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Sometimes God expresses His displeasure and objection of a Nation due to its policies, including allowing for the killing of the innocent in the womb ... and a number of other blasphemous and arrogant actions ... by allowing natural catastrophes to occur or materialize ..... He is trying to alert us to turn toward him; to stop what we are doing; to follow His moral law for mankind. Indeed there are consequences for a Nation's misdeeds! Regardless, we need to pray for all the victims and families of these catastrophes ... in Christ Jesus name, Amen!



We just don't learn from history ........... many Nations and cultures have become extinct, and many more have simply vanished! God is thee Force in the universe -- the Supreme Creator of all. He indeed is the foundation this Nation ............but we as a people choose to Put Him aside, consider Him irrelevant, ... Therefore He obliges us, by allowing us to wallow in our own pity and misery. We have completely disowned our maker and Life-giver .... Stupidity is our first name; foolish we are ....... and how undeserving it is, if God, The Father sees a spark in our brashness ... and decides to throw in an outsider; an unbridled, unqualified human being to lead this broken Nation back to the main camp; back to redeemability, and good standings. It seems He may have thrown in a wild card -- even, a Trump card! And therefore we who believe .... have high hopes that the sound of the Trumpets will guide us back to the triumphant golden gates of the winners circle. Our fingers are crossed as we pray ...... Amen, in Jesus name!


Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. .... ..... So true; as our love (and many of you), have endured through the years!

Behind the Cross of Christ Jesus is The Light of God ...
... and he lives in light so brilliant that no human can approach him. ... and say, I live for ever. ... 1 Timothy 6:16
But He came to earth in His Son, the Christ Jesus, to touch all of us ..... and to announce His Grace, in giving us ''freedom" through a sacrificial Lamb ..... in paying a ransom. God is indeed in Control! (photo by Pastor J Foglesong)


Freedom and Rights under God!
Like the Israelites crossing the Jordon River and settling in the Land of Promise ... I suggest that this Land -- America -- is as well a Land of Promise; given to all Peoples, to live without tyranny, to live free of strife and despair -- a Land of Hope and Individual rights ... a Land that encourages people everywhere to find their dreams and aspirations; a Land inspired and blessed by God ... and because we have now put Him second, choosing instead to idolize ourselves ,,, we as a nation need to pray that He does not shut us out ... that we can return back to Him ... to look to Him for strength -- to again: Put Him (God) First!

God ... lives in light so brilliant that no human can approach him. ... and says, I live for ever. ... 1 Timothy 6:16 But He came to earth in His Son, the Christ Jesus, to touch all of us ..... and to announce His Grace, in giving us ''freedom" through a sacrificial Lamb ..... in paying a ransom. God is indeed in Control! (photo by Pastor J Foglesong)
What if ........ God is behind this! In history -- has He chosen perfect people to lead? No! All were flawed ...... He ordains people for leadership, either to punish the nation as a consequence; or to raise them up and turn them back to Him: ie, Obama (consequence) ..... and now -- perhaps -- Trump, making him (the unqualified), to become qualified to lead this (His) nation back to putting Him First ....... Always look at the character of God .... inorder to come to a conclusion! Would you have voted for Saul, who became Paul? My take ......!!!
I  have read the "Q" ... and trust me, they have taken the Bible and distorted its meaning and Truth to fit their template and thinking -- even to the point as to declare that Jesus is muslim. In the book he is the "messenger" from God (they call -- Allah). Inorder to understand Islam, a muslim should read the Old and New Testament of the Bible .... most have not, therefore they distort and draw diabolical conclusions! Exactly what evil desires!
He came and indeed accomplished his work ...  mankind (you and me) were enslaved by the cunning power of evil (Satan); but the Father in heaven came to earth, formed in the womb, born as the Christ-child ... grew up to be our Champion, Savior, Representative, Redeemer, Kinsman ...... and now dwells in the house of his Father ....... and soon will return to take his bride (multitude of believers) home to everlasting peace!  And so this and every Christmas We give thanks for his gift of Life!
God the Father, thank you for your Grace in coming to earth as an embryo, a fetus, and as a Christ-Child ... to becoming the Messiah--a God-Man--as the Christ Jesus ... to sacrifice yourself as the Sacrificial Lamb, to redeem mankind, by paying the ransom with your Blood, by dying on a wooden Cross. We give thanks for your patience and generocity in salvaging the human race from slavery under the tyranical grip of Satan; we thank you for the gift of eternal Life; enabling those of us who choose to accept your offer to take the hand of your Son--The Bridegroom--to a celebration of everlasting life, as the Bride, taken across the threshold into heaven ... to be presented to you -- the All-Supreme, Creator and Father of all!
We all have been convicted and will to face the penalty of death ...... unless we repent of our sins and come to the Christ Jesus .... it is a choice! Unfortunately abortion is Satan's way to annihilate the human race at its core--in the womb. It indeed is abhorrent in God's eyes; and a Nation that allows such actions as policy is or will face repercussion and consequences! We need to view all of life from God's point of view ...... and with assistance from His Holy Spirit ... we can!
Of all people, he should know and discern that it is God that controls and manages our planet! It is Him that regulates all aspects of climate and weather ... the Pope's focus should be to encourage the human race to turn back to The God of the universe!  It is the only way to "save" mankind ... through His Son, The Christ Jesus!
The answer (if the black community has not looked into it) is inThe Gospel of Christ! Slavery and being downtroddened, or being separated, looked on as being on the outside of the family of humanity was the tactic of evil -- ie, Satan! But God decided to interject himself into human stream (into the problem), to pay the ransom; to Free human kind from a diabolical tyrant; to Free us (you and me) from total, eternal slavery to be sentenced to death! But a redeemer (Christ Jesus) challenged Satan's authority and won .... through his sacrificial death and Resurrection defeated the prince of Darkness -- forever! Therefore the "Slavery" in America's history and the feeling of being downtroddened is an illustration of OUR (mankind's) former situation (being enslaved). We (all of us -- no matter what color or race) should be celebrating our Liberty, our Freedom! Our non-slavery Status!!! Accept His (God's grace) gift of Life ... indeed it is everlasting!!!
.... Concerning the POTUS asking S.C. to take down all Crosses!
Excuse me! You say you're a Christian? .......... God (The True God) is listening! The symbol of the "Cross" is the true (the ultimate) ... freedom from "Slavery" ... the Slavery that Satan had over mankind! Jesus sacrificed himself by dying on a "cross" that defeated the Prince of Darkness, by paying the "ransom" with his blood! The "Cross" is the true symbol of "Freedom" ............... slavery on earth is indeed an illustration of that ultimate "slavery." It has always been a "spiritual" matter ...................... larger than anything on earth!
Satan has been subtle for years since he killed 6 million Jews in WWII, and a million or two after America left Southeast Asia .... but he is back with a ferocity in the name of ISIS .... killing at will ... totally ignoring the Will of God; but knowing his demise at the end of the age .... at the hands of The Son of God: he will suffer total banishment into the searing abyss of Fire! And his followers will ........ face the same demise!
Now where have we as believers heard or read this before?  Of course: the immaculate birth of the Christ Jesus!  And we ask ourselves, why did God send His one and only son, Jesus, to earth and be conceived via "immaculate conception?"   Well, may I suggest that ... just as He (God) illustrates with many species of animals, birds and fish that are on the road to extinction; we too (the human race) was as well on the road to extinction due to the original sin of Satan, causing sin in Adam and Eve.  We as human beings were doomed!  But God remembered us ... and did something about it, by imposing His will to save all of us -- you and me!  There had to be a way -- a spiritual way ... yes a virgin birth, to bring forth a redeemer, a savior, a guarantee...  to perpetuate the human race; giving them (us) a "choice" to continue to live (in Christ) ..... or indeed become "extinct" in following another (Satan); who does know his demise.  Illustrations of the Character of God and His Gospel are displayed throughout Nature ....... simply open your eyes!  The Face of God is everywhere! (Rev-JKF)
