Like many Species, are we Migrating Home as well?

by Pastor Jess Foglesong



I've been observing eagles the past few months: A pair of Bald Eagles and their hatchlings in the woods of a North Carolina Botanical Gardens. It was a study by scientist; and I decided to look in daily, on the internet. It was an amazing experience to watch the interaction of the male and female Eagles care and provide for their offspring hatchlings. Everyday I would check in to the website's live camera, and there they were sitting or lying, waiting for their next visit by mom or dad with a fresh (live) fish or lizard. And as the weeks, then months went by, they grew into fledglings and then Juveniles.

Then one day, two of them became mature and old enough to spread their wings and fly to parts unknown, while the youngest lingered nearby, staying close to the nest, waiting for her turn to take up the yearning to travel southward. 

Actually, the scientist had attached a small receiver to all three eagles one day, and now are tracking all of them via satellite. The oldest juvenile eagle has covered hundreds of miles since leaving the nest -- the other two will certainly follow suite ... nature's calling: The nefesh: hebrew term for the soul of animal life -- allowing animals choice, strongly dictated by instinct and inclination (Gen. 1:21).

Nearly all species of the animal world migrate. Some migrate thousands of miles back to their original place of birth. Whales, various species of fish such as salmon, birds, and even snakes and ocean crabs migrate. There seem to be this continuous movement back to its place of creation. Why do salmon, after hatching in shallow streams of various rivers, swim down river into the great oceans where they mature for several years (3 to 4 years), then miraculously finding the exact same river, swim upstream -- against great odds and obstacles -- returning to the same spawning grounds, then perish after depositing its eggs or sperm for a new generation of off-spring. Why do swift Swallows travel endless, difficult miles to return to Capistrano? Why do milllions of beautiful Monarch Butterflies flutter thousands of treacherous distances back to their place of birth?

What is it that God is illustrating to us? Is it that He is describing our own migration? Our migration back home to Him?

He placed in us: the neshama (hebrew for: the soul of humanity). We were created by Him, and along the way were lost (in Sin), only to be found again and invited back into his realm; and it is the neshama that separates us from the animals; that instills "choice," and free will to return home to His loving arms.

God Illustrates this story -- over and over again in the multitude of species that migrate: Butterflies, geese, ducks; swallows and many species of birds -- thousands of animals make that trip. And it turns out that we are in the process of making our way “home,” as well. Just as the Israelites did (in the Old Testament) when they left their homeland and went to Egypt; enslaved by the Pharaohs; released through a savior named Moses; wandered through the great wilderness; and finally crossing the threshold of the Jordan River, to the Land of Milk and Honey -- a land set forth by the True Savior: Yahweh -- God Himself. All, illustrations by God … of humanity lost, but found again … His amazing, amazing Wisdom and Grace.