Let's Not Lose Focus!


by Pastor Jess Foglesong


As an advocate of the Nature and Character of God, I try to keep focused on His purposes and presence. In my mind there is no other subject more important, than the dealings of our Creator. And I realize that most of us simply cannot continually, on a day to day basis, focus on a being that is not visibly present; that does not show himself outright, or even make himself obviously known.

In order to understand who and what He is … we have to read and study books of history or of faith that reveal his presence. But that is time consuming, and not an easy task.

Most of us are so busy in our daily lives that we put Him on a side burner. It is a difficult task to stay on point -- focused. We are after-all normal human beings and as normal beings we do what we do: we live life. And our Creator made us exactly just this way. He wants us to enjoy life; be free to think and do the things we love and cherish, without vices and restrictions.

But how do we keep from losing focus on where we came from and who made us? How do we understand that we have a “Father” that is always there observing, waiting in the wings, ready to give a hand if we stumble; assuring that we have a clear avenue for when we are ready to come home; leading us toward the right path, whenever we ask for directions.

How do we keep our minds open to the fact that we cannot exist without the Creator- -- without God! Some of us think that everything in our world can be controlled -- by us: mankind. Not the case! We like to think that we are caretakers of our existence, of our future. But it is simply foolish on our part to think that we are in control of every aspect of life, of nature, of the environment. 

We must understand that we are the culmination of a long process: of a plan that encompassed billions of years of creation. Of careful fine-tuning and adjustments (like a watchmaker) in-order that we emerge, intact -- as fully functional, intelligent human beings. A process that would have not survived without a designer that was there at every stage and step of the way. Without His constant and continuous presence, chaos would immediately move in, ensue  and consume.

We must realize that we are not on this earth alone, fending for ourselves. We have someone that is nearby rooting for us, encouraging us, inspiring us -- invisible,unseen, behind the scenes.  And He desires for us to recognize that He is our Father, our Creator, our Designer, our true Craftsman.

All He ask is that we take a moment to remember that He is the Father who made us and sustains us. To take time to acknowledge that we are “ Under God” … that there would be NO life without His Care, and His Love.

As human beings, we have been instilled with a “Moral Law” … a law of right behavior. A Law that gives us a higher standard of behavior. Separating us from all other creatures. A reflection of the Character of God. A behavior that ask us to respect our fellow human beings; to treat others as you would want them to treat you. To be kind and loving … attributes that are given to us; instilled in us … in our DNA; our chromosomes.

 So let’s not let a day go by when we don’t take just a second to reflect on who God is: our Father, our Creator, our comforter, our redeemer (through His Son) our savior, our caregiver, our rock … He is, and will be forever in the wings -- 24/7 -- observing humanity -- you!