God is neither ....... but He does recognize the masculine and the femine, therefore The Christ Jesus is called "The Bridegroom" and the entire "human race" is called the woman -- the Bride! And when we take His hand to enter heaven, we become "One" in Christ --- to live happily and comfortably in heaven -- eternally! (Rev-JKF)  Referring to God as “He” makes women feel “less Christian”?“If we continue to address our worship to an almost exclusively male God then we are failing God, because God is so much more than anybody can ever understand.”
Babies at conception are automatically covered by the sacrificial death and Resurrection of Christ ...... of whom himself also was an unborn embryo, and fetus: Jesus said: when you see a child (including the unborn ) you see me ... and when you see me you see The Father!
The Church -- no matter what denomination -- is to lead the "lost" (which includes homosexuals) to The Christ Jesus for cleansing, and not compromise the "will" of God; inorder to enter the gates of heaven ... and without the "Key" to paradise, it is imposible! Christ died only "Once" for mankind's sins ... and therefore He ask us (you and me) -- and Homosexuals -- to stop; and GO and Sin NO MORE! Christ will not die over and over again for our sins ............... once we understand the Gospel and the Truth, it is time to make a choice: Life or death; and there is life only in The Christ Jesus -- our representative and mediator in the presence of God The Father. Marriage is between Man and Woman ............. just as the marriage between the Christ Jesus (The Groom) and human Kind (the Bride)!!! God bless!
These are "Pure Evil" on the loose ........................ the free world has the responsibility of stopping them abuse and kill innocent men, women and children!  It's an obligation as human beings! But it seems like our regime and other European nations have turned to Isolationism!  Well, it'll bite them all in the "ass" in due time!  We only have one earth, and therefore we must stand up and defeat "Pure Evil" when we see it!!! God has defeated it spiritually ...... in Christ Jesus ... but we must ask for His strength to rid of these human (if you want to call them human) disciples of Satan --- indeed, it is imperative!!
Many Soldiers actually find God in the Military ......................... He pursues you no matter where you are! The Separation of Church from State (or in this case) the military is ludicrous; if you noticed: it is: Separation of church "from" incursion by state ... not "and" state ..... therefore the State or Military should keep their "hands" off of a person of "faith" .... allow all to pursue ones faith! A person of faith should have the "freewill" to pronounce his appreciation to his one and only God --- through His Son, The Christ Jesus!
Isis is pure evil ...... created by the forces of evil ... to fill a vacuum; it is an Anti-Christian movement directed by a diabolic, tyranical Prince of Darkness ... it's not just a literal matter; it is indeed a spiritual matter as well! It is an arena of War ... and when we let our guard down by turning away from our maker -- God --we suffer the consequences! But indeed we as believers in Christ Jesus already know the outcome: Evil loses! And we know they are desperate in these last days, and have increased the hatred, by killing everyone that opposes their belief and ideology. They will not stop in the region ... they will spread into many countries -- including America! We have roots in Christianity, inspired by God ... and through His strength has given the American people and leaders a responsinility to stand strong, to stand up for freedom and liberty ... and to help nations to help themselves ... to be independent and strong. In the case of Iraq:we abandoned them, and literally created a vacuum for evil forces to fill. Good must stand strong ..... no matter how long it takes!
Jesus always spoke in terms that humans may not understand: When He spoke of the "poor" .... He indeed meant spiritually poor; rather than monetarily. The poor are you and me -- the entire human race. And if it wasn't for Him -- the Redeemer, The Christ, our Mediator ... we would never acquire the richness of heaven. Islam and evidently the POTUS, also does not grasp this truth -- which comes from Faith and belief in the Holy Spirit! Rev-JKF
God -- the Father of Jesus -- has no qualms with none believers who defame his name; it's been done throughout history. Through His Grace, He gives people the space to protest or make a definitive choice to accept his gift -- or ignore it! Here in America, a Nation founded by God, Freedom to speak your mind is a "right" under article one of the Constitution ... and if it is known, in advance, that harm was to come to a people, or group; indeed, a warning should have been implemented ... to take cover, of eminent danger. We all step into danger daily, simply by driving our cars, or fly on a plane ... life is not a guarantee. The only guarantee, of everlasting life is, indeed, through the Son of God -- the Christ Jesus of Nazareth!
Life is a gamble ... one can be on top of the hill, and in the valley the next moment; but one can be positive that when you put all of your bet, your chips, your "money" ... your soul ... on a sure thing: a guarantor , a winner ...... one can't lose ... you can take it to the bank! Put it all on your Kinsmen Redeemer ..... The Christ Jesus!
I'm sorry .... you were formed by someone outside of your world;  a Creator of all; the God of the Universe!   Your arrogance and your self-serving righteousness .... who idolize your given body, will not survive through the turmoils of the last days.  He who made you, owns your body .... and one day will come back to reclaim it .... so prepare, and ask for the good news -- That The Christ Jesus died on the Cross .... paid your body's ransom; inorder for you to live on ... eternally in peace with angels! Amen!
Love (even romantic love) is an illustration of His true love for the human race ... threrefore when you do "fall" in love with God -- through His Son, The Christ -- it is a relationship that will last forever and ever!
Here on earth -- Anything goes!  You have a free will to choose whomever partner, no matter ... another man or woman!  We live in a fragmented, sinful world.  but mind you that when the moment comes to be transformed into a heavenly being (like The Christ); you would have had the "information" and time to make a decision to come to Christ and accept His "gift" of everlasting Life ... by stopping what you had be doing ... understanding that we as human beings are "The Bride of Christ" .... the marriage between humans will be abolished forever; we will become "ONE" in Christ .............. the true Bridegroom will take our hand in a heavenly marriage, to dwell forever and ever.  The illustration is -- here on earth -- the marriage of a man and a woman ... not a man and man or woman and woman!  Yes, from God's point of view ..... same-sex marriage (or relationship) is sinful and needs to be cleansed by repentence to the Christ Jesus .... through His Holy Spirit! He calls you ...... He wants you to live ....... He is waiting for your decision to join the Wedding Party ... of the true marriage! 
What a bunch of bull! The arrogance of "man" to think that we can affect the "climate" and the fate of planet earth..... disregarding the presence of God, who created all that we see and feel; who is in Charge and is indeed completely managing our environment and climate on the Earth we live on! He alone is running the show ... we are miniscule in the immense scheme of the universe; only He can decide the fate of this planet ... only He can decide the fate of mankind (you and me); God is in Control ...... your job is to accept His Gift -- of life, through His Son ... The Christ!
And no one seems to understand that "Climate Change" cannot be regulated by Man .... it is totally managed by the Creator! It is indeed an insult and idolatry that we (human beings) can influence earth's climate; totally playing god and asking for consequences .... total arrogance and self righteous! The resources (Fossil fuel-- Oil, Natural gas, Coal, Nuclear, etc.) are gifts, given to mankind for day to day use ........ and yes, it is an insult to turn our backs to Him ..... choosing instead to usurp the will and purpose of God!
Isis is indeed a long shoot stemming from Ishmael (Abraham's illegitimate son) ... a shoot that proliferated into the Arab race and nations; Moslem or Muslim religion .... .... Hundreds of years after the Victory of The Christ Jesus over Satan, a branch emerged to take the words of the Torah (the Old Testament) and twisting it diabolically to fit their agenda and ideology ... to satisfy the pure evil: prince of Darkness .... after being severly wounded at the Cross/Resurrection event!  He is desperate in his final days on planet earth and won't be satisfied until he takes as many as he can to the gates of the Abyss -- his final resting place (along with the multitude of his followers ........... including: ISIS)!!!!!!!
August 25, 2014

