Why is it taking so long to enter God’s Kingdom?

by Pastor Jess foglesong


Have you ever wondered, what is taking so long for God to call us home?  It has been over 2000 years since the Resurrection -- Cross event.  All who believe in God -- through His son, The Christ Jesus -- are guaranteed that He will implement His promise (His covenant) to bring us home; to lead us from this imperfect world to the land of milk and honey.  Does that sound familiar?


Yes it does … we can look back to Exodus (in the Old Testament) and see that God’s covenant people – The Israelites – wandered in the desert for forty years before finally entering the land of milk and honey: the promised land of Canaan.  They actually were at the door of Canaan within two years, but because of their stubbornness, grumbling and indignation; as well as their distrust of God’s word, were told that they had to continue their march through the desolate desert many more years.  It was only until after a new generation – 40 years – had passed did God finally allowed them to cross the Jordan River into the promised land (the land of Canaan).. 


Now how does the plight of the ancient Israelites relate to us today? Well, I am suggesting to you that what happened to the Israelites is a prophecy of what and where we are today. 


We must look at the largest picture: A perspective from God’s point of view (if that is possible).  A view that humans were redeemed from Satan’s grasp (Sin) by God, through a mediator – His sacrificial lamb, Jesus -- The Christ.  And now -- like the Israelites – we are meandering along in a “spiritual” desert waiting to enter God’s promised land (Heaven, A New Earth).  And so why is it taking (what seems like) such along time?


Well, I believe  – like the Israelites – that we have lost our way.  We too are stubborn, indignant and without faith.  Therefore, He is allowing us to continue on our journey (through the wilderness) until he sees maturity; trust; faith in His word.  He made a covenant with Abraham that his seed will multiply, like the millions of stars in the heavens.  And all of his children will have everlasting life.


This was God’s promise.  It was His promise at the onset, at the beginning; it was the same promise when the Israelites were freed from Egypt; and it is still the same promise today.  God’s word is absolute.  He made a covenant, a promise, and no matter how long it takes – He keeps His word.


All we have to do is accept it!  Trust His word.  Have faith in His word. Be committed to his promise.  As soon as He sees us doing this; as soon as He sees the maturity of the wheat, of the grapes, He will rein us in, but not until then. 


Perhaps many of you are mature grapes, ready to be picked.  God needs as many as possible.  Not just a few; He is looking for a multitude.  Although in the end only 144,000 will be allowed to enter His Kingdom: symbolically, a number representing the twelve tribes of Israel; a complete number of mature believers and true remnants of redeemed faithful followers. 


Are you one of the faithful ones?  Do you have full trust in our Father, or Creator? Are you enjoying the ride, the journey, at the same time trusting that no matter how long it takes, the day will come when He will call us home.  Know that in this interim time, He is patiently gathering and corralling His flock of sheep, and will soon lead them to green pastures.


Like the Israelites, who wandered in the desert for 40 years, we too are wandering, generation-to-generation; maturing, ripening, for the day we are taken across the threshold, into the land of promise.