The Creation of The Universe

 by Pastor Jess Foglesong


Imagine if we could step into God’s mind. Before the Big Bang: He thought: why don’t I create a race of people -- in my own image -- that I can love and provide for; and they in turn will worship and love me. I will create a world, a domain, a planet where they can live in total harmony -- with complete freedom to think and do as they choose-- total freewill.

So in an instant! Through His divine Wisdom, He calculated the precise amount of elements and chemical reactions needed to produce an intense nuclear chain reaction: The Big Bang! An explosion that produced the initial beginnings of a starry universe!

Molecules of energy, generated at precise timing; nothing out of sequence -- knowing that if just a miniscule infraction, He would have to start all over again. So like a fine tuned watch, the process of creating a universal cocoon of the human race would take shape.

Stars were being formed, then clusters of stars into galaxies and clusters of galaxies, building and building … until it was time to concentrate on one immense galaxy called: The Milky Way, tucked away far from crashing and clashing galaxies and clusters of galaxies. The human race was to be created within the realm of millions of stars: of one specially designed spherical shaped galaxy.

Earth -- a planet that God would place His beloved humans -- would have to be at just the right position, where it would have a nearly 100% chance of survival amongst the swirling, dangerous movements of celestial bodies. It had to have a main star (the sun) that was large enough, and young enough to emit life giving light for as long as was needed. The earth had to be placed at the exact distance from the star to promote the intricate systems that God generated for the existence of human and animal life. Protection from distant nemeses, such as roving comets or lurking fragments of older planets, the earth needed to be shielded by larger planets on the outer edge of the Solar System. Menacing objects that are freely moving around would be deflected by these larger planet’s (Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn) strong pull of gravity; in turn, protecting planet earth. God invariably thought of everything!

Earth itself was created, wondrously, for the sake of humanity (see heading: The Earth -- Created

Specially, for further info). God formulated the seasons by tilting the earth on it’s axis at just the correct angle (23 degrees). Aside from the sun, He formed the moon as our night lamp, also to regulate the ocean’s tidal flow. He created a first line of protection from the intense rays of the sun with an electromagnetic layer shield that surrounds our planet -- without this shield, life would cease to exist. On earth, life flourishes with an abundant of flora and forest with the instigation of oxygen and carbon dioxide. Plants and trees consume the carbon dioxide that humans and animals exhale; transforming that into the life-giving rich oxygen that we inhale.

All part of the original plan, even before the beginning of the Big Bang! God’s wisdom, His word has always been there …. dynamically active.

The age of the universe is approximately 14 billion years old. Genesis describes the creation of the universe as well as the earth and all within. His purpose was to have a unique relationship with human beings. Therefore the preparation for the coming of mankind had to be exact. Adjustments had to be made along the way. Complete extinctions took place: 250,000 million years ago: The Cambrian period where 90% of all life was wiped out, paving the way for reptiles and land animals. Then 65 millions years ago, a giant asteroid struck the earth at the Yucatan Peninsula and created a toxic dust cloud that killed all large animals and reptiles; leading to the eventual arrival of pre-humans (Hominids) and later, humans (Neanderthal and Homo-sapiens: Cro-Magnon Man).

The annihilation and extinction of the dinosaurs was important, in the planning stage in building the surface of the earth with plants and animals But 65 million years ago, it all ended!

The dinosaurs perished (within just a few days), their carcasses gradually permeating the layers of earth adding to the formation of the resources and nutrients that we need to survive today.

The earth was forming into a magnificent, shining, gleaming blue, planet placed third form the sun. Tucked in between Mars and Venus. Each uninhabitable due to their hostile, extreme climates.

God’s plan was put in place -- through His Wisdom! And there was not stopping Him!