Napa City Earthquake, 6.0, 3:20 AM - 8/24, 2014: After spending a few minutes digging the camera out of the bottom of a pile of books and paperwork .... after being abruptly woken up by the huge crashing sounds and movements of this 6.0 Earthquake here in downtown Napa City, Ca. .... took just a few pictures of the mess; then later in the Sunday ..... one of the MH down the street caught fire after the "Transformers" blew .... taking out power for the park for the next 24 hours, until this morning at exactly 24 hours later of the time of the "earthquake" -- 3:20 AM, woke Karen up when she felt the fan turn on. No Structural damage to the home; but we did lose both 32" and 42" flat screen TV sets -- thank heavens the 60" TV did not fall over (maybe that's why they call it a "Smart TV") ...?? Back to normal today .... just cleaning; of course preparing for the impending "after-shocks" -- supposed to be around 5.0 or so! Rev. Jess
Most of all .... indeed as well invisible, there is, a border to enter Heaven!  Acceptance of His gift is mandatory ... His gift was to die for your sins and inequities!  Even to enter the gates of Heaven ..... one must come to him to ask him to represent you in the presence of God (the Life-giver, and the Law-giver).  The world cannot be runned by fools, who manipulate the populous ... who only have themselves in mind;  who use the innocent to gain power and status.  One MUST see the evil that undermine the multitude ...... their tool always lead to despair and eventual ruination and death!  Every country has borders ...... we respect their sovereignty, just as much as we expect others to respect ours!  This country has been a beacon of light for many throughout the world .... a million are admitted "legally" each year under the legislative laws of the land.  But through unscrupulous, undermining, ideological, progressivism and socialistic maneuvers, inciting chaos, as well as haphazard conditions ... they have made a mockary out of the Constituion of United States .... creating tyranny and lawlessness!  America is a Nation in jeopardy .... no doubt due to arrogance and the disregard for the innocent (including the defenseless in the womb), and the disdain of the word of God!  What we are experiencing is a decline of what was once a Nation Under God ... but as our former POTUS (Reagan) said: We are a Nation that has gone under!  And it is time to Turn back to Him ..... by Putting God First!
Yes ... to satisfy their evil Prince of the Darkness!  We see their ploy and deceit as plain as Day!  Our strength comes from above ......... and We know the outcome:  The Arena of War was won at the Cross and Resurrection!  Their time is short.... they are desperate -- knowing their demise!
Same sex marriages could -- and should -- be a problem though, if you are one not to compromise your belief in the Gospel of Christ; in following the knowledge and truth given to you by the Holy Spirit!
 Although Christ gave us Freedom from Satan's slavery ...... we are still experiencing the final days of his influence on mankind ... and we have the power to expose him for his diabolical, murderous ways --- our strength comes from above!
Dogs carry the unconditional love of The Father ....... you see it in their eyes, in their loyalty, in their pure devotion to their master and family .... something that I think God wants us to learn from them: His eternal love for his children! Dogs may be in another form in heaven -- certainly they stand for angelic love!
We are not to judge a man or a woman's preferences (ie, orientation), but it does not mean we should advertise, encourage, foster, or promote such behavior by compromising our spiritual, biblical beliefs. God is emphatic that all must come... to His son for cleansing; but inorder for us to do so, we must accept his gift of life; that is, his sacrificial death to free us (you and me) from the hands and grip of the prince of darkness. Our job is to advise, lead, and teach the loss souls to come to the Son .... as He is the only Way; the Key to eternal life! Unless we turn back to God the father ...... our Nation will decline! Our strength can only come from above!
How sad this is ....... one is kept at a higher standard in the eyes of the Lord .... but for some, it is a facade, a deceptive appearance to gain personal satisfaction; but they can't deceive the Father in heaven! They will pay the price of man's law, and in turn must repent in the name of the Christ Jesus ... for him to stand before the throne of God, in your name! The standard is higher ...... in His eyes!
Lucifer (Satan) accomplished the identical thing in heaven, and for that was banished to the planet earth ................ and now he's influenced his earthly followers to do it over and over again --- and now the latest Nation: America!
God allows the influence of evil to deteriorate and diminish a Nation as a consequnce for not standing up for Truth and Justice, Integrity and Honor as it was when the Founding Fathers initiated its beginnings, through inspiration and provi...dence by building a country (America) under the grace and love of God, The Father -- through His Son, the Christ Jesus to be a beacon of Freedom for ALL!!!!! American needs to turn back to -- God, for healing!
Allegiance and Faith in God ..... gives us the strength to fight for Freedom, Justice and Integrity .... as the Founding Fathers intended!
Like Israel crossing the Jordan and given the Land of Milk and Honey ........ Christians crossed the great Waters of the Atlantic to colonize a New World, to form an exceptional and great Country .... inspired by the God of the Universe! Let's keep it One Nation Under God!
"Many just don't realize: it's only a temporary world! We are renters, and the Landlord will soon come to vacate it ! Ready for the Castle? Indeed !"
----- Rev. Rev-Jess K Foglesong
Mar. 7, 2014
What would the world be like if God did not salvage the human race? Thanks to His grace ... He sent His one and only Son: The Christ, Jesus as a sacrifice of payment with his blood for the ransom demanded by Satan .... we have been Freed .... do many know this?
Feb. 13, 2014
There are "millions" of these (telephone poles) all across the nation and the globe! They can't get away from it!!! It is the most practical way to hold up things like "power lines" .......... next, they will sue the "letter T" in the English Alphabet! Blessings to all! The Cross indeed is the most important event in human history .... symbolizing pure Freedom -- in The Christ, Jesus!
Feb 12, 2014
Christians will always be persecuted; many with their lives ... but here in the land of the free, other methods are implemented (tools of the devil) ........ no matter, we ALL know who wins in the end! Receive the discernment of the truth, from the holy spirit -- through Christ!
Feb. 11, 2014
God is not inconsistant .......... He is trustworthy and true to His word ... and if you discern and understand His character, you too will have the exact same stand! Just because you are a flawed human being does not allow you the freedom... to waiver in your belief ..... there is NO gray area! The Christ has come to earth to cover your iniquities ...... and ask you to go and sin no more! Do it ..... and live! Don't do it ....... and die! Thou shall NOT Kill ...... 56 million have been killed --- for convenience! It is a Cancer in the world; in this Nation ...... it needs to STOP!
May 6, 2014
Like Israel crossing the Jordan and given the Land of Milk and Honey ........ Christians crossed the great Waters of the Atlantic to colonize a New World, to form an exceptional and great Country .... inspired by the God of the Universe! Let's keep it One Nation Under God!
Feb, 22, 2014
I would like to personally welcome you today, no matter where in the world you are ... whether in a small village in Australia or Africa; in the rural countryside of Russia or India; or here in one of the many cities of the United States of... America. God has propagated through His wisdom a way to spread His "word" without leaving the confines of our homes -- in the World Wide Web! And so as a minister of His word, I--instinctively, and with allegiance--am following His direction in proclaiming the gospel of Christ to you and as many as possible, throughout the entire world. And I hope you and your family will benefit from this Church website, that you may discern and understand the true character of God, and know how important the "gospel" of His Son, The Christ Jesus is to all of us. It is a matter of Life and Death. Blessings to you and yours .... please stop in when you need answers and prayers .... God is always with you! Rev. Jess .......
Feb. 10, 2014
Reinforcing the truth of His presence in history ....... the crossroad, the interceding moment of mankind's salvation from castaway status ... to redeemed -- by God's grace ... in The Christ, Jesus of Nazareth!
Feb. 4, 2014
God is the true Steward of this world. He is In Control! He proclaims: There is no other God: the I am, and I Will be, and Always Will be. It is my Will!
Jan. 30, 2014
Israel ... although through the centuries, in many occasions have disobeyed, and even usurped the Laws and the will of God; but no matter their demise, because of the allegiance of their forefathers they still remain the apple of God's eyes... ... so whether America come to their aid or not -- they will survive; and the day will come when God, The Father will bring "discernment" and full knowlege of their place --- in the Kingdom of Heaven! 
Jan. 3, 2014
… This earth, this planet was created by God … and it is maintained and managed by God … He is the true Steward of this world. He is “In Control!” Let’s not fool our selves. God does not appreciate anyone pretending to be Him!
Dec. 9, 2013
The "Environment" (including "global warming") is controlled and manitained by God, and no one else! Mankind continue to play a deadly game of wanting to be "God" ........ controlling everything they touch! It is the devil's desire to control you and the world you live in. Deny his efforts!
Dec. 8, 2013:
Time is not an issue in God's realm ................... you and I have already arrived in heaven; He has already greeted us through His Son, The Christ Jesus! Although we must have patience, in waiting for that moment in time; and it is in our extreme interest to ensure that we stay on the path to glory! Amen!
Nov. 27, 2013:
On this Thanksgiving ...... we thank God for the multitude of "gifts" that He has bestowed upon us: His children, his offspring, his marvelous creation: human kind.  It behooves us to turn back to Him and to thank Him for His presence; for His light; for His decision to redeem us from slavery; from Satan's iron grip ...... and thank Him for interceding into human life as the Christ-Child: Jesus of Nazareth; as our Kinsman Redeemer and Representative .... covering all of our sins and iniquities, in your presence -- in heaven!  We give thanks!  
Nov. 22, 2013: 
Yes, I think everyone should at least once, methodically read through the Bible to discover the true character of God ...... even the tedious repetitive parts; to see that He does not change or compromise ..... but can find a Way to solve p...roblems without breaking His own laws and commands; to see how His Grace comes in to play -- in introducing His Son, at the right time, defeating the accuser .... vindicating Himself, at the same time freeing mankind from the bondage of slavery from Satan ....... Yes, it's all there --- an Awesome Book!See More
Oct.23, 2013:
Jesus preached for the poor not because they were monetarily poor, but because they were spiritually poor; they could have been "rich" ... but indeed poor at heart, spiritually, needing to discern the truth, the true character of his Father.... The killing of the innocent was and still is today never right in God's eyes .... just as it is not morally right to flail in homosexuality. Jesus's message was--and is today--that if you have dwelled in these activities that you can come to him; accept his gift of everlasting life -- through his sacrifice in your name; you and all who come to him have been freed from the slavery of sin, brought upon by evil (Satan). Jesus is: all that you are: a sinner, a murderer, a homosexual, a liar .... and much more! He covers whom and what you are ..... take his gift, and move on to a higher level -- guaranteed and promised for all!
Oct. 8, 2013:
Biblically .... marriage here on earth symbolizes and illustrates the marriage of human kind (woman), and God (through Christ, Jesus) as the Bride-groom (man)! That is why illustrating a marriage between two men or two women will never, ever work ..... it is an abomination .... in God's eyes! The Bride-groom (Christ) will not meet and accept them at heaven's gate! ....... here on earth, though ... anything goes! But NOT in heaven!
October 7, 2013:
Abortion is a recapitulation of the genuine, true sacrifice of the Lamb--The Christ, Jesus! Killing the child in the womb is the antithesis of the sacrificial, innocent lamb .... who defeated death, rising as the Christ, now seated on the right side of the Father in heaven! And through the blood of The Christ, the child in the womb, in death will (as well) will rise -- to live with angels, forever!
August 28, 2013;
Osteen has misinterpreted the Apostles ....... choosing to side with the Prince of Darkness ...... the Apostles (including Paul) received their instructions directly from God's spirit (Holy Spirit) ...... who does not compromise righteousness in any condition. The sins of man, yes, was (is) covered by the death and resurrection of The Christ, Jesus for all ..... inorder to stand before the Father -- in heaven. Acceptance of His gift is crucial ..... then "turn" or stop what you are doing; make an effort live a "good" life,; yes ... repent! Jesus died only once for "our" sins ....... he will not die many more times simply because we continue to fail to commit to what is natural in God's eyes! God is adamant in His character, and will not change; He was the same thousands of years ago as He is today! The Apostles had it right ....... we can only come to Him through the Son, The Christ; Only He can be your iniquity ....... your homosexuality (if you will); paid for with His blood! In full!!!!!!!!!
August 20, 2013:
"Many books can inform you ...... the Bible can transform you" ............Trust me ...... it does exactly that! Christ's witnesses were His apostles; if anything read their words! They received--directly from the holy spirit--the knowledge and truth of God's plan and character, through the mediatory leadership of The Christ, Jesus!
August 5, 2013:
Wow ..... what a slap in the face! What about the Pope ...... is he a false teacher too? Only God knows ........ and will settle it on the day of reckoning! We are all saints! We all carry a burden -- to our selves and for our fellow man ....... and for the children!
August 4, 2013:
We all play the odds daily ......... we enjoy life, and try to be the best we can; but also know that The Shark always lurks nearby devouring many at his leisure ...... every morning, as we start the day we are thankful, and no matter what, eagerly ready to take up the challenges ...... in a dynamic world!
August 3, 2013:
This is so abhorrent in God's eye ..... that those nations that have implemented this kind of practice (including the taking of the child in the womb) are now extinct! Have abruptly disappeared ....... Incas, Mayans, Aztecs, Minoans, Caananites and more .... America have better wise up! You don't kill your children! ..... !!!!!!!!!
August 3, 2013:
God does not compromise with evil ........ you and I won't (I'm sure) .... and we know that these two won't either! True conservatives need to emerge and take charge ...... with God's assistance --- this will take place!
August 3, 2013:
Look for him ....... His spirit is nearby, take His hand! YOU, WE all .... are the Apostle Peter!
(So Peter went over the side of the boat and walked on the water toward Jesus. But when he saw the strong wind and the waves, he was terrified and began to sink. “Save me, Lord!” he shouted.
Jesus immediately reached out and grabbed him. “You have so l
ittle faith,” Jesus said. “Why did you doubt me?”
When they climbed back into the boat, the wind stopped. Then the disciples worshiped him. “You really are the Son of God!” they exclaimed. Matthew 14:22-33)
August 2, 2013:
(Sad commentary on American and human ignorance ... of preserving and protecting their own kind --- the innocent, precious, God created and owned human child)!

