“Spiritual -- to The Bang”

By Pastor Jess Foglesong  (I wrote this in 80's)



The Universe, since the moment of creation is composed of “Matter.” Everything can be seen or felt. It is not “Spiritual” -- as spiritual is invisible. We live in a Literal world.

At the point of creation (in scientific term -- at the Big Bang) God was there! He was the cause of creation -- (earth time) 15 billion years ago.

Scientist have calculated the “cause and effect” back to 1/100th of a second after the “Point of Creation” (The Big Bang). They are perplexed as to what caused the (Point of Expansion).

They also ask: What was before the Big Bang?

Well, I suggest to you that the answer was -- Pure Darkness, void of Light, Chaos.

One must realize that there are two worlds. One spiritual, one material. Therefore, when I say there was pure darkness before the Big Bang -- I really mean it. There literally was an emptiness, a massive, pure darkness. Void of material, matter.

Now if you ask Spiritually: Well -- yes!

God is a Spirit. He is not matter. He is Divine. He is Pure. He dwells in a spiritual world; as does His created Angels. The world (Realm or Sphere) they exist in is non-material -- unseen by humans.

We are bound to the material world (like a bird confined to a cage). Spiritual beings have the freedom to enter and leave. We are not. We are forbidden to enter -- the Sphere of Angels … God’s domain.

One might think that the material world is normal. But in reality, it is spiritual that is the norm. The material Sphere, the world we live in, finds itself outside of the realm of Angels: the domain of total harmony and normalcy.

Those who do not comprehend this will totally misunderstand the existence of humanity, the earth, and the entire literal, material universe concept.

God is the Creator of both the Spiritual and the Material. We -- as created beings -- were not meant to exist outside of the domain of the living. But because of “Sin” (rebellion, disobedience), we have become castaways within an immense, vast, and seemingly endless universe. God, through His willingness and Grace, chose to re-create and re-fashion a New Earth and a New Universe; assuring, and giving us a second chance to be redeemed from castaway status; to the realm of the living. And to be once again: part of the spiritually created beings we had previously been.

Again, we must understand that we were -- as in Old Testament terminology -- living outside of the “main camp;” as were the “Lepers” and the outcast. We were -- as “filthy rags” …. needing to be redeemed.

Thanks to God! He has interceded: A Redeemer has been provided in the name of Jesus the Christ -- our Representative; and the true Disclosure of God’s Character.

Let us keep in mind of the “little bird” who has lived all of his short life within the confines of the (seemingly) secure boundaries of the cage; unknowingly, and unaware of the wonderful, free, beautiful, harmonious world just beyond.

We were once part of that beautiful world. God had created us and placed us there to live -- in harmony: no sickness, no death….. total provision. We were among the “living” -- within the “main” camp.

God remembered us -- and has given us a second chance to return home. He illustrates this through nature: through the many migratory animals that annually return to their place of birth (Whales, birds, butterflies, fish, etc.). We too -- are also on a journey home to our place of birth. We have been lost souls -- and our “Father” (our Creator) yearns for our return to the confines and safety of His protection and love. Just as the “Prodigal Son” was greeted with open arms: We, His created (human) beings have been lost and indeed, among the dead; and soon will return to be among the living -- once again.

To understand that this is the true and real gospel -- will free you from the restrictive, hopeless world of the “Self.” We really have someone to lean on: A Supreme, Benevolent and Loving Creator; who does care and who does worry about us. His Character, our ultimate Parent has been instilled in “all” of us. He cares and will always be there for us.

It is your choice to accept His gift of life and love. It is free! It cost nothing! Through the Redeemer and Representative (The Christ); our Father and Creator has provided a way for all of us to return to the place of our birth -- why not accept the invitation! It will be glorious … It will be a grand “Homecoming” celebration!

A toast to The one (The Only One) who made us!!