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Theological Messages: suspended for now ... See Sunday messages!


Thank you: Pastor Jess Foglesong


Mar. 3, 2021


Putting God First, is our purpose!

We are thankful to God, and to His Son, the Christ

 Jesus; for becoming the Lamb of God to secure 

mankind's (YOUAND ME) way home to the gates 

of heaven ... God's Blessings to all! 


God's blessings to you wherever you dwell on God's planet earth!  We have very important messages for you today..   Blessings to all of you as we give thanks to the Father in heaven for Salvaging us (the human race) from slavery and the tyrannical grip of the Prince of Darkness (that would be Satan); and we give thanks to His Son: The Christ Jesus,  coming to earth to disclose the true character of his Father in heaven, and for his sacrifice in death and Redemption, as mankind's Kinsman Redeemer, Mediator, and Representative in the presence of  His Father!  ....... May all be blessed by God .... through His Holy Spirit!  Blessings for a Great Year  ... wherever you are on God's earth ... through this Internet, World Wide Web!

Enjoy the messages: (Rev/Pastor Jess K Foglesong)













God's Blessings to you & yours!

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