vague. Satan's power is great, now, during this interim of time, but as the moments get closer to the onset of God’s New Kingdom, his power will deteriorate and finally in the end, will totally collapse into oblivion (a fiery furnace).

A decision must be made before that time. All have the “free will” to choose; to make a choice: either to choose your “self” (Satan’s choice); or to choose your true Father in heaven: The one and only God: who made you, and all that dwells around you -- including the entire universe.

So as we gaze up to the heavens and the millions of Stars, we should give thanks to His work, and most of all to His persistence ( His love, grace and goodness) in maintaining the balance of life, that we (human beings) require for existence.

Please, I recommend you to choose -- our God!  You have nothing to lose, but all to gain!