Why do we have Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Earthquakes, and Tsunami's?

by Rev. Jess Foglesong



You hear people say: why does God allow such devastation? Why do so many people have to die after a category 4 Hurricane sweeps a region; or why a slew of tornadoes ravish communities and towns? And powerful Earthquakes create seismic havoc in parts of the world. Why do we have to endure such terrible loss of life and property? It seems like it’s a never ending cycle of death and destruction. Why do we have such powerful forces that overcome us, and hundreds and even thousands perish?

A Huge Earthquake in the past few days devasted parts of Japan; triggering a Tsunami that ravaged the low lying region of the area, killing thousands.

Recently a Tornado devastated the Mississippi area. Lives were lost ... children included. Rescue and relief is in progress.  Prayers for the many families and to those still tryin to pull the pieces together. 

Again this is a real reminder and awareness of the fierce forces of "Nature." 

I have seen live coverage of a helicopter hovering high above in rural countryside; they were simply filming and observing approaching thunderstorms, and hoping to catch footage of funnel clouds dropping down. When out of a very deep, dark grey cloud one did form and eventually touched ground forming a snake-like vortex -- a Tornado! I eagerly watched this very evil, looking, long funnel cloud touch the earth, spinning and tearing what ever was in its way. I saw it skip over objects, then down again, grinding and devouring trees, fences, buildings, meandering across the terrain as if it had a mind of its own. It seem quite frightening! It was as if Mother Nature was cleaning and vacuuming; it was absolutely amazing to view and see the shear force of the weather.

And I asked myself: isn’t it interesting that our Creator has put in place such forces; forces that have been the process of earth’s weather from the beginning. Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Earthquakes are part of what make up our environment and climate. An Earthquake is part of what keeps this planet (earth) from totally breaking apart.  It needs to move, and stretch -- and give.  Unfortunately, when it stretches too much: many, who are in the wrong place -- perish or are injured.Another words, our earth would not function properly without these interactions of nature. These are release mechanisms: Energy within the atmosphere slowly builds up and has to be vented somehow, therefore the release of pure energy by these magnificent, awesome forces ensure that our earth maintain an equilibrium -- stability. This releasing of energy happens throughout the world, and in various ways and forms.

Unfortunately, we populate many of these regions and landscape. It would be nice to be able to predict when these forces would strike. To have time to get out of harms way … but for many in the world, it strikes without warning, without a sound or a whistle. Leading to total devastation and catastrophe: sometimes tens of thousands perish.

And, again, why does God allow such trepidation?

Well, it is not His wish that His beloved human beings perish -- in any manner! His desire for us is everlasting life; free of sickness, free of environmental devastation, free of having to face death. Our Creator’s wish is to have us live in peace and tranquility forever.

But due to original Sin, committed by one of His creations, that Utopia was put on hold.  Sin -- disobedience, alienation -- plunged the entire world (humanity) into chaos; we became castaways. We as human beings became completely lost; deleted from the planet. But because of His grace and forgiving nature, He devised a way to bring us back into relationship with Him. He re-created and re-fashioned all of life; our earth; our entire universe, in-order that we may have a place to dwell -- although tainted -- as functional human beings.

And so through time (millions of earth years), we have come to where we are able to exist, and function somewhat harmoniously -- although we are continually hampered and affected by the burden of the great forces of nature. At times unable to withstand the devastation and death toll that comes with it. We are part of an incomplete nature; a realm or sphere that is fractured by the presence of evil. And now we exist within a combination of the darkness and the light -- the light of God; the light of the life-giver.

The day will arrive when all of life will be eternal. Where relationship with the father is constant and personal -- as it is with the Angels. God will bring us home to a place where there will be no death and destruction -- from Hurricanes, Tornadoes and Earthquakes. His presence is confirmed, again,  by His light -- which greets us every day. When you open your eyes each morning you see God, you see Him in every living thing; and (I might add) in every inanimate thing. As the ultimate life-giver, without His presence -- there is “nothing.” There is chaos; there is darkness.

So thank heavens -- lucky us -- that we are blessed with a gracious and benevolent leader of the universe (and beyond).  And that we can always count on Him -- no matter what. All we have to do is? Believe in Him; believe in His presence; believe in His plan for us.