God’s Character


by Pastor Jess Foglesong


We are here on this earth, within this enormous universe, but most of us don’t know how or why we are here.  We go on with our lives as if we just popped up out of nowhere.  Kind of like, sitting in a dirt field watching plants emerge from the ground – out of nowhere!  Well, of course we know where plants come from: a seed or a bulb.  And we know that with a combination of dirt and water, life emerges; life flourishes.


And so all we would need is for some one to provide the seed, and with the right conditions … poof! ... life emerges. 


But who would that someone or something be?  Is it something called “chance?”  Or is it something call a “Creator?” 


Unfortunately, many believe in the former:  that there is no all-supreme Creator, whose government is based on the proliferation of life; the promotion of life in the universe.  Most of these people – non-believers – have not really studied or looked into who or what the character God is.  Mainly because: if He cannot be seen or touched, He should not be believed, or trusted.


I am here to state that His features and face is plastered everywhere.  His beauty and sound is announced at every corner of the earth.  His character is shown at every level of our lives. 


We see His beauty in the trees and plants pasted throughout the earth – ensuring that we have all of the oxygen and CO2 needed to sustain life.  We are provided with an immense amount of H2O – water – to keep the Hydraulic Cycle working properly, perfused throughout our planet, ensuring proper weather patterns.  He provides us with the most important gift of all: our Sun, to keep us warm and safe from the extreme temperatures of space.  Light is life!  He adds an object – the Moon -- that reflects the sunlight, as our lamp in the darkness of the night; as well as a way to regulate the earth’s Tides. 


All of these elements are only part of God’s character.  He himself operates like a fine Swiss watch: perfect!  Therefore everything; every aspect of our universe, as well as our earth, has this same characteristic: all operate in (almost) perfect fashion.


And of course like a Swiss watch, it is guaranteed to work nearly perfect; and if it falters it is automatically repaired.  But no doubt all elements are continuously maintained.  Another words:  life itself is like God himself: it is like a fined tuned instrument; like a well oiled locomotive, cruising along at top speed.


God’s character is based on love and total benevolence.  God is constantly giving; He is forever creating life; He thoroughly enjoys seeing life everywhere!  And this is why we see life above us, ahead of us, below us … all around us.  He is the ultimate Life-giver, and Life-maker.


And He does all of this within a backdrop of chaos and darkness.  Without God, life would cease to exist.  He is the enabler. He is the catalyst.  He is the generator.  He is the artist … He is so much more.


I have just scratched the surface as to what and who God is … His character.  One sure thing:  As there is evil in the world, He is the antithesis of it.  He is goodness.  He is Yahweh!  He is the Alpha and the Omega.  He is our beginning, and our end.  Proof is all around, everywhere, that we came from Him.  That as part of His loving character, He created us because he wanted to.  Because He yearned for a relationship with human beings, He formed and created us for His enjoyment and pleasure.  Like a true parent: nurturing and protecting us along the way.  


The character of God is shown to us the instant we wake up in the morning.  Look around you! Smell the roses. Gaze at the blue sky.  View nature.  Interact  with people.  His chacracter is imbedded in all that you see, feel, touch and hear.  His wisdom is within you ... within everything on earth, and throughout the universe.  His wisdom -- His character -- is generated within the quantum world of the atom.  his "Light" ... His beacon shines outwardly, forming our DNA as "information" -- revealing His character.


He is your maker, your creator, your Father!  Don't turn your back on Him. Put Him First!  (We are all made new again, through His son: The Christ, Jesus)!