How Does God Communicate With Us?

By Pastor Jess Foglesong



God has a very difficult problem! That is: trying to communicate with mortals -- us! How does He! And how has He?

When He decided to create human beings, he did not anticipate that “free will” would be a problem. That having a choice; the free will to choose one’s fate, would cause mankind to be alienated from Him. Resulting in a barrier, preventing the free flow of communication with Him -- hindering our understanding and comprehension of His purposes.

God is a Super Being that is so awesome; so beyond us; so above our capacity to understand, that makes it immensely difficult for us to relate. Can you imagine God coming down to earth today and visiting a Carl's Junior and ordering a cheeseburger, and instead of paying with a $5 bill, He would put down a 5 Billion dollar bill. That is the problem -- He has a difficulty in being at our level. To put down a $5 dollar bill would be impossible for Him; just as us trying to change a Billion dollar bill.

So, he has to communicate with us by displaying clues, illustrations, signs and codes here and there. Some of these clues are obvious (to the sharp eye); and some are discrete -- only revealed and discernable to the interested or passionate (seek and you shall find).

Certainly one way of understanding God’s Character and purpose is to study His Word. And the best information known to mankind is The Book … or The Bible. And in the Bible He inspired mortal men to chronicle and write about how He was to bring about Salvation to mankind through a special chosen group of people. And within these people He picked out special men and women to lead this clan -- through ups and downs, difficulties, strife, despair … and gave them a set of rules and guidelines to follow. And if all was fulfilled properly, salvation would be promised in a land of milk and honey. But unfortunately, due to the imperfection and the fragmentation of these people, alienation and separation continued.

God finally chose to come to earth in the name of a Son. Choosing one woman to bear a child -- born through an immaculate conception. And through this arrangement, God finally found a way that He could actually communicate with mankind: by being part of the human race: by being a "God-Man"-- in the name of Jesus, The Christ.

He found Himself being part of human-kind as a man, as a special man who’s purpose was to disclose Himself: The Father of all Creation. He communicated with a special group of men: men that were part of the original 12 tribes of Israel. Declaring them as Apostles to speak for Him; to teach to all the world that The Father did exist, and does have a plan of Salvation for all -- Jews ....... and Gentiles.

And so the message of salvation was given to mankind through the Death and Resurrection of The Christ. An illustration of this sacrifice was through the ceremony of the sacrificial lamb; which was part of Jewish ritual for centuries: Hundreds of thousands of innocent lamb were brought to the temple yearly to be sacrificed -- as a symbol of the coming Messiah: the ultimate sacrificial Lamb. This was a huge illustration of His plan of Salvation: proclaimed for years and years before. All of this has been chronicled in the Old and New Testament of The Word of God: The Bible.

And so, how does God communicate with us? Well again, it can be through a very long period of time (Bible History); or it can be simply by opening your eyes, and seeing all of His wonders and beauty. How He carefully formed the universe, the solar system, and the earth. These glorious handy-works are unmistakably His signature; His magnificence; His awesomeness; His All-Supreme Power. Just open your eyes and glance at the beauty of the Big Blue Earth gingerly floating in a sea of darkness and space. A planet specially and specifically made for human kind; for His children.

One should only take heart at His illustrations and signs: they are everywhere! Look and you will see! Seek and you will find! He is communicating with us … One need to wake a up and smell the roses!

In some of my other articles, I describe the multiple ways of discovering God’s Signature: In the animals; in the trees and nature in general; in the behavior of people (His Character, His wisdom is imbedded and instilled in all of us); in the sky and the heavens; in the anatomy of our body (the formation of our body systems and functions: in our DNA); in the interaction of our planet, moon and Sun (it really is God’s ace in the hole). He has designed and is maintaining all of it. He is in charge and in sole control. We are miniscule in assuming that we can change who we are or where we live. We must realize that we are within His creative powers, and that all we view and see around us has been put here for us to utilize and enjoy. This is our playground -- for a time. As His plan of Salvation will be implemented -- soon … “when the grain is ripe … He will reap the harvest” …. Then it will be too late!

So open your eyes, and look for Him … He desires your attention! Don’t ignore Him … He made us because He wanted to… and He desires us to be free, secure and happy!

We thank Him for all that He has provided!