14 week old baby aborted and rescued from the trash heep. Lord Have Mercy on us for our wicked wicked ways. God has a charge against us -- the church
August 2, 2013;
No doubt God created pre-human beings nearly 200,000 years ago as part of the process of introducing mankind to planet earth........ but it was not until very recent (just a few thousand years) before He infused in humans, the "Nashama" (He...brew: the human soul) giving them the moral choice; the freewill, to live a life with choices; to choose one God or false gods. God also gave them the ability to realize that they were created by someone or something greater then themselves.

August 3, 2013:
Creating earnest work ethics, strength in character, strong economy, superior nation .... belief in God ............ where we (The People) receive the strength to persevere and pursue freedom and liberty!
August 3, 2013:
Didn't you know that God is the ultimate Politician? He is the POTU & heaven!!! President of the Universe & heaven .... His VP (and chief defender) is The Christ; His cabinet are angels and His congress is the Holy Spirit! We the people of... earth are whom He cherishes and will defend to the end! And The devil is the prosecutor ......... fortunately, as we know ... lost his case at the cross! And now is strictly all "politics" until he is sentenced ... soon!
August 2, 2013:
The Apostles were given the knowledge and truth ...... they received inspiriation and instructions directly from the holy spirit as to the status of the world. And it has not changed ................ everything you see, is temporary! Like... living in a rented house! Someone else (The Christ) has paid and purchased a new home for you and is preparing it for your move-in day ---- soon! Oh, you don't need to take anything ..... it will be fully furnished! God bless you!
August 1, 2013:
God's character is reflected in whatever we do ...... Doctors illustrate God's healing wisdom, and re-creative powers. And when a doctor chooses to take a living, innocent human being, whether he knows it or not ... violates the calling and the oath of honor to heal and to be the best he can to extend human life as part of the moral law of God!!! Unfortunately ..... evil is at large and does influence our behavior as well!
July 30, 3013:
I pray to God to stop this madness ....... the interim time that you have allowed evil (satan) to have is taking a huge toll on humanity ........ many are suffering; the precious innocent are dying ...... in the millions. I ask you to intercede, somehow, in your own wisdom. Through your son, The Christ, Jesus of Nazareth! Amen!
July 30, 2013:
A pope should not judge, but he can pass on instructions from the spirit of one's demise. And therefore can elaborate The Way to redeem one self -- through a redeemer: The Christ, Jesus!
July 29, 2013:
That last important journey!
An Eagle after 40 years will fly to the highest peak or mountain; there she will lose her beak (needed to survive, but due to its extreme curvature becomes useless), by growing (receiving) a new one ..... her to live another 30 more years, for a full life-time of 70 years! God illustrates this in nature, pointing to our own lives ... of the valleys and mountains we need to climb, in order for us to go on ..... to reach our potential. To find that last, important journey ...... to find the face, the spirit of God!
July 29, 2013:
The Devil thinks he has control over death; actually he lost control at the cross!  We live in Christ ... who died in our place; we died with him at the cross, and rose with him on the third day!  We (like Christ) cannot die twice, but will live on, no matter what the devil has in store for us!  But inorder to be included in God's plan and life everlasting .... one (you) must accept his gift of "life" ... it is free; accept it and "sin" no more ... receive the holy spirit when you do!  Life is precious!
July 26, 2013: "Desmond Tutu Would Prefer Hell Over A Homophobic Heaven"
This man (TuTu) evidently did not receive the knowledge and the truth from the spirit regarding what heaven is: Earth (sin), heaven (pure, sinless); earth (anything goes); heaven (righteous, love, oneness, allegiant, harmony .....) under God! This man's demise is very shacky .... unless he repents before The Christ, Jesus!
Matthew 22: 29 ..... "At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven. 31 But about the resurrection of the dead—have you not read what God said to you, 32 ‘I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob’[b]? He is not the God of the dead but of the living.”
July 26, 2013:
The true meaning of marriage is to be "One" with God; as illustrated here on earth as being "one" in man and woman. Like electrons in nature: the positive and the negative are in hamony working together bringing energy, light and life; on the other hand two negatives or two positives do not produce anything, lifeless, darkness, void and disarray ............ as in man and man or woman and woman. This is God's view ..... how He see us!
July 25, 2013:
Like Hitler; Like Stalin; Like Pol Pot; Like Caanan; Like the Mayans; Like evil (Satan himself) ........ our nation by allowing this carnage is no different! God will not ignore this abomination! Expect repercussions!
July 24, 2013:
Idolizing the environment ...... worhsipping everything "green" is arrogance, in the refusal to accept the natural "gifts" provided directly from The Creator (God) ..... such as Oil, Coal, Natural Gas and many other products..... instead relying on alternative "green" energy ..... which in the long run -- is futile and foolish! .... and a slap to the face of God!!!
July 24, 2013:
You can be religious and not be spiritual ..... but you can certainly not be a Chaplain and not be spiritual! You are allegiant ...... to a spiritual God, and therefore receive instructions from the spirit --- who is Holy!
July 23, 2013:
 Allegiance to God is paramount ....... He has given us the knowledge and truth through His spirit ... to follow His commandments (under His grace) -- not man's laws and persuasions!
July 23, 2013:
Treat your neighbors as you would want them to treat you ............. with love and respect! Characteristics of God, The Father! 
Spiritual Armor is ironclad ....... through the Commander: The Christ, Jesus of Nazareth!!!
July 22, 2013:
The Irish see the importance of protecting the developing child in the womb ..... We as a nation must see the Light .... and change our ways on abortion! God wants us to mature!
July 22, 2013:
I carried a "gun" (a weapon) in the military; and later as a police officer to protect my self from the aggressors, the enemy ..... as well as protecting my buddies, my neighbors and my family --- it was a positive deterrent ... and a peace of mind! Only a criminal would use it for evil -- to do harm. There is a reason why these States have less crime ... due to the knowledge that there are many that are armed! And for many: armed in Christ, as well!!!!
July 22, 2013:
America under God .... stands for Liberty under God! Remember Pearl Harbor! We are a sleeping Giant! God willing ..........

July 22, 2013:
He died for mankind ....... and was risen; We died with him and now live with his spirit, and will depend on His mediation as our representative at the presence of God!
July 21, 2013:
Marxist hate the Constitution ...... therefore hate God!
July 21, 2013:
Does anybody care? What kind of government  we have? God knows of the deceit and arrogance against His character and will! ....... And--believe me--will deal with it harshly!
July 21, 2013:
Predominently affecting the "Gay" community ....... many more deaths occurring in other ailments: 29% cardiovascular; 23% Infectious and Parasites; 13% from Cancer; 10% from Stroke; 7% Respiratory ........ and 5% for HIV/AIDS. Frankly, if one take the time to donate "blood" ... an HIV test is automatic! Encourage everyone to give blood instead!!!
July 20, 2013:
"Put an end to the evil of our age": Yes ........ top of God's list: The willful killing of the innocent child in the womb!
July 20, 2013:
God gave us Dog ...... Man and woman's best friend! Unconditional love! Do you see Him ......God ... in his character?
July 20, 2013:
Christ died for all of us ............... our men and women died for liberty and freedom -- for America!
July 13, 2013: 
This nation has gotten so subjective, focusing on a spot .... that it has lost its way, its soul ............. lead by the mainstream media (including Fox), that everything else was put on the sideburner (just as the Creator of this universe has been); the nation has tunnel visioned themslves into a mockery of fools; relinquishing wisdom and justice ...... for burying their heads in the sand, choosing to scream "mommy, mommy, I wet my pants" syndrome.   We  as a nation need to refocus and do what is right, repair our country .... ask for God's help!  Turn back to Him ...... the only way healing will begin!
July 13, 2013:
My allegiance is to the presence of our Father in heaven! There is nothing on earth that is not related in some way to the character, the purposes, and the gospel of God through His son, The Christ, Jesus of Nazareth! There is no discussion... or subject matter that would be outside of the realm of God's character (reflected in the Ten Commandments), that is not related to how He operates and illustrates, in dealing with human beings on earth. All of life: in nature, and in our everyday activities ... reflect to how He illustrates to the fall of mankind ... out of righteousness; then became reborn, through a saviour in the payment of a ransom with his blood .... and now ... on the road (back) to recovery and total righteousness ... in the Face of God!!!
July 8, 2013:
The chains have been broken at the cross ...... we were slaves; now we have a choice: to stay a slave of Satan or a free (reborn) child and in kinship of The Christ, Jesus with The Father!!!
July 7, 2013:
Stems right from the original controller: Satan ...... but as we all know: will be losing control any day; that's why he is in a frenzy ... to hold on to his power, to take you and me with him! Fight back!
July 5, 2013:
I agree ......... zero tolerance! They have the choice of accepting the gift of life, just like anybody else ...... Freedom is through The Christ, Jesus ..... turn to Him, your Kinsman Redeemer, and sin no more ...... and LIVE!
July 5, 2013:
God needs to know that we do put Him first ....... that we are not sleeping (as the apostles were at Gethsemane), that His children are ripe and ready to take on the challenge!!!
July 5, 2013:
The founders understood the complexity of a system ......... ensuring that there is a 'checks and balance' ........ in character with biblical teachings, ie, The Father, The Son, and the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, there is evil in the mix ........ which is why WE THE PEOPLE must step up and discern the knowledge and truth of Freedom and Liberty!
July 4, 2013:
God has blessed America! We've come a long ways ....... but the forces of evil has for years begun the encroachment to where we are today. And God sees the trend of His already defeated nemeses, determined to make a last ditch effort to ...take as many as it can to the abyss; therefore God is in the process of inspiring his children to turn back to Him ... in fighting for Liberty and Freedom ... in keeping America a beacon for all!
July 4, 2013:
The odds of independence from England was dim, but through perserverance and faith and the belief that strength came from God .... brought providence and determination for Free people and a new nation for Liberty!
July 3, 2012:
It has happened in history and biblical history ..... the inversion: when a nation turns to itself; away from God! Chaos ensues! They don't get away with it!!!!! We ... won't get away with!
July 3, 2013:
God is always in the background ..... when He should be first ... in the forefront! We win (always) if that is the case! What are we waiting for!!!
July 1, 2013:
Understand that believers stand first with The God of the universe--in Christ, who paid the price in a ransome for our freedom--therefore has discerned the knowledge and truth of the gospel and rebuke sin, in showing The Way for all, back to The Father .... and guaranteeing everlasting life!!!!
June 30, 2013:
I'm sorry Mr. wiseman ..... but biblically you are wrong and deadly!  The top "lawyer" .... God's lawyer: the Christ, Jesus who defended Him in indicted Satan and found Him guilty (at the cross), says stop your immorality, come to him .... and sin No more!  The endorsement of SS marriage for all is a "death sentence." (I'm talking spiritually ..... and IF you're a believer, you have descerned the truth)!!!
June 29, 2013:
If one discerns scriptures correctly ..... they will be giving up there oath of spiritual loyalty. Another words ....... they (and all Christian ministers) are held to a "higher" standard ... in understanding the knowledge and truth of the... Gospel. He would be advocating the continuation of an uncovered sin! Christ can only die and be risen once to cover our sins ..... we do not have a second chance! The military Chaplains need to resign, rather than succumb to ...... the diabolical demands of evil!!!!!
June 29, 2013:
In my recent book I wrote: Our life is complex. Full of problems and intricacies: including the situation of homosexuality. It has been a characteristic of mankind from the beginning. It is not the norm in human behavior. It is an anomaly of nature. It is part of the many Sins of a fragmented and flawed mankind. You will not find it in the (lower) animal kingdom. It will not be part of the realm of Heaven -- the New Jerusalem (Isaiah 65:17). God allows it to dwell here on earth, because He respects man’s ‘freewill’ and choices.

