Is there Healing in being, and thinking Positive?

by Pastor Jess Foglesong


If God is a force that is truly a Rock of Gibraltar, a Symbol of Stability and Truth, a Motto for Positivism … then why wouldn’t part of Him, be part of, or ingrained in us?

Many bad things happen to us every day: accidents, sickness, disasters -- we are so lucky to survive day to day. Unfortunately -- some of us don’t. Because of Sin, humans are bound to an imperfect world (or Sphere). Although most of the time, we experience life without many problems; we in time learn to stay on the right side of badness, preferring to live a life of happiness and good health. Some may call that -- having “freedom” to come and go, to choose right from wrong, to feel the way we 'want' to feel.

It is a God given gift to be able to feel comfortable within one’s self. But only in an open or free society; or realm, or sphere -- can this happen! Doesn’t this sounds like heaven to you? Well, it certainly would be ‘heaven’ to be able to feel totally comfortable with one’s self -- free of threats and possible annihilation.

Unfortunately, due to disobedience (Sin), we were (symbolically, in the Old Testament) considered castaways, lost, outsiders, wayward souls -- and we basically still are today, at least through this interim of time. And thanks for God’s forgiving nature: His grace, insuring us that we would be welcomed back into the main camp; among the living, and redeemed status. Thanks also to Jesus, The Christ in choosing God’s “Will” … in cementing forever, for those of us who believe, an everlasting life in His New Kingdom.

Believing and knowing that God has provided everything for us and all of nature on Earth, and throughout the Universe, is crucial in the process of being positive -- no matter what confronts you. It can be an illness, an injury, even a terminally diagnosed sickness. Aside from all of the  treatments that your doctors prescribe for you ... go beyond that: Believing in the knowledge that God (our Creator) has provided a place for you; that He is “with you” every second of the time; His healing power is within you, imbedded in you: all you have to do is acknowledge His presence: that your existence is in His hands (His healing hands).

Being positive; being certain; being upbeat; being elated in the fact that God is the true and supreme healer; the ultimate doctor of all life throughout time and space -- is the most powerful way to express one’s self.

You will be surprised as to how much quicker you will recover -- even from a grave illness. Believing in His healing “touch” is the apex in being “positive.” He is worthy, and He does care for you -- and me -- and all of His creations.

Acknowledge Him, respond to Him.