“God is the Ultimate Designer”

by Pastor Jess Foglesong


Some of our favorite TV shows are those on the TLC and HGTV channels: namely Trading Spaces, While you were out, Design on a Dime, Devine Design and many more. Great shows, all of which take a room that is very drab, or sometimes completely void of color or décor, and in just a day or two transforming it into something gorgeous and attractive.

A designer goes to school to learn the techniques of how to create, re-create and re-fashion a piece of space (a room, an area, a yard, a building); how to beautify, how to fill that space with viable objects and items. They learn the short-cuts and tricks-of-the-trade on how to stimulate and bring out the beauty and all the elements of a room, or space. It takes someone (of intelligence) to instigate a change, or bring out the dynamics of an object, or a space.

These designers are in a small way, an illustration of the Ultimate Designer: the Designer of our Universe; our Solar System; our Earth.

God created all of it! He took something out of nothing, and expanded it -- in an instant -- forming our universe. He watched it, as it developed, making subtle, or major changes -- as needed. Soon Life emerged: forming the foundations of all that we are today. When time came to move on to the next level, He intervened to either change it’s direction, or guide it toward a more perfect, harmonious flow.

Animal life soon developed into larger and larger species, so much so that something had to be done to “stop” it’s progress. God stepped in -- just at the right time -- with a thorough and total annihilation and extinction of all large species (Dinosaurs); ensuring the survival and eventual emergence of human kind -- His ultimate goal.

God (the Ultimate Designer) was busy at work from the start. He has been actively working and dynamically creating and re-creating -- through the millennia of time: Genesis 1 & 2: And the earth was without form, and void; and the darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. Genesis 3 & 4: And God said, Let there be Light: and there was Light. And God saw the Light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.

The Ultimate Designer literally had to create and re-create several times: after seeing that His design had taken wrong turns (or detours); He has been actively re-organizing and revamping this world, from the beginning, as needed.

One major event that caused a total disruption of life and -- frankly everything! Was Sin! I’ll bet you are thinking that it was Adam and Eve, causing the sinful thing? No … it was a spiritual being -- an Angel … an ex-angel now! Lucifer (an Arch-angel) that caused everything to halt; to stop; to cease! It was his disobedience; his ego … that got in the way; he wanted to be God himself.

And so, God had to redesign; re-create the world again -- from chaos; from something void of form and shape. God had to use His creative “mind” … intelligence; His knowledge … as our designers of today do (learned, knowledgeable people).

Our designers of today will go into a house that has been ram shackled, literally destroyed … take a look at it, and somehow come up with a plan ... to re-design,  to salvage; to re-create, to redeem what was damaged or lost … does that sound familiar? Yes, God (the Ultimate Designer) was faced with the same situation. He did not have to, but through His grace and forgiving nature and character, He chose to salvage us … and all of Life itself. Choosing to re-create and re-fashion everything that was lost -- due to Sin.

He recreated man-kind: Adam was the first. But, as we know, he failed; thanks to -- you guess it! The devil: Satan (aka: Lucifer). And there were many after Adam; until finally: came Jesus-- the Christ: The Son of God. The Ultimate Creator and Designer never let his guard down. He was there every step of the way: guiding humanity through generations and lineage … for the day when He Himself would interject Himself into the human stream, emerging as a man -- a God-Man: The Christ: the Disclosure of Himself; The Father (God).

So things just do not appear on there own, out of the blue; out of nothing. There must be a designer; a creator; a planner; a thinker; an instigator; an active, enthusiastic, dynamic architect, painter, artist, illustrator, plumber …. I could go on forever. Our creator is every job description known on earth: aside from the Ultimate Designer, He is the Ultimate doctor, lawyer, judge, businessman, care-giver, garbage-man, husband, you name it: we all illustrate Him (His Character) every day. We are made in His image! 

May God’s presence shine over you and yours ...