Provider of Human Life:

Happy Father’s Day: God!

by Pastor Jess Foglesong


Father’s Day -- a fun day for families to gather and honor all of our Dads: who have worked and sacrificed his entire life in supporting and caring for his family. We do honor all of the Fathers!

Last month I stated in a sermon: Happy Mother’s Day -- God … well, indubitably, I will state the same this month: Happy Father’s Day -- God!

God is truly our ultimate Father! He created us, formed us, and shaped us. He not only created us, but He also watches over us -- daily. We know this by the presence of His “Light.” -- shining out of the darkness … continuously illuminating our path, showing us “The Way.”

God -- The Father -- has provided us with all that we need, on this imperfect planet. He has provide the ’air’ that we need to breathe and exist. He also has provide the trees to continually replenish the Oxygen (the air), as all of animal life exhale carbon dioxide into the atmosphere creating a cycle of life. He has set up an automatic system of keeping this earth and the surrounding atmosphere pure and clean -- no matter what we expel, or contaminate . Like our earthly father, God keeps His house clean by constantly being attentive to all of our needs -- and flaws. He knows that as imperfect human beings we at times are arrogant and tend to think that we alone are the keeper of this planet -- this domain. He may even ’chuckle’ in seeing that we have a desire to be God-like; to be king of our own realm.

Our Father in Heaven is kind and patient with us. Understanding that we can easily lose our way. Turning to “ourselves” for answers. Becoming our own “savior” … relying on our own intellect and knowledge. Forgetting that all of life comes from -- Him: The Father! There is no one else!

He has provided all that we need here on earth! He created it from the beginning: slowly, methodically, perfectly … not a stone out of place, not a star unaccounted for. He instinctively knew when to step in, to change direction (Great leaps or changes assured our existence), in order that we may be here today! He did this! And now he invites us to enjoy what He has -- Provided: The abundance of food and water; the plentiful of resources that make our daily lives comfortable, such as gas and oil -- they are gifts from Nature (From God, The Father).  He gave us the intelligence to reason, to calculate, to formulate … He gave us the “free will” to understand; to be who we are; to live freely, without vices or tyranny. He gave us the knowledge of faith … of the realization that we were created by someone much greater.

God -- The Father -- has provided so much … from the beginning of time. All for us -- humanity. And He expects us to utilize all of it. Do not waste it, or preserve it.  But use it! He put us here on this earth, simply because He desires our presence … He took pleasure in creating us and placing us in this domain. We are His children. Just like we enjoy our own children; and provide for them. Our true Father takes great pleasure in watching over us; guiding us; and caring for us. He is the ultimate; He is the Father that knows best! There is no other!

And as we enjoy this great time of transition; as we leave springtime and enter the fun-filled summer months, we take time in giving thanks to our Creator and All-Sufficient Father in Heaven.  Happy Father’s Day -- God!