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TouchedbyGodchurch.com is indeed accepting "Donations" if you feel that this online Church is making a difference in promoting and getting God's Word and the Gospel of Christ Jesus to as many people as possible, through a constant flow of information via articles, sermon videos, Bible Gospel verses and more. It is a "calling" through His Holy Spirit and nothing will curtail us until the return of the Christ Jesus, to implement His Kingdom. If you feel the need to assist us, you can click on this web address: 
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Pastor Jess Foglesong, founder of touchedbyGodchurch.com World Ministries promoting the Word of God throughout the world and locally, here in the Bay Area ... Asking for your support in keeping this ministry active and strong, online, so as many as possible can hear and receive the Gospel of Christ Jesus ... Guaranteeing you ... Everlasting life! Please give what you can ... at paypal.me/PastorJessforGod  (you will be taken to a second window, to Paypal.me)  ... Thank you so much, Pastor J Foglesong