“Does God forgive your Alcoholism?”

By Pastor Jess Foglesong


Like the flame of a gentle, glowing candle in your dining room, as you anticipate a cozy, loving meal with your favorite person. It sets the ambiance; a gentle, soft warm feeling of goodness, tranquility and peacefulness. It is the way it should be.

But that same single flame if left unattended could spread, and grow into an uncontrollable beast, devouring everything in its path. In some cases: killing and crippling, and destroying people's lives.

In comparison, they say that drinking one or two glasses of red wine a day can extend your lifespan; certainly, they proclaim, it will enhance one’s over-all health and well-being.

But, if you go beyond that prescribed limit, then look out! You’re going down a path that you may never be able to correct: a path of gloom and doom, and -- like the gentle flame, growing into a raging demon -- the addiction of alcohol can bring you to your knees … and in some cases (like an out of control fire) taking everything that you’ve worked for; affecting all those around you: family, friends and, certainly -- your personal life.

We ask: What does God think about all of this? Does He forgive those who indulge excessively … who end up losing everything? Who let him or herself be controlled by hopelessness and self-pity … turning to the evils and satisfaction of the liquid spirits?

The character of God is unchanging. He is who He is … He is totally Righteous and Holy, but at the same time -- gracious, kind, loving, and fair. His world is a perfect world … no sickness, no despair, no vices, no sorrow, no death. It is HIS Kingdom. And He demands that we abide by His laws.

Fortunately, God’s laws would be nearly impossible for us to follow, if it wasn’t for one man in history: Jesus - The Christ: The Son of God Himself.

God forgives all of us for all of our inequities; for all of our nasty habits; for all of our "bad" qualities. The original Sin has been rectified in a expiation (the payment) of the ransom -- The Christ has done his job (in full obedience), representing us (humans) and all of our interest; and covering all of our misgivings and faults.

The only condition? Believe in Him. Believe that He induced Himself into the human stream and became part of us: an off-spring -- a child -- of human kind: the bride of the husband in heaven: our one and only true Saviour and true Father.

Yes, God does forgive all of us - no matter what we do. He gives us the “freewill” to choose our fate and demise. And know, that He is, and will always be With Us! With YOU! His presence is continually confirmed by His Light! You are not alone! Even in your loneliness, He is there … ask Him to raise you up, to hold on to you. He wants you to come out of your disparity and your gloom. He wants you to be free of all vices, and addictions. He wants you to come home: like the wayward prodigal son (of the New Testament), the father saw him from a distance, and he called out to him and welcomed him home with opened arms.

Our Father is rooting for you! And He will always be rooting for you. His love is eternal and everlasting.  We have (you have) been freed from the original “vice” of sin. Freed by the One: The Christ: He is your alcoholism, your inequity, your bend in the road.

We as human beings can now leave all of that behind. We are “Born Again” ... we have new life -- within our Representative, our sacrificial Lamb. He wants you to choose life!  Which is:  Having a day to day relationship with your true Father.  Know Him, lean on Him: He is trustworthy, and keeps His promises.  Life is precious!  Live it, love it! Don't waste it!  Enjoy it!