God has solved the problem of mankind’s inequities (Isaiah 59:2,9,14, 20), in the name of the Christ, Jesus -- Son of God. God had to find a way to wash away all of our sins through the process of a sacrificial lamb. The Christ is God’s love and grace in full color. God has taken the time to come to earth, to be with us, to be like us, and to die like us, in order to fulfill the law: of Justice and Righteousness. He is saying that your immorality, your sin is covered by The Christ’s sacrifice, that he died as a ransom of Satan’s accusations, and was risen to be our mediator in the sight of God. Christ died once for our sins; there will not be a second death to keep covering our sins …. Therefore he ask you to turn from your ways (whether it is homosexuality or any other) and sin NO more!

And so, I do hope we understand God’s position; God’s character. He is the Creator and Ruler of the Universe. He is our maker! He exist in the Positive, we exist in the negative. He is Supreme and is fully in Charge of all. We should never forget that. His grace and love assures that we have a place in His house, in His Kingdom. The day will come when His government -- based on love -- will be ushered in. Are you ready? No matter what your orientation. It's time to turn around and come to Him … Believe in Him … have faith in Him.
June 24, 2013:
Evil is embedded in human society and cultures ensuring that many will abuse and enslave animals, rather than respect them as precious creatures of God; in a tainted, fragmented world, we can only hope for the best .... until we--including animals-- are reined in to a New Kingdom ... free of strife and despair!
June 18, 2013:
Satan accused Him of being arbitrary in allowing us (mankind) to live ....... and took Him to celestial court; God needed a good lawyer; and found him in Christ, Jesus ..... who pleaded his case .... and won! It was settled at the "cross" ......... the verdict was reached: God was vindicated ....... Satan was found Guilty! And now is waiting for his sentence: which will be eternal damnation in the fiery abyss. Never to be seen again! God chose "life" for human kind .... God made a covenant --- He keeps His promise!
June 19, 2013: 
God sent his "one and only son" to earth to cover this fragmentation of human society .... He asked them to accept his gift of ever-lasting life, through his sacrificial death on the cross ...... to turn from their un-natural, immoral behavior ... to stop, and sin no more. It is abhorrent in God's eyes ....but through Christ's stand-in as their mediator, will be accepted, and cleansed, to attend the wedding feast, inside the gates of heaven!
June 19, 2013:
Yes, The Christ, Jesus ..... was/is a super-God-Man! He came from the Father, from paradise, to a dying planet (earth) as part human, part God; he lowered himself inorder to experience the joys and pains of human life. He walked on water, he changed water to wine, with his touched and word healed the sick, the blind and lame; he even brought men, women and children back from the dead. His purpose was not to be famous, but instead to disclose the loving character of his father in heaven ,,,,, and at the same time cover all of mankind's sins and iniquities! So, yes The Christ, Jesus was/is the worlds first super-hero ..... but know this: His power was not purely his own ...... it came from his Father! Who really is --- our (human kind's) true benefactor, and super being! God!
June 6, 2013:
God himself is a scientist ...... as well as a doctor, a plumber, a designer, a Judge, a Mother and a Father ........... His character is felt and seen within all of us and nature!
June 6, 3013:
Apple is an independent company part of the free markt system and therefore has a right to choose what is on their phones .... But, God watches all of our actions whether individuals or groups of people (ie, nations, clans or companies), and does not take well the indignant, arrogant behavior of His created children. Turning away from Him is not a wise decision! Remember this is a temporary world!
June 4, 2013:
The concept of slavery runs deep into the spiritual battle between God and Satan:  The human race was enslaved at the onset of the rebellion, when Lucifer chose to become a god himself by usurping God's universal kingdom.  And because of Satan's arrogance and deceit, was banished to planet earth, along with one third of his following angels.  Unfortunately planet earth was also the domain of human kind.  Due to Lucifers initial SIN, the entire human race fell under the spell of slavery.  Therefore all born after this event,  became spiritual slaves to Satan ..... In the literal world, God illustrates this condition through the abhorrent actions of diabolical nations that enslave groups of people, portrayed in old testament stories, as well as the world's (including America's own) history of brutal slave trades.  In many cases (as it is in this article) still happening today!  But the good and positive miracle that has happened to the human race is that God has solved the problem: by sending  His one and only son to die for all of our sins, and to "free" every one of us from the bondage of "slavery" --- we are reborn in The Christ as new human beings ..... able to live forever and ever!  Slavery (spiritually) has been defeated; all we need to do is "accept" His gift of Life!!!!!!!!!
June 2, 2013 (personal note to person):
Yes, the road of life is "very tough" ..... no one said it is easy! You are fighting the onslaught of evil, within your "self" ... he constantly leads you to his deceiving ways, by feeding you lies and false-hopes. But knowlege and truth is also within you through faith in your real bridegroom; your redeemer--The Christ, Jesus--who will guide you and lead you in the right direction ... simply by taking His hand (by accepting His help) in receiving the "holy spirit" of God to assist you in breaking that bond, and freeing you as a slave of evil ... in becoming whom you really are: a child of God: precious, valuable, cherished and beloved!

I know it is hard to break that cycle of gloom and despair; it is a battle that all of us have faced from one time to another. But many have come to a point, when we finally said: "that is enough, I want to take control of my life ... it is time to use common sense, and change direction!'' God has been "calling" you all along, but you have chosen to look away .... well, you will be surprised, by turning back to Him--through His Son: your true Big Brother--that your life will begin to be better and brighter. Put on His "armor of faith" to ward off the darkness that constantly invade your life! His "Love" has and will always be there for you!

And do not forget that your Family .... loves you very much too! God

June 2, 2013:
The key obviously is Christ ..... if we turn away from The Christ and his message: in disclosing the true character of The Father, and that he became the mediator (the redeemer) for a lost human race .... then we put ourselves in jeopardy! We have accepted the abhorrent practice of abortion (the killing of the defensless innocent child); we are allowing the normalization of un-natural relationships and marriage; we are idolizing and worshipping the environment and man-made devices instead of embracing the many "gifts" provided to us by God ....... and much more! God went out of His way to ensure everlasting life through His grace -- in assigning us a "saviour" ... his One and only Son; The Christ, Jesus! We (not all of us) are allowing a curse upon ourselves! We need to stand up and fight for change --- turn back to God!
June 1, 2013:
Booing the Creator of the Universe ...... was and is shear arrogance .... and forgiveness only comes through His grace -- in His Son, The Christ! And it looks like they are flunking the prerequisite! They will win a one way trip .... escorted by Satan, to hell!
June 1, 2013:
A nation of believers in the knowledge and truth of the gospel of Christ .... will restore a nation ---- America!
May 31, 2013:
Your parents represent your true parent in heaven and will be missed ... on the other hand God is always there for you ... unless you don't accept His gift and care; then YOU will be missed!
May 31, 2013:
When God wants to work in your life, He always gives you a dream either about yourself, about what He wants you to do or about how He’s going to use your life to impact the world.
May 25,2013:
There is a coming New World Order ........ and it will have nothing to do with mankind's preference! You will like this one ...... better sign-up today! God is calling you .... it is everlasting life!
May 24, 2013:
As Jesus said, "when you see a child, you see me" ........ Jesus paid the ransome with his blood; no more sacrifices needed! The blood of these babies are being shed .... un-necessarily! Jesus is now alive with The Father ..... these babies should be seen as so -- alive ... and given the chance to live a full life!!! We are drowning in Sin!
May 16, 2013:
Speaking spiritually and as an advocate of God: has anyone noticed that as soon as we as a nation (as a people) recognized that what one man (a doctor) named Gosnel did by killing innocent babies, finding him guilty of the atrocities; into a direction of defending the fetus, the baby in the womb ... that immediately the dam has broken loose .... exposing an ongoing tyranical American government of the deceit and undermining tactics targeting good people and patriotic groups. God desires to see that we (his children) bring change from immoral and sinful ways, as is the killing of the innocent,ie, the practice of abortion ..... Perhaps the dark cloud that has fallen upon this nation is clearing and finally moving in a better direction ... that the healing process has begun. I only hope and pray this is a good sign -- from our Father in heaven!!!
May 12, 2013:
In God's eyes, what is the greatest sin that America as a Nation face? Is it Benghasi? Is it same-sex marriage? Is it Idolatry? Is it national arrogance? Is it abortion? Is it putting Him second; or even out of the radar? Has God gone Leaving us to fend for ourselves ..... allowing evil to infiltrate -- due to our continued immoral ways? Does God really matter to you; to our nation? To the world? Should we, as human beings, take Him seriously? Questions .... inorder for we as a nation--as human beings--need to address! As I believe .... is a matter of "Life and Death" !!!!!
May 11, 2013:
No doubt the wave of arrogance and chaos has consumed our leadership .... time to refocus, ask for God's presence -- for correction!
May 10, 2013:
Targeting conservatives -- Why do it? Who gave the direction? All part of a deceitful character ...... stemming from an agenda that promotes a devious ideology!
may 11, 2013:
They don't know it but animals are looking forward to a better life in heaven ....... they have illustrated the survival of the fittest and faithful since the beginning of time, on a tainted earth!
April 9, 2013:
Our monies and coins are inscribed with "In God We Trust" ......... it was a nation under God ......... let's keep it that way: The "Trust" is mutual!!!!! ... between God and the American People!!!!
April 9, 2013:
You died with Him ...... and now you are reborn with Him! The Key? Accept The Gift!
April 1, 2013:
Earth is an Arena of War ...... the spiritual war is spilling over to the literal! The spiritual war has been settled (at the cross) ..... so evil is trying to save face: to take as many as possible. America's strength comes from God! When we stop Putting Him First ....... we are in grave danger!
March 31, 2013:
Don't wait ....... His glory will be blinding! It will be ... the moment when the earth will stand still!
March 29, 2013:
God's wrath emphasized the old testament ........ His grace is the hallmark of the new testament: The entire plight of the government and people of Israel culminates in ONE God-Man: The Christ, Jesus ..... through Him you will find mercy! But you must act! Decide whether to accept His gift of life ..... or reject it! He has Risen ..... and now the ball is in your court!

March 29, 2013:   He died for your salvation by paying the price with his blood for the ransome; plus vindicating The Father for the charges and accusations by Satan! Finding Satan guilty of usurping the laws of the Kingdom of God!

March 25, 2013:   Yes ........ who in the heck created it (oil) and put it there (and knew that we would need it .... it's called provision) ...... God! And we (human beings), His children .... insult him by turning to other forms of alternative energy, that we know will never be sufficient!!! It's there for US to use!

February 3, 2012:   God rules the universe, physically and spiritually ... and through His plan the only way to "live on" is by saying "yes" to a calling from headquarters heaven to accept a scheduled sacrificial death and rise of the Christ, defeating the devil ... freeing mankind to make a free will choice to accept the gift of eternal life and a guaranteed trip to heaven!

January 29. 2013:   
Can we continue "sinning" after we receive and accept the gospel of Christ? We all sin daily, most of the time "unintentionally" ..... but it is your deliberate, intentional arrogance that will get you spiritually in trouble ...... you have a choice to stop feeding in to the evil or dark side. Know that when you accepted his gift of life ..... His spirit entered your body and lives within you ... don't insult it; instead embrace the love of His grace!
Hebrews 10:26
If we ...
deliberately keep on sinning after we have received the knowledge of the truth, no sacrifice for sins is left, but only a fearful expectation of judgment and of raging fire that will consume the enemies of God. Anyone who rejected the law of Moses died without mercy on the testimony of two or three witnesses. How much more severely do you think someone deserves to be punished who has trampled the Son of God underfoot, who has treated as an unholy thing the blood of the covenant that sanctified them, and who has insulted the Spirit of grace? For we know him who said, “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” and again, “The Lord will judge his people.” It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.
..... you are healed; go and sin NO MORE!!!
December 16, 2012: 
When you push God away ...... you leave yourself wide open to evil and the darkness! Your faith in The Christ, Jesus is your armor and your strength!!!!! Ready for the battle!!!!!
November 7, 2012: 
A nation that turns to itself and away from the Creator is itself doomed! A nation can only receive its strength from above (ie, God); without His "touch" ... His presence, His will .... a nation withers (as a flower withers). America needs to refocus! Place its allegiance where it belongs: back to the Father ... Put God First!
November 12, 2012:
God’s speaks to us through nature: Sometimes a Hurricane !
By Rev. JF
God watches intently at earthly human beings; at their actions pertaining to their allegiance to him. And He is not pleased!

He sees evil everywhere! He sees people committing diabolical things; a disregard of life, liberty and justice. He knows that humanity has been under the spell of original sin. And to remedy this problem, He sent his son to cover all inequities. He sees that many have accepted his gift of life. But just...
as many are ignoring his call and offer.

He sees that mankind everywhere has accepted the practice of killing their unborn--the practice of abortion--making it legal in many countries, resulting in over 50 million innocent developing unborn deaths.

He sees evil proliferate throughout the centuries committing abhorrent atrocities in the killing of the innocent. He sees that the evil in much of humanity has fallen into the hands of the prince of darkness -- Satan, himself. And although a multitude will be covered and saved by the sacrifice and death of The Christ … many have turned their backs to him and are arrogantly pleasing themselves, disregarding the Commandments, and most of all: The Gospel of Truth and Justice!

God, who inspired the building of a nation that stands for “Freedom and Liberty” -- The United States of America -- is seeing a turning around of its values, moving into the direction of deceiving its own people into a more sinister ideology of limited freedom and individual rights. He sees a deterioration of personal freedom … moving to a totalitarian society, opposite of his own character of love and respect -- and justice.

And so, God, who has all of nature as His tool and at His command, has interjected His disapproval in the Nation of America; its leaders … and to the millions of people, populating the east coast of the U.S. (Washington DC, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and other nearby states) with a Super Hurricane aimed perfectly at the heart and pulse of American society. How obvious that the odds of such a massive, unprecedented storm to come up the coast, then abruptly make a 90 degree turn directly into the most populated region of the U.S.

Other than God actually “speaking” to us directly, which He “chooses” not to do at this time. His alternative is to communicate with us is through His “wrath” -- whether it is good or bad. God does “use” evil … but only for a “good or positive” outcome.

His displeasure, His wrath, His slap in the face of the people of a great nation; diminished by ignorance and self-indulgence, of self-pride and un-Godly arrogance -- is obvious. And how arrogant we have become! As the symbol of American power, New York City was devastated and brought to its knees in just a few hours --- terrorist could not have done a better job!

We have been arrogant and self-indulgent, but most of all have become our own god; deciding on life and death … whether the innocent is worth saving or discarded.

God is presently communicating with the people of America, to wake up, to turn back to Him. To turn away from sacrificing the lives of innocent children; to return to the importance of Liberty, Freedom and Justice -- under the spiritual leadership of His Son: The Christ, Jesus -- who was sent to redeem humanity from sin.

Yes, one day He will return to end life as we know it -- and it will come swiftly. But till then He is illustrating and reminding all of us that: He is the Creator, and is solely in charge of the earth; of the universe; of all that you and I see and know!

God speaks and communicates to us through His character. His breath is felt everywhere we turn, through the wind, through the rays of the sun, through the sounds of nature and the roar of the Lion! When He is dissatisfied … you will hear His roar; His swirling, crashing, slicing wind … and cringe from the intense snapping, charged, striking thunder of lightening.

He is a dynamic being and will not allow evil to take hold -- knowing that Satan has already lost the battle, at the cross -- it is now only a matter of getting the word out: that He offers “Life” … eternal life! Through His Son: His right hand man; ace in the hole; first born; redeemer of His beloved: mankind.

God is trying to get through to us ….. That He is present and active in our lives! He is communicating with us! Using every tool of nature! Listen … He speaks!
November 1, 2012: 
God gives all of us the freedom to choose .... your body is, indeed, the temple of the holy spirit ... and to whom you choose to share the essence of who you are is yours alone! And He is with you through the process -- blessing to you!
October 14, 2012: 
We tend to forget ... that there is another ... more important world out there; and a leader has already been determined (as the earthly King David was) ... hail to our King, our representative to the Father!
October 4, 2012: 
We are seeing a new awakening ..... but not a new Light; an old Light: God has always been with us! Seek Him and He will stand with us -- Now and Forever!
September 30, 2012: 
Theologically .... a recapitulation of the ultimate spilling of blood -- of The Christ: The mother (representing humanity) murdering her off-spring (her child, representing The Christ child), as in the killing of all "First Born" .... evil,... Satan is and has been behind this for centuries! And he will not stop until the True Christ returns ... to settle the matter; when all of evil and his followers will be cast into the Lake of searing Fire! Never to be seen again!
September 30, 2012: 
There will be Earthquakes .... and Catastrophes! But it will be the maturity of the wheat, that will bring the harvest! Be Ready!
August 31, 2012: 
I noticed the gloom among their faces ..... they volunteered their service to their nation --- not to appease their (so called) Commander in Chief.... They know in their hearts that he is a wolf in sheep's clothing; far from protector of Freedom and Liberty. They are the Protectors ... and the strength of what America was founded on: honor, truth, courage and integrity! Hooah! The men and women of our Military! 
August 31, 2012: 
If you're a believer ... than you know we MUST! God does not tolerate any other false gods .... We are a Nation Under God; let's not be a nation gone under!
August 31, 2012: 
Healing and protecting the sick, disabled, innnocent and defenseless is what the field of Healthcare is all about, certainly NOT "intentially" taking a life!!! If you don't know the Character of God ... better read up, because -- He does not take "killing" a child lightly! All children are made in the likeness of His own Son -- The Christ, Jesus! Prepare for consequences ... if you don't stop!
August 31, 2012; 
Having Faith , Trust, assurance, confidence and allegiance ... all reflecting on the character of God, disclosed by his son The Christ, Jesus! Through His Son ... guarantees your path for true freedom and everlasting life!
August 30, 2012: 
This is an epidemic of national and global proportions: healthy women choosing to do the diabolical: for "convenience" -- sacrificing their inocent off-spring! It is a recapitulation of the ultimate sacrifice -- even, The Christ, Jesus! The arrogance of thinking that it's okay to commit this atrocity -- is abhorrent to God! Putting yourself in jeopardy!
July 29, 2012: 
It is a relationship (not a religion) ... as in a bride to a groom (or visa versa); to honor each other till the end (or the beginning) ... we are the bride ... and in a relationship, and looking forward to His hand (the groom) to be escorted home --- forever!
July 29, 2012: 
God only sees you through our Representative -- that is, The Christ! So be seen, and not be left out of your inheritance!
June 29, 2012: 
The journey is just as important ... enjoy life today; keep watering your grass, and greener pastures await!
June 29. 2012: 
Is America in Jeopardy? Did she succumb to the serpent?
In my mind, we are dealing with evil; one should never compromise in giving it any leeway! Only God understands evil, and can deal with it according to His wisdom! We are literally at its mercy. So stand with Goodness ... God is in charge and has already dealt a blow; but at present, evil is desperate, and will stop at nothing! Though ... out of chaos, brings victory!
June 27, 2012: 
A man (a Congressman) who is desperately seeking to give "personhood" to a developing human being, and guaranteeing its full term in becoming a viable person is scolded and chastised for doing the will of God -- to treat all life as and important. But arrogance is deep among the ranks!
June 26, 2012: 
You were under the law of Moses and restricted like a bird in a cage ..... but at the cross, you gained freedom under the blood covenant of the Christ! Accept His gift of eternal life ..... Angels and His spirit will assist ... in your flight!
June 23, 2012: 
We are all in denial ... that God is just imaginary! Not So! Take time and read The Book ..... with a serious mind! He is calling you -- Now!
June 22, 2012: 
Abortion: How evil has infiltrated into common sense and decency! This had better stop! The wrath of God is on the wings!
June 22, 2012: 
You must realize that when you accept the gift of Freedom (in Christ) you must be "born again" as a new human being ... you must turn away from all that is evil in God's eyes. The Christ has covered all previous innequities, but you must stop what you have been doing since ..... and go in a new direction (with the divine assistance from the Holy spirit) You will be surprised!
June 22, 2012: 
The verdict has been declared at the cross: guilty ... the sentencing will be coming, these evil forces are desperate for the multitude of followers -- into the abyss!
June 18, 2012: 
Let's not kid ourselves ..... God sent us The Way ... but we turn a blind eye! Such arrogance will doom many; even nations!
June 17, 2012: 
He is the Light in you ... pushing the darkness away!
June 15, 2012: 
We cannot stand in His presence ...... but His presence is revealed in nature, and in your good moral character ... smell the roses! He speaks to you in His artistry: the golden sunset, the sparkling starlight, the misty fog .... the deep blue sea, the majestic forest ... and so much more!
June 13, 2012: 
Abortion: When God sees this, alhough He is not emotional, His nature ... His being ... His essence, brings anger and disgust! Killing the innocent: is Abhorrent ...... expect consequences people!
June 11, 2012:
He left precise "instructions" in nature and in you .... but verbal instructions are clearly written in the bible ... His character and purposes of the Way out of slavery and into Freedom and eternal Life!!!
June 9, 2012: 
Freedom emminates from a spiritual Being ie, God ..... nothing comes from man! He is only temporary ... so where does he receive the authority to preach freedom? Only God preaches freedom; Satan preaches slavery!
June 7, 2012: 
She or he is an innocent human being .... precious in God's eyes -- not yours to destroy. To kill for convenience is selfish and evil in God's eyes! Seek help and understanding as to the repercussions ... this an abhorrent practice --- why put a "Tree" more important than an innocent child to be!
May 31, 2012: 
Jesus gave mankind Freedom .... why put yourself back into deceit and control. We are given the knowledge and initiative to choose freedom, liberty and individual rights; why abandon it?
May 31, 2012: 
There was a time in biblical history when mankind lived longer and became wise, but also grew arrogant and self-centered. Our time on earth has been shortened by 90% .... so make the best of it!
May 29, 2012; 
Our Redeemer has already taken the "Full-Time" job, but all must accept the full-time position as advocate and promoter of the will of the Father ... in bringing us home!
May 26, 2012:
God as Jesus in the human mother, was an Embryo, then a Fetus ... then a child. He became flesh; He became a God-Man! You see a child, you see Jesus .... you see Jesus -- you see God!
May 21, 2012: 
A culture as isolated as was the inhabiants of Easter Island worshipped their man-made idol gods didn't have a chance and finally succumbed to self-indulgence and the mistreating and killing of innocent mammals and people ... evil to the God of the universe!
Article:  The Stone Statues in Easter Island have bodies !
 "This is absolutely incredible. Here we've been thinking for all these years that they were just heads. They are going to be absolutely huge when they are completely excavated. It all just adds to the mystery of these amazing sculptures. Maybe now they can get more information about them seeing as they have writings on them."
May 21, 2012: 
God has taken notice ,,, and will take action! To idolize a tree (or nature) and ignore an innocent human being is arrogant and abhorrent!
May 21, 2012:  God has taken notice ,,, and will take action! To idolize a tree (or nature) and ignore an innocent human being is arrogant and abhorrent!

May 20, 2012: 
That day has already come! God is expereincing it as we speak ... time is not a factor for Him. But it is a guarantee! We have to look at our watches ... and experience every minute, every day and years! But when He sees that we are ripe and mature, and ready for the harvest ... it will be swift! We will hear those trumpets -- a blaring!
May 20, 2012: 
Evil lost it's stranglehold at the "cross" ... we have been given the gift of "Freedom" ... under God; and it is what America and the constitution is all about. But Evil (Satan) still has the power to influence mankind and bring fear and de...spair; but not for long: his time is short, therefore he is desperate, and is taking as many as he can with hm to the abyss! Stand firm! Yup! As the bible says: Have no fear ... you are God's children ... believe, and you will be safe!!!
May 20, 2012: 
Evil lost it's stranglehold at the "cross" ... we have been given the gift of "Freedom" ... under God; and it is what America and the constitution is all about. But Evil (Satan) still has the power to influence mankind and bring fear and de...spair; but not for long: his time is short, therefore he is desperate, and is taking as many as he can with hm to the abyss! Stand firm! Yup! As the bible says: Have no fear ... you are God's children ... believe, and you will be safe!!!
May 17, 2012: 
The Church (representing the Word of God) have a responsibility to uphold the moral laws and Commandments of God ... which are above any rule or regulation of man. God is the Life-giver and will always be on the side of the innocent!
May 17, 2012: 
If you're Afraid to speak out against Evil, tyranny, ... You are Already A Slave!!! God sent His Son to free us from the stranglehold of Satan as slaves of his tyranny. He continues to influence us, knowing that his time is short, and desires as many slaves as he can to burn with him in the fiery abyss!
May 16, 2012: 
Unfortunately Mr Romney needs to go one more step in protecting "life" ..... the embryo is the property of the Creator, not man or woman. Life is precious, no matter how it is conceived ... all of the properties of a human being (all intru...ctions within the DNA) is present and should not be destroyed ..... it is abhorrent to God and evil in His eyes to destroy an embryo! Most of us know this ....... hopefully there will be an enlightment!!!

May 16, 2012: 
Oil -- A direct "Gift" from God! Provided for "all" to use. Going "green" is Idolatry ... and an insult to the Life-giver!
May 15, 2012: 
Who are Angels? We are told that God created angels to help manage His Kingdom … and everything surrounding it. Angels were created as a way to relate His information and messages throughout His Kingdom, in relationship with human beings -- they are called "Mighty Ones."
May 15, 2012: 
America should not turn away from God ...... although our leaders have; you have a choice to stand with God! Stand tall with God and your Country!
May 14, 2012: 
Evil was defeated at the cross ... ever since then his fury has heightened in the annihilation and destruction of the remnant children of God ... through the killing of the unborn!
May 14, 2012: 
What is God's stance? It is evil in His eyes!! Only through the sacrificial death and resurrection of the Christ can they stand before God ... but they must turn away and stop going down that road ..... arrogance and self-righteousness will not excuse in continuing to ignore God's will and moral law!!
May 13, 2012: 
Evil has gotten into our heads and poisoned our thought processes ... why do we say "God damn" .... This practice (abortion) is prevalent in this country and throughout the world -- it is the killing of the innocent ... the innocent lamb! A... recapitualtion of the killing of the Christ! "You see a child, you see the Christ!" The killing needs to stop! The Christ has come and has prevailed -- the devil was found guilty, and will be sentenced at the Christ's second coming!
May 9, 2012: 
There are lessons in Eagles: they will fly to the highest peak after 40 years to shed their beak; enabling them to live 30 more years. Symbol of Freedom and The Spirit of God!
May 7, 2012: 
Bibically ... killing of the innocent, is abhorrent and grounds for consequences! But, if a nation finds the "Light" ... it is not too late! We need to take the focus off ourselves ... and Put God First! And He says: Stop the killing of His children!
May 6, 2012: 
Abortion: A country that does evil in God's eyes will not escape the consequences ... this pure evil practice must stop! Those who don't will be in jeopardy!
May 6, 2012: 
Socialism goes against all that true Liberty offers! It is gripping and binding; and destroys the human spirit ... leaving it atrophied and hopeless and eventually alzheimerized .. to the point of wasting away. It is pure separation from God .... and will fall in the end along with pure evil!
April 29, 2012: 
Those who cherish and idolize the earth, would be offended by this ... by Paul, in Philippians 3:20 ... Heaven, not earth is my home!  ..............It is the truth!
April 27, 2012: 
Satan is not a creator. He cannot create anything. All he can do is take that which God has created and 'twist' it upside-down and call it something else. God created good - Satan twisted it into evil. God created love - Satan twisted it hate. God created faith - Satan twisted it into fear. Do you see how he works?

April 27, 2012: 
The word of God (the Spirit and Character of God) is abhorrent to the angelic fallen ... they move around in desperation; knowing that their days are numbered!
April 26, 2012: 
Angels are everywhere ........ even in the womb, at conception. They are an eye witness to the malice .... A child is never a mistake!
April 24, 2012:
Whales migrate thousands of miles; from birth to their feeding grounds, then returning .... is God communicating with us through this picture book story? Is He telling us that WE too, are also migrating -- home?
April 24, 2012: 
Due to Lucifer's Sin--in heaven--the human race was aborted from the face of the earth; but due to God's love and grace was salvaged and redeemed, and taken away from the Prince of Darkness by the Son of God. And ever since then Satan (kno...wing his days are numbered) has been using the same tactic ... by assurring that as many of the innocent (babies) are aborted and killed daily throughout the United States and the world. But God has assured that each baby taken, have a place in heaven ... as through The Christ, Jesus, He has a plan: life ever-after for all who accept His invitation. and love!!
April 23, 2012: 
Remarkably ... a soldier, who if need, will lay down his life for you ... is a type of the ultimate soldier: The Christ, who has indeed layed down His life for you! Thank God, thank a Soldier!
April 23, 2012: 
Evils needs its tools ..... he was banished from heaven, then lost his domain at the cross .... and now is raging furious; and has been ... and continues to this day -- on a rampage: the Killing Fields of the innocent!! In the end he will perish ... but presently his influence is brutal and unrelenting! Keep the faith!
April 21, 2012: 
Our founding fathers -- during the forming of this great country -- put God’s name first, above all. Written and stating that without his presence -- all was not possible.
And, as I have written and stated in many of my articles: absolutely true: without God there is NO life! Without His maintenance and provisions, none of this would be possible!
April 19, 2012: 
Evil ............ has had his way. He knows time is short, and will take as many as poosible with him! We need to recognize evil when we see it! We are presently seeing his vile presence everwhere!
April 19, 2012: 
Human beings becoming like evil has occurred many times in history .... and each time we forget, and repeat the diabolical event! Evil seems to manipulate, imbed and conquer! Killing the innocent will not go un-answered, though! We must be highly aware of creeping tyranny ... because undoubtedly 'Evil' drives the engine!

April 19, 2012: 
The old Temple in Jerusalem is now a spiritual temple in heaven waiting for the multitude of believers ... no monetary fee needed -- only acceptance of the gift -- everlasting life!
April 12, 2012:
The cross is a reminder of the cross-road to our destiny ... we are greeted by our Big Brother, Christ, who paid with his blood for our freedom! These men and women are memorialized and remembered for their sacrifice and bravery -- and have been welcomed home by the Father!
April 11, 2012;
Tyranny was won at the cross ..... but until the full implementation of human Freedom ... it lingers in the world for the cause of evil. Fight with all your might and soul to stay earthly free .... The darkness encroaches just beyound the Light!
April 8, 2012: 
It is a new day in human history ..... the true meaning of "slavery" and "Freedom" was revealed on this day over 2000 years ago. We were under a spell, under the grip of Satan. God had a plan to come to earth as His Son to become human an...d to live among His created children. Then at 33 was crucified and died on the cross, but was resurrected on the third day -- as payment for the sins of all. We were slaves, but through the death and resurrection of The Christ, Jesus .... became "Free" to make our own choices. Accept His gift of Life Ever-after!!!
April 7, 2012:
Oil represents the One who created it; who provided it for human usage and consumption ... to give us Freedom to succeed; to function; to survive! No other form of energy can compare to its magnanimous and multiple flexibility! It is a dire...ct gift from God! And anything successful is shunned by evil ---- it is not evil ... it is good! And we insult the Life-Giver by not using it, and instead Idolizing the environment! The environment is regulated and maintained by God!!!
March 29, 2012:
You see the child in the womb, you see The Christ; you see the Christ, you see The Father ....... precious is the innocent child ... and is sacred! The gift of everlasting Life has been guaranteed, through your acceptance, by your Big Brother and Redeemer, .... no matter what you become!
March 27, 2012:
When we attend a wedding ... it is a prophesy of the ultimate wedding ceremony: humanity -- the bride -- (believers who accept His gift) will meet the groom (even Jesus The Christ) ..... into a marriage of heaven and earth -- and everlasting life!
March 24, 2012:
Atheist -- Well they'd better get used to it ..... cause God really owns the ground they stand on, and the air they breathe! And can shut it off at any time .... arrogance breeds stupidy!!!
March 23, 2012:
Life is precious and should not be hindered ... Conception is the formation of a viable zygote by the union of the male sperm and female ovum; fertilization and the entity formed by the union ... of the male sperm and female ovum; an embry...o! Sacred to God! Contraception stops the process ... and Life on earth. The devil wins!!! He is in a losing battle; he has already lost, at the cross ... but wants all life to end --- with him!!!!!! The battle is ON!!!
March 23, 2012:
I try not to be too political on this facebook page, but sometimes the obvious stares you right in the eye ...... and in this arena where War rages between Good and Evil .... well, one knows what side of the stadium to stand on. I will always PUT GOD First!!!
March 22, 2012:
Abortion: An abhorrent practice ... then using the remains for human consumption is unforgivable in God's eyes .... and will not be condoned! Knowing the character of God ... belive me this is arrogance to utmost ... and pure evil! There will be consequences!
March 21, 2012: 
God has proclaimed the "killing" of the innocent -- including "children" from conception -- abhorrent, and Nations that practice this abomination will suffer the conseqences!!!!! Using the "parts" of these babes is adding to the crime! The arrogance is mind-boggling!
March 19, 2012: 
If you knew that our Earth, our planet, is the only one of its kind in the entire universe .... would you feel any different? That when the universe was being formed --- It knew that we were coming? The table was set with us in mind? It looks like -- through all that we (and many Physicist and scientist) know -- that w...e are ...... alone in the universe! Doesn't that make you feel "special"? Thank you, God!
March 12, 2012:
Hitler, like Pharoah (Egypt), was an illustration of the prince of Darkness, Satan .... they were the antithesis of the Character of God, and the opposite of who The Christ, Jesus is! The Anti-Christ forces are very active on earth ... and will increase for a time ... knowing they had lost the right to govern at the cross .... and now as the end nears will do anything to take all who are willing to follow -- down with them!!!
March 3, 2012:
God set-up the Solar System in a manner as to protect the planet earth. Yes a huge astroid hit the earth 65 millions years ago, but mind you, if that didn't happen the Dinosaurs would have continued their reign of terror; and certainly ... ...mammals and humans would not have developed. In protecting earth from these nemeses of deep space. God placed the larger planets (Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus) on the outer fringe of the Solar System ... deflecting large bodies of roaming astroids and left-over rocks from other planets, to threaten and perhaps destroying the inner smaller planets. Yes, astroids no doubt can wonder close to our planet, but -- guess what -- God gave us the knowledge to "deflect" these baby bolders. So we definitely need to keep an eye out for objects out there that can affect our planetary safety.
March 1, 2012: 
Although I knew, but after analyzing and studying the bible, I conclude that, yes, Christ indeed ... did just that! The entire Old Testament talks about His coming .... illustrated through the nation of Israel, culminating at the cross! beings were created by God to live in harmony with him; but Sin entered ... and all was lost! And the only way to stand before The Father once more is through His Son -- He had to die to pay your ransom. A payment was made, through a sacrificial death! He has risen, and is sitting at the right side of God! And will return when the grain (you, and me) is ripe! It is your choice! He is The Way!See More
February 27, 2012: 
The Killing of innocents is the work of the Prince of Darkness ..... who is desperate to take as many as he can to the depths of Hell! Resist! Fight back! You have a friend and warrior -- and Big Brother -- in the Son of God ... He is on your side! Victory was confirmed at the Cross! Freedom is guaranteed ....... and the fear is in Satan and his followers!!!!
February 27, 2012;
Evil has been creeping into our societies from the beginning ...... Sharia is blatant and diabolic led by Satan's fallen fallen angels (demons); call on The "Mighty Ones" (the un-fallen angels of God) to swarm and annihilate these wretched denizens of evil ... and bring goodness and calm to our human domain!!!
January 28, 2012: 
Church ....... doesn't have to be in a building; it is within you, within your heart and your willingness to discern the truth ... and to know that you have a Kinsman Redeemer in The Christ, Jesus! Stop by (online) at Touched by God for tons of amazing information in finding the Way to understanding the true character of God. Enjoy your Sunday!
January 27, 2012:
The Christ carries every bit of our baggage, our load .... He did at the Cross event; He does today! You were a slave, but have been freed ..... to make a choice! Make